Reddit can be useful for you regardless of what you’re starting in life

Reddit can be useful for you regardless of what you’re starting in life

There’s not enough time in life to learn from mistakes. Reddit can be useful in preventing this waste of time because if used correctly, its many communities can help you go through life optimally.

Let’s say you’re going to the gym; you want to build muscle. Should you start taking steroids as well, to hasten the process? I did my own research on steroids some time ago, and I got to the conclusion that they’ll be great for some people, and bad for others (like myself). Here’s why they can be dangerous: In the case of steroids, if your lipid panel is already looking bad, or if you always had trouble containing acne, you wouldn’t start taking them.

When you begin studying a new field, it’s a good idea to first find the dedicated subreddit for it, and:

  • Read the wiki that its users wrote.
  • Check out the links that they have on the sidebar.
  • Go to the Top sorting of threads (see photo below), and read the most upvoted threads of all time and the most upvoted threads of this year.
  • After you’ve completed the tasks above: if you still got lingering questions, start your first discussion on the subreddit! You could buy Reddit upvotes for your post so that it goes to the top, and you receive more answers and attention than usual.
The top sorting of a subreddit on Reddit is useful to discover past great discussions!

If I wanted to acquire a new interest and decent knowledge of nootropics, I’d first go to /r/nootropics and read Then I’d continue with the following three steps enumerated above. Here are just three tips for improving your mind’s effectiveness:

  1. Consume blueberries. Lots of blueberries! Not convinced? Read Examine’s page on blueberries! Quote: “The antioxidant and anthocyanin content of blueberries makes them particularly effective at reducing cognitive decline, supporting cardiovascular health, protecting the liver, and reducing liver fat buildup. They may also have a role to play in promoting the growth of nervous tissue and reducing neurological inflammation.”
  2. Don’t drink your coffee in the morning, because if you have a proper sleep schedule you shouldn’t need it at that time of the day! You should already be fully awake in the morning! Instead, drink your only coffee of the day during lunch, so that you combat the all-too-common after-lunch drowsiness.
  3. Drink green tea in the morning and at lunch, because it comes with its own positive effects, while also containing this useful compound which synergizes with caffeine: “L-theanine is extremely safe and has been shown to mitigate the negative aspects of caffeine, such as anxiety, increased blood pressure and diminished sleep quality, while possibly improving upon the positive aspects.”

If you wanted to buy a new laptop, you’d start with /r/SuggestALaptop/. If you wanted new quality headphones, you’d use /r/headphones/. If you wanted feedback on one of your websites, you’d use /r/design_critiques/. If you wanted to live longer, you’d start with /r/longevity. If you’d want to begin a skincare routine, you’d go to /r/SkincareAddiction. And so on, and on, and on. Reddit is useful!

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