Reddit upvote bots – here’s why they don’t work!

Reddit upvote bots – here’s why they don’t work!

Reddit upvote bot“. Are you looking for that? We’ll be saving you some time then! Bots that claim to upvote successfully on Reddit do not work. Reddit upvote bots were working before 2015. A lot has changed since then; for example, Reddit has become a social media giant which was evaluated in its series D round at over 3 billion dollars. They have an all-star security team, and if you think that some guy from Pakistan has written a C# windows app or Python web app that can send your posts to the hot rankings, then you need to lay off the Kool-Aid. A better alternative to Reddit upvote bots is what we’re doing, and there’s no way to identify it as marketing because it differs in no way of normal usage of the Reddit website. When you buy Reddit upvotes, do it the right way.

First off, you should know that the accounts used by bot managers (basically any other website selling upvotes except us), have exactly 0 post karma and 1 comment karma. That’s because the people who manage the bots have to also handle registering accounts, with or without email, a process which is similarly automatized. Then, the accounts are used for actions as much as possible, until they get banned. Lately, this means less than 12 hours. There’s just no other way. Creating activity on these accounts beforehand would be a complex and unprofitable step, which doesn’t help them avoid bans. Additionally, take into consideration that actions given by new accounts are more likely to have less value (we haven’t actually tested this hypothesis). Why would the upvote of a new account have the same worth as the one of a regular Reddit user?

Here are some of the Reddit Upvote Bots used: „Reddit Automation Bot”, „Reddit Account Creator and Upvoater” (that’s how they’ve chosen to write it), “B.H.T. Reddit Bot”, “Rabbit”, “Socinator”, “Reddit-Marketing-Pro”, “ASB Reddit Bot”, “Reddit King”, “AIO Bot”, “Reddit Voter” or „Reddit Dominator”. Reddit marketing services usually just settle on one of these programs, many of which are free, and in conjunction with a script that creates accounts and a website, they start offering their poor-quality service. After at most one year of light activity, they’re usually gone, and other similar ventures replace them. They usually originate from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Reddit upvote bot used by a friendly competitor. Their actions have 0 effect.

We know a lot more about why they’re failing than we let out through this article, this being done in order to protect our business, but also the Reddit website itself, which we wouldn’t want to see invaded by spam. Since most of our competitors barely speak English, we’ll risk a bit and add here one of the ways Reddit admins ban not only their upvoting bots regularly, but also any other accounts – including those manually created:

Linking any two accounts with a degree of probability is an easy algorithm that can be run on the Reddit platform. Two accounts have upvoted the same three submissions in their lifetime, in three different non-default subreddits? There you go, 100% the same account owner. After a high probability link for a large number of accounts is done (this is an automated process), Reddit admins sometimes choose not to ban two or three of the accounts that have been used for posts or comments. Instead, they start monitoring them. The owners of upvoting services are not smart enough to stop using them, and often they don’t even have enough resources to afford it. For this reason, these accounts will keep being used time and time again to re-link all the users of the upvoting service, and mass bans will keep occurring where the only survivors are the “spy” accounts.

In conclusion, if what you have there is actually something worth promoting, do not use Reddit bots.

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