A successful business starts with a successful product launch. We help.

A successful business starts with a successful product launch. We help.

A successful business starts with a successful product launch. In collaboration with another marketing agency, we can take care of everything that will be required to start the engine of influx: the right people will find out about your website or creative content through various pathways built by us, and ultimately they will convert to paying customers or fans.

This article is a presentation of our Successful Product Launch service. Don’t think of it as usable only for promoting a website. This service may also be employed (and has been in the past) for crowd-funding campaigns on public platforms, music albums, online documentaries, promoting decentralized projects with working MVPs, SaaS products, fundraising, and so on. We’ve even promoted other marketing agencies, giving them proper exposure in the niche or the country that they were targeting.

This is not a classic PR gig like most marketing companies offer (even though when it fits, the marketing agency that we collaborate with might ask for a press kit and pitch certain news angles to journalists). When it comes to PR, we are of the opinion that simply signing up for an account with prnewswire and having the founder write a press release from time to time is enough. Alternatively, he can launch free press releases using prlog.org. No need to use a lot of time and dignity by going after journalists yourself.

We start this service by thoroughly analyzing your offering and its marketability, and then recommending certain changes that will help us promote it, or might increase the conversion rate of first-time visitors. We usually appoint one person to stay in contact with the client through Telegram or Skype, to help coordinate what will be done. In the past, we used to create a Slack group where we integrated Mention, your Analytics solution, and other addons that helped us assess the exposure. Multiple representatives from us and the second marketing agency were discussing with the client various approaches. Afterward, they had to coordinate with each other. This had become unsustainable because managing and discussing in so many groups occupied too much of our time. We’d rather invest the time into marketing, and find ways to focus the discussion and the assessments of efficiency and strategy. We got to where we are now, where we do all the planning through one person. These first steps take 7 to 10 days, therefore we ask clients to try buying this service 2 weeks before their product goes live (or two weeks before they want the marketing to start if the product is already live). The earlier, the better.

We will acquire a complete understanding of your product/service, your potential clients, your competitors, and your needs. We’ll be able to craft plans for the first few days of marketing, which you will approve or veto, or guide us on how to improve them. For the first few days of the product launch, we usually have a well-defined plan that we go through. Afterward, it’s about adapting to the feedback and the data received, day by day. It mostly goes like this: while taking into account the effect of previous techniques and marketing copies, we propose ops to you; you approve, reject, or request changes to them. We implement them. This lasts for two weeks.

If you add the time-spans from the previous paragraphs, you’ll find that it takes ~4 weeks to put your business on the tracks of success. Since we prefer for the process to not take longer than that, we reserve the right to filter our clients (and refund those who paid but would be too hard to promote). For this reason, if you have doubts about the marketability of your offering, drop an email to the address below, asking if what you have is a good fit for the Product Launch service:

email to use for your pre-sale inquiries

In today’s competitive world, a business needs to think differently in order to be successful. It needs to walk on the lesser-known paths. We are here to guide you. Some of our core objectives have always been:

  • to think outside the box (except we actually do it, not just use these words because they are edgy)
  • to be honest about what’s required to achieve in order to promote something; we get our hands dirty, and that’s why we rely on an NDA with every client
  • to keep attempting to start viral threads (and often succeeding), so that bloggers and journalists end up coming to you, and influencers on social media share what you’re hoping for without prior communication or payment – simply because you’re doing something awesome!
  • to keep adapting (improve our techniques in the next day, based on feedback received today)

Both us and the collaborating marketing agency will be tailoring our strategies based on your offering. We’re not robots, going through the same set of steps over and over again, with different clients.

Because of the offering of Upvotes Club, you usually end up with highly visible threads on multiple social media networks, with positive comment sections. The posts & comments are made and monitored until the initial surge in traffic diminishes. The threads will show up high in search engine rankings for various keywords, and some of them will start chain reactions in online news sources and social media feeds. Some of the networks that we target with monitored ops:

  • reddit.com (and no, we’re not posting in /r/promote, /r/imadethis, and other irrelevant subreddits, like others would do in order to simulate usefulness; we select subreddits where the target market resides)
  • quora.com (questions and upvoted answers leading to your website; you’ll be amazed by how many of these end up as the #1 result for various Google queries)

Networks that we target depending on the type of community that the product needs (some can be very effective):

  • news.ycombinator.com
  • growthhackers.com
  • hubski.com
  • the-artifice.com
  • 4chan.org
  • zeronet.io
  • lobste.rs
  • slashdot.org
  • aminoapps.com
  • kuende.com
  • peepeth.com
  • snapzu.com
  • sociall.io
  • cent.co
  • bitcointalk.org
  • gab.com
  • joinmastodon.org
  • minds.com
  • friendi.ca
  • mewe.com
  • plurk.com
  • ello.co
  • scuttlebutt.nz
  • designernews.co
  • indiehackers.com

If necessary, you will receive temporary access to some of the accounts that we use to post for you, in order to reply to feedback, questions, and so on.

The other marketing agency will, similarly, customize its offering depending on your actual product or service. They can submit content (usually in the form of an article) mentioning your product on:

  • fark.com
  • various pods or instances on diasporafoundation.org, gnu.io and pleroma.social
  • livejournal.com
  • publish0x.com
  • steemit.com and hive.blog (using these less lately because they’ve declined)
  • metafilter.com
  • micro.blog
  • tumblr.com
  • their own blog network (which also uses some free online publishing platforms like Medium, WordPress and Blogger)

If not done already by you, they will submit your startup to all the important directories (at least 40) and give you the credentials afterwards. These are platforms like betalist.com, alternativeto.net, capterra.com, g2crowd.com, etc.

Notice that they have access to a different arsenal than ours, making them a perfect complement. Some other strategies that they employ, often in collaboration with us:

  • guest posting and subscription lists (these particular arrangements can end up costing you more though; not included in the normal price)
  • possibility to get a link trending on stumbleupon.com
  • upvotes on slickdeals.net
  • reviews on App Store, Google Play, TrustPilot, Amazon
  • reviews on Google Maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps
  • marketing in Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • tweets from accounts with many real followers (as checked with twitteraudit.com) and actual engagement

If you’re purchasing this service for a game on any platform, or for a cryptocurrency / smart contracts platform, know that there are so many communities that we could post on that we’ll have to choose only the most important ones. If you truly want posts everywhere, please buy this service two times for the same project, as our volume of work will be tremendous.

If you’re a perfectionist and you want to do absolutely everything that can be done, consider buying these additional and complementary services from our offer:

Also create a Quora account that you’ll be using to advertise your product or service through answers, then use Maximize PeopleRank to improve its importance and visibility in the topics that present interest to your company.

A successful product launch can be all the marketing that you ever need.

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Comments (7)

  • Matt Reply


    My name is Matt and a friend of me and I are planning to run a Kickstarter for a card game in November. We think Reddit is a great target for our product and we are interested in trying your new marketing techniques. I was wondering if you guys could tell me a bit more about your service and examples of product launches that you already have in your portfolio. I am also interested to know what would be in your Fb/G+ Traffic package. we are not entirely interested in quora, though.
    Any information would be awesome!


    October 6, 2016 at 10:39 AM
    • MrContent Reply

      It’s best if you order a consultation, and we’ll do a strategy based on your actual product. But check out the FAQ first, and read the resources linked in the sidebar.

      October 7, 2016 at 9:32 AM
  • Andrey Stehno Reply

    What the price?

    March 13, 2018 at 2:22 AM
    • MrContent Reply

      $6,000, and it can be ordered through the main page.

      March 13, 2018 at 7:58 AM
  • Justin Smith Reply

    We are relaunching *******, a traffic exchange for SEO. We are adding new tools to evolve it into an all inclusive SEO platform with white label PDF reports, on page analysis, ranking reports, keyword research assistant, local listing manager, link prispecting tools, and more… My goal is to effectively bridge the comprehe comprehension gap in SEO. That is our goal to achieve PMF asap, but for now, our MVP is a very unique traffic exchange.

    We initially launched back in 2015 on a couple forums and generated around $150,000 in revenue and 4,000 signups in 3 years with zero marketing. Our sales page converts at 12%ish.

    I am thankful I found this site. I believe if you guys have the integrity I think you do by the tone of your copy, we are going to do a lot of successful business together.

    I am interested in the product launch service. I am willing to pay your fees PLUS give you a commission on any sales you generate. I want us to both win big.

    My skype is ****** … Let’s do this!

    August 2, 2018 at 8:43 PM
  • Henry Reply

    Do you have any examples of successful campaigns that were done in the past?

    October 22, 2018 at 10:06 PM
    • MrContent Reply

      In our terms of service we commit to an NDA with every client. We don’t reveal any information regarding previous clients, and we also regularly prune our orders list, our emails and our support chat history.

      October 24, 2018 at 8:31 AM

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