Slang and acronyms that you should know (used on Reddit and other social media platforms)

Slang and acronyms that you should know (used on Reddit and other social media platforms)

Language is evolving and online language is doing it at an ever faster rate. This slang and these acronyms (actually they are mainly are mainly initialisms, but who uses that word?) should be known to all the people using Reddit and other social media platforms, except LinkedIn (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Hacker News, Voat, Quora, YouTube, Google Plus, Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Flickr, Vine, Meetup, Snapchat, Periscope, SoundCloud, WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, Sina Weibo etc.)



Reddit entries are organized into areas of interest called “subreddits”. Historically, the front page was the “main reddit”, and other areas were “subreddits”. There is now no main subreddit. Instead, there are multiple default subreddits dealing with topics such as books, television, and music.



Karma is a point system that lets you know how your submissions or comments are doing. The more karma your post has, the more people have upvoted it. Generally a higher karma count on a post means that the community of that subreddit found your post valuable and interesting. Your karma is logged on your user page on the top right. Please note that self-posts earn you no karma. Only comments and link-posts do.


best meme evermeme

A meme is a shape of thought, an idiom, a shorthand catchphrase — some tiny fragment of pop culture or understanding or psychology that is passed from person to person (either in person or via text, movies/tv, or internet communication methods).






A group discussion or activity between like-minded individuals that validates mutual biases or goals in a non-confrontational environment.



Named because Reddit’s majority of users tend to follow clearly and intensely about one issue to an effect that it seems like Reddit is a collective mind on certain issues, expressing it by downvoting certain ideas to oblivion. It is used as a negative term, trying to indicate the conformity or closemindedness of Redditors on those issues. Related to circlejerking.


throwaway accounts

Accounts people make when confessing to a sin, and don’t want to be traced.



The term used for the little envelope in the top right corner to let you know you have a message



Today I Learned



Explain Like I’m Five



Fixed That For You (used when someone corrects you)



Ask Me Anything



I Am A



In This Thread



If I Recall Correctly



In My Opinion



As far as I know



Does Anyone Else



Original Poster



Not safe for work



Not safe for life



Too long, didn’t read



Significant Other


ಠ_ಠ –

“look of disapproval – used to show shock/disbelief/jealousy



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