What to avoid when promoting yourself with our techniques

What to avoid when promoting yourself with our techniques

  • Let’s say we do a positive review for your product or service in a well targeted subreddit. If someone posts a comment that you’d like to reply to, be it negative or positive, do not reply with “a company account”. Most likely, you’ll immediately get called out that you’ve incited the thread yourself, otherwise how would you have known about it?
  • Do not upvote with bots threads that we’ve also been upvoting. From our FAQ: When we detect bot activity, we stop working immediately and there’s no refund as credit. You’re putting our accounts at risk, and most likely you’ll get caught anyway, especially on Snapzu, Reddit and Hacker News.
  • Do not buy too many upvotes for a small subreddit. Exceptions might be when you do it for SEO, or when you’re trying to get to the top of the year (/r/subreddit/top/?t=year). In these situations, when we consider that you bought too many upvotes, we’ll probably provide them slower than usual, sometimes even drip them during 48 or 72 hours.
  • Do not buy too few upvotes on big subreddits.
  • Do not buy too few downvotes for competing posts on subreddits that get a lot of new threads each hour. Aim for a ratio of at least 3 downvotes on competing posts for every upvote to yours.
  • If you get negative feedback from redditors on your post/s, don’t be sad or demoralized about it. Instead, be happy that you’ve received feedback which can lead to improvements. Always keep adapting!
  • Don’t promote link posts that sell something, unless done in subreddits which are actually for this purpose (/r/ImSavingUpForThis/, /r/shutupandtakemymoney/, /r/BuyItForLife/, …). Another idea would be to /r/AskReddit “what is the best X you’ve ever bought?“, then make sure that the top comment leads to your product.
  • If you want to be the one posting something, while we only upvote it and downvote the competition, make sure to actually post it during our working schedule. Also, use a fast payment method like Nano, Paypal or ETH with average fee! It’s best to have us do the posts as well though, because that way we can always ensure that actions start getting delivered as soon as they’re up. This is less suspicious.
  • Email not shared with 3rd parties.
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