Reddit traffic to your blog, product, service or cause. We help you get it!

Reddit traffic to your blog, product, service or cause. We help you get it!

The Reddit traffic that you get from an upvoted post or comment can be huge. It can even be more than you can afford to receive. Are you familiar with these expressions?

  • the Reddit effect
  • the hug of death

If you are, you might just be an experienced Redditor. Maybe you already know what you want and how you want it, therefore jump to this article about buying Reddit upvotes.

If not, read on. When a popular website links to a smaller one, causing a massive increase in traffic, it can overload it. This can mean slowing it down or even outright making it temporarily unavailable. “The Reddit hug of death” happens when too many Redditors (this means “Reddit users”) find out about your stuff at the same time and start visiting it. They like your stuff. They “hug” your content, product, service, or cause… until they take it down. It’s a flood of web page requests.

Have a look here for some updated statistics on how many visitors Reddit has. Or look below for the status on July 24, 2016:

reddit traffic

You will notice that they’re quite impressive, more so than any other social media network, except Facebook. You can redirect some of that Reddit traffic to your website through two methods:

– 1 –

Buying ads through them.

This doesn’t work. Redditors are usually technical people, and most of them use AdBlock (a browser plugin that blocks advertising). Your ads will only be seen by the exceptions. If your objective is promoting something to an older and less technical generation – then go ahead with it! Otherwise, try the second method, where we come in. Ads on Reddit are also quite easy to distinguish, and the brain gets used to ignoring them. Most often, you’d be throwing money into a black hole.

– 2 –

The second method actually works: submit a post or a comment regarding your stuff. Or have it submitted by someone else/someone neutral/someone not connected to you (by us). Afterward, you don’t have to hope that people will truly enjoy your post and upvote it. Just pay us and we’ll upvote your lovely content, and help you get that real high-quality traffic that comes with increased visibility. You can convert that further into money or fame. If you’re like any of our other clients, you’ll keep coming back. Buy Reddit upvotes!

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