Here’s why you will get scammed on Fiverr – the marketplace for scams, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising gigs

Here’s why you will get scammed on Fiverr – the marketplace for scams, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising gigs

Fiverr scams are extremely prevalent, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising gigs. We are qualified to discuss them because most of us (from have been into entrepreneurship (and especially marketing that actually works) for a combined total of over 200 years. We’ve been through the process of building a company or a side project time and time again. We know how it feels to be desperate to get exposure for your own product, service, cause, or creative content. And we realize the great dissonance that entrepreneurs feel when they open the Fiverr platform and see hard-to-believe-but-attractive offers from the people of Malawi, Burundi, Congo, and so on:

  • I will bring aamazing trafic from my 2wo million subscriber evry day, envy for competition, only 5$ (also blowjob)
  • I will improve SEO ranking, bring you to #!!!1 on Goggles, make envy for enemy, cash cash cash (it takes long, i dont have internet)
  • For $5 I will create a full website for u, register business, design product, manufacture, makreting, start selling, you keep 200%, just give me $5 now really (P.S. don’t xpect instant resultz!!.))

There are thousands of these. And the marvelous thing is that these people will actually have a multitude of 5-star reviews as if people buy their services and are satisfied.

Then there will be the intelligent scammers, from China/India, and sometimes even the US or EU. The titles of these people’s gigs might make sense, rarely even the descriptions of the gigs. But the objective of marketing is to bring you actual sales and we’ve NEVER made any sale with the help of Fiverr. Never! For Fiverr, that saying is true: “marketing” is “lying” when you spell it backwards. That’s because even the gigs that seem best are simply owned by better bot makers. Bots that will foul you. Bots that have a lower bounce rate.

The value of these gigs is not $5. They actually carry negative value because you’re wasting time with them. You’re not just donating money to scammers and their intermediary, you’re also handing them hours of your life. If they are SEO gigs, they carry a negative value also because as soon as their blog network will get unlisted, your website will get a rank penalty as well!

Fiverr is knowingly allowing scams on its website. They might even try to sue us for this reveal. It’s OK, we don’t care. If they do it we’ll just cause them even more problems by making this issue more publicized. We don’t give a shit about scammers; we’re willing to fight them. Here’s how Fiverr knowingly allows scams and profits from them:

  • First off, it’s in their best interest to keep the charade going. They take 5% extra on top of the payment from the buyers and 20% from the sellers. This is a lot. So the seller has to offer you a service worth $4 minus withdrawal fees while making sure he pretends to give you more than the competition for the same money – otherwise he’s not getting orders. Note that the competition is also pretending to offer a real service, so they’re pretending to be better than guys that are already pretending to be good.
  • Seller locations mean nothing. You can choose to have any location displayed, while your billing data is completely different. Almost none of the sellers offering marketing gigs are actually from US.
  • Negative reviews don’t actually exist. No… seriously. Hear us out! First off, the buyer leaves a review first! The seller reads the review and decides on his course of action. He has the upper hand because he’s the one leaving a review last (which is seen as a reply to the buyer, where he can lie his ass off because the buyer can’t reply as well). But if the review is negative he can issue a refund, and… guess what? The bad review disappears! So all those SEO gigs with 500 positive reviews and no negative review are easy to explain all of a sudden. Real SEO and traffic, as well as buying Reddit upvotes from humans, costs a lot more, and yes, we offer all of these on our main page.
fiverr scams

Actually, if you search on Google for “Fiverr scams”, there are 176,000 results. Let’s read some of what other people have to say:

This scam was for increased traffic to my website for a month, but the seller was supplying junk traffic. I called the gig off early and Fiverr gave the scam artist the out and removed my negative rating and removed my warning to future shoppers.

– Matt on the Marketing Ideas 101’s blog

Don’t trust the SEO advice outlined in the description of any gig. They are just trying to sell the gig. And you have to consider the source as well. If a gig provider is really able to “Guarantee First Page Rankings for Any Search Term” why would they be wasting their time selling the service for $5?

– oakley56fila on Reddit

FYI, I’ve seen many SEO gigs on Fiverr turn out to be scams. They use blackhat practices, and then extort large amounts of money out of you to undo it. If you don’t pay, they get you blacklisted on Google by reporting the very blackhat practices they implemented.

– rand486 on Reddit

It’s a joke.
Even when you pay extra for the added services. You’ll be getting low quality fake social media profiles posting stuff out to other face social media profiles.

– rand486 on Reddit

You have zero time and no money and want results? What fantasy world are you living in?
The automated shit you find on Fiverr is more likely to get your website de-indexed than to help it.

– NakedAndBehindYou on Reddit

I can guarantee you that all the gigs that claims on first page of Google are clear scams. I have tried several gigs and no results at all!

If you are getting some results this is due to your previous seo or quality of your articles…etc. Don’t think these sellers can bring you any good result! All of these scam artists use bots to generate bulk links. Don’t be fool to believe that they will build hundreds of manual links for 5$ or even for 50$. All are bot generated links!

Since they claim the results come at least after 1-2 months, According to Fiverr rules you are not able to claim a refund either! or at least Fiverr will not allow you to post a negative review after 30 days!

If you search the gigs for the term ‘seo’ you can find these gigs among top results!

– jimmykrimson on their own damn forum

When it comes to Fiverr, you’re looking at a world of hurt if you’re expecting quality work. Let me revise that statement a bit – there is a huge hill that you have to climb to find someone who’s anywhere remotely what you’re looking for.
[…] If you’re selling your time how much do you really expect to make? The people who make money on Fiverr have built systems and software to accomplish requested tasks almost effortlessly.

– Jay Soriano on his blog

As an experiment, designer Sacha Greif took Fiverr up on their offer and ran a project through the service, only to find that many of the portfolios presented were full of other designers’ work, and the delivered logos were knocked off from somewhere else.

– Steve Douglas on The Logo Factory’s blog

Bad Gigs:

  • Real social media followers
  • Any sort of backlinks for SEO purposes
  • Submission gigs (press releases, infographics, document sharing sites)
  • Blog or social media shares with a huge audience
  • Business plans, financial advice
  • Anything that you know can’t be done for $5

– Ryan Stewart on Sitepoint’s blog

I was hired to write a 75,000 word novel, a $560 job.  The client was so happy with my work, she gave me a 5-star review and asked me to do more large projects. Suddenly, account BANNED by Fiverr

– atuckerit on YouTube (actually here, just read the comments if you’re not convinced yet and you need more information on Fiverr scams)

How can one even take Fiverr seriously after this: searching for “magic” on Fiverr, finds some of these pearls:

  • I will banish and remove black magic for $5 (191 reviews, average rating 5)
  • I will cast a LOVE spell with Blue Magic for $5 (58 reviews, average rating 5)
  • I will balance your health using Body Talk, energy work for $5 (1055 reviews! average rating, of course 5 – everybody is perfect on this website)
  • I will heal your mindbody for rapid selfhealing for $5 (35 x 5 stars)
  • I will cast a powerful MONEY attracting magic spell for $5 (231 x 5 stars)

So… there you have it. From retards. Through retards. For retards.

Except for this one, this one is real:

  • I will cast an extremely POWERFUL Kabbalah Spell which will make your wish come true for $5 (3328 reviews x 4.9)

You probably want to know now where to find marketing that actually works. Start here. Also, consider subscribing to our no-spam, no-3rd party emails newsletter below!

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Comments (15)

  • Eli Reply

    Thanks for this great article, good job :)

    September 28, 2016 at 10:18 AM
  • Poor Guy Reply

    I wish I read this earlier. Not that I lost a lot of money on fiverr, but my time.

    I wanted to tell people about my recently started site so when I visited fiverr to find something else and saw all these social marketing gigs on fiverr, I thought what the hell, it is only $5 and they promised to share my link with a lot of people.

    Though their promise looked too good to be true, I did not care, it is only $5, right?

    In the first few hours after they said they started the campaign my site started to receive visits by 34 new users in total which was already something (compared to the 0 visitors I had), so I thought, this is great. The Google Shortener Analytics page they gave me showed more than 700 clicks already, the distribution in the platform / browser was similar to what my analytics showed. I was dumb to leave a good feedback at that point, before I looked into the numbers more closely. I realised that these 700 clicks actually came from 34 users only and the bounce rate is 100%, all the sessions were 0 second long. A real human can’t even read the title in 0 second…

    November 29, 2016 at 6:04 PM
  • Ian Moyse Reply

    I have had a fab Fiverr experience, but have been using it for the likes of graphic creation, video animation etc

    All i can say is that for those instances its a great site and great merchants to engage with.

    July 28, 2017 at 11:16 AM
  • Joan Whiting Reply

    I’ve used Fiverr a few times and have found that 99% of the sellers are outside of the US, unqualified and only looking to make a buck. They charge a lot and deliver crap. I’ve had to demand refunds and now am done and closed my account. Fiverr sellers also set up profiles as if they’re in the US and post a photo of a Caucasian man or woman and then write a bio with their name as EVA or NANCY, etc. in cap letters. The syntax of their writing is so fragmented that it’s obvious that they’re foreign. I finally got one seller to admit that he was in Pakistan because I promised a lot of regular work in the future if he’d just admit where he was located. I filed a complaint and they didn’t remove that seller. Customer service is of zero help, they send canned responses with no intention of making change. When payment processes it goes to Ireland. I have no problem working with those outside of the US for certain projects but I don’t like being lied to. Don’t waste your time with this sham of a company.

    January 7, 2018 at 9:05 PM
    • Perry Rose Reply

      Joan, do you know of legit company, person to use???

      July 23, 2018 at 11:50 AM
  • Whatever Reply

    What a racist load of shit.

    If you have a look at your map you’lle notice places called England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa. No, those arn’t coffee stains, they’re actually other countries, and they’re countries with Caucasian, English speaking, law abiding citizins. There are many scammers in the US you know.

    And for the countries who don’t have people with first langauge as English. So what? They’ve got talent too.

    Use common sense. Don’t avoid people simply because they don’t live in the US.

    Racist much? Bunch of hillbillies.

    March 15, 2018 at 9:02 PM
    • MrContent Reply

      We don’t avoid people simply because they don’t live in the US; where did you get that info from? We avoid scammers from Fiverr. That’s what the article is about. The shittier and more obvious scams there are usually from people that are not native in English.

      March 22, 2018 at 6:36 PM
  • Crazy Horse Reply

    I know Im in the middle of a scam right now. The lady posing to be from New York started to build my web site and then asked for money but outside of fiver. (1st big clue) so I trace her io from cpanel and sure enough she or whoever is from Nigeria. I let her go and she did what she was told to my surprise. 4x longer than expected but she finished. I cant see the angle yet? Can they put something into my wp website? I checked their actions and backtraced but nothing out of the ordinary… Also wanting payment through paypal. I made the send me a secured link but waiting to pay. Wjay do you guys think?

    March 27, 2018 at 7:51 AM
    • MrContent Reply

      She probably wanted to be paid outside Fiverr because it has such high fees and she wouldn’t have been left with much.

      May 23, 2018 at 1:25 AM
  • Angela Reply

    Many writers are scammers on Fiverr too. They plagiarize by copying and pasting text and then encode the text. You can double-check it when you put it in a text-to speech tool. Amazon can’t detect it. Their system hasn’t found this, but when a guy put it on YouTube recently, all kinds of people from Nigeria threatened him, and he pulled the video. There is still another video about it, which is this one:

    May 7, 2019 at 6:28 AM
  • David Lewis Reply

    FiveRR’s cancellation system is a scam. Even if the job has not started, even if you haven’t even submitted a single requirement to the seller, all you can do is click a button to “ask the seller to cancel”. Literally – ask the seller. And if he refuses – well, you’re just out of luck. Oh well.


    June 20, 2019 at 9:20 PM
  • Microws Reply

    Fiverr is a fraudulent website. I am a buyer, not a seller, but I was cheated for $5250.

    The details of the matter are as follows. When I paid the order, the seller did not provide any service, so I requested to cancel the order, and the seller refused to cancel the order, so the order generated a dispute. After 3 days, get up in the morning, receive the mail, and the fiverr team permanently removed my account.

    Fiverr is a scam website, and the above services are rated 5 stars. All bad reviews have been removed.

    Fiverr allows scammers to mix in. This way they can delete the account of the seller and the seller. Money will not come back.

    June 24, 2019 at 6:09 AM
  • Stellart Reply

    I order traffic from Fiverr from Traffic_Diamond it was BIG MISTAKE because this seller is BIG SCAMMER , FRAUD person !!! Hi Offer REAL HUMAN VISITORS….yes sure…. Completely Robot visitors . Over 2200 ,,real visitors,, spend on my website avg.23 seconds….every one ! Miracle , all ,,real visitors,, spend similar time , no buy nothing, no one subscriber ……
    I report it on Feverr support but nothing s happen , they don t care about buyers just on sellers because from sellers have provision….that s it !

    Seller is from Nigeria…with 5 very satisfied customers …. NO coment …more

    December 15, 2019 at 5:48 PM
  • Mai T Nguyen Reply

    FIVER is a scam DO NOT FALL for it & they do NOT guarantee their members services. Once you pay if your unhappy FIVER says they are just a middle person but thats not true they get a piece of the pie on both ends. From you and the scammer. So to refund you when scammed and you will be, they lose money themselves when they refund you..

    December 16, 2019 at 4:04 PM
  • Romeos Reply

    I order mind reading for a person who die 3 years before and the seller write me is going to mariage this coming year.I test what is going on in this Fiverr. Last i order bring chaos and discomfort to the couple spell for my self /The seller write me the spell going very well and in 2 weeks i have results.She check in crystal ball and it was 100% sure.Me i am not in any relation and the other person my partner was a non-existent person.Good luck with this scam magazine

    March 15, 2020 at 9:35 PM

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