Why buying Reddit upvotes from other services than Upvotes Club is bad for business

Why buying Reddit upvotes from other services than Upvotes Club is bad for business

Disclaimer: We’re not at all subjective while writing this article. When assessing them objectively, our competitors just suck.

Buying Reddit upvotes from other services than https://upvotes.club is bad for business. On a meta level, our competitors suck because:

  • Their businesses are either one-man shows or led by amateurish entrepreneurs.
  • Their objective is making money instead of providing a quality service.
  • They’re putting too much emphasis on competing in price with their commensurate competitors. For this reason, they have to cut costs, which leads to a race to the bottom where their main day-by-day question is “how to still offer this service at a lower cost?”, instead of “how do I improve this service even more?”.
  • They see each other as competitors. We don’t see them similarly. We see Reddit as our competitors. We are engaged against them in an intellectual battle to make our influence worth more.

Here’s what these low quality services do, which will hurt your business:

  • Upvote/downvote your posts with school-grade level software, instead of upvoting manually with an intelligent undetectable manner of switching fast between accounts – as we and some other big marketing agencies do.
  • They’re forced to keep adding new accounts without karma to their software because the current batch is getting banned. Guess how these new accounts are registered? Again, school-grade level software is being deployed, while beating Reddit’s captchas with services like 2Captcha. The more technically advanced shitty competitors are using software like CapMonster with Recaptcha2 Sitekey Addon. On the other end, we don’t even have captchas showing up.
  • They don’t start the actions ordered as soon as the payments for the orders go through.
  • They don’t make rational decisions when it comes to promoting your posts. For example, they might upvote too fast or too slow for the subreddit where your post is located, and the time when it was posted. Many examples could be offered here.
  • They don’t speak proper English, which will be obvious in the history of their accounts. And God forbid you order a comment from them as well, without providing the text. Expect something like “This is great!” to be posted. Even if the comment for you will be correct orthographically and grammatically because you provided the text, the rest of the comments from the account’s history won’t be, which will raise suspicions.

Why does this hurt your business?

  • You will get called out in the comment section as a spammer and manipulator.
  • Your business will start being associated with unethical promotional practices.
  • The domain of your business might get banned globally on reddit.com.
  • Your post won’t actually make it anywhere near the top of a subreddit. Nor your comment to the top of the comment section.
  • If you’ve posted with your own account and they’ve just upvoted you, then your account will eventually get permanently suspended. It will happen in two days, or two weeks, but it will happen.

Hopefully, the above information will save you some trouble and stress. Do know that we don’t just sell upvotes, downvotes, posts and comments. We also offer fully managed marketing services, where you’ll have a campaign manager and we’ll take the best decisions in order for your product/service/media to get the most exposure. You can find our managed services in this category.

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