What to do if you’ve heard that promotion through Reddit or Quora works, but you’re not a heavy user

What to do if you’ve heard that promotion through Reddit or Quora works, but you’re not a heavy user

We’ll show in this article than promotion through Reddit works, and promotion through Quora works as well. There are businesses whose only marketing channel is Reddit or Quora. The advantage of these platforms is that you’re not bringing random users to your websites. When targeting the right subreddits or Quora topics, your talking exactly to the persons who would want to be on your landing page. Sometimes, they’ve even been actively searching for what you have on offer. Maybe you’re not getting those 1000 views from bots, offered by Fiverr and Seoclerks sellers in so many forms. For this reason, it won’t look good initially in your analytics report. But from those 100 real users, 10 will be buying or following your other calls to action. This positive effect will compound in time, and will eventually lead to the “financial independence” of your business.

In order to laser focus on your target audience, you need to have a perfect understanding of these platforms and how they’re being engaged with. It’s a lot more difficult than it seems, given how each subreddit has its own rules, set by whoever might be moderating it. It also has a community with its own habits, beliefs and memes. For example, a community might hate it when it’s being presented a certain product in a certain manner, maybe because your competitors have already done it similarly up to saturation.

When we handle the promotion for you, through one of our managed marketing services, we have essential advantages to what you’d be doing manually by choosing what actions are to be made, and buying from us Reddit posts, Reddit comments, Reddit upvotes, Reddit downvotes for competing posts, Reddit Monitor, Reddit upvotes/downvotes for comments, and so on. Here’s why we do it better by ourselves:

  • We can start actions on a post or a comment as soon as it got submitted. This can be the difference between making it to the top of a subreddit, or ending up in the second or third spot. Let’s be real, this is only possible when we’re the ones posting; if some competitor tells you that you can post by yourself and he’ll start upvoting immediately after, you’re being fed lies. Even the payment process can take 30 seconds or more. If you upvote with bots instead, expect your thread to be removed by moderators because your post with 15 points will be behind one which received 3 real upvotes 20 minutes before, and that will look suspicious as hell. If you really want to be posting yourself, we can help in this regard, even though it’s suboptimal: you can schedule the post! Order and pay before the Reddit post is live, then write at “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” during checkout at what time will you post (preferably in UTC), in what subreddit, with what account, and what’s the title. We’ll do our best to start upvoting as soon as the post is live. Just know that in this kind of situations, our clients have sometimes not been able to stick with their own schedule, f.e. because their posts got removed initially for having forgotten something, like setting up a flair or following a naming convention.
  • If one of us has greater experience in the targeted subreddit, he’ll be the one submitting and adapting the text. Otherwise, we’ll check the comment sections of similar posts done in the past to make sure we approach it in the right way.
  • We’ll actually pay attention to all those pesky sidebar rules when choosing a title and a body. Setting a title that would be accepted has gotten ridiculously hard in certain subreddits, where even an extra space character seems to trigger the OCD compulsion of some moderator. We even remember to set the flair after the post is live. There’s no reason to remove our posts, unless you’re trying to get us to promote your “10-day guide to weight loss and wealth building. No work needed”. Promoting crap won’t work, regardless of what marketing agency you’re choosing.
  • There’s a working schedule for manual operations on our website, which is indeed very limited, especially for those outside of US or EU. But for managed packages, we can actually post at any hour, since we live in various time zones around the world. We use a tool and our experience in order to determine the posting time which guarantees the highest chance of ranking high.
  • We sell marketing services for quite a few communication networks on our website, but, in reality, we have accounts on a lot more. For Managed Traffic, Premium #2, and other marketing services fully administered by us, we often post on other networks if the target market is there. For example, for an article related to programming, we could also go with our promotion on Lobsters, Stack Overflow, CodeProject, etc. To conclude here, we are not just about Reddit, Quora and a few others; we’re about bringing you interested clients or readers, from wherever they might spend time on the internet.
  • We often accompany our posts with monitoring, which is an expensive and time-consuming service – yet often essential. If you’re unlucky when posting manually on Reddit, then the first or or two comments might be negative. Afterwards, in the time it takes you to buy Reddit Monitoring from us, they will influence other people visiting the comment section, and you’ll end up with bad feedback from all directions. These aren’t the kind of threads that make it to the top. Op failed.
  • People, even most marketers, are very bad at NOT sounding as if their only actual purpose is to promote something. We’re far evolved from this stage, with most of our comments and posts making other people follow our suggestions, and in the same think it was their own idea.
  • The list could go on. In conclusion, promotion through Reddit, Quora, and other networks works. It just needs to be done properly, and for this reason we recommend you getting a managed package from us, instead of buying just the actions that you need from us.

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