How we operate on Quora when monitoring a question

How we operate on Quora when monitoring a question

Many of our clients use only Quora in order to get leads for their products, which is why they often have us monitoring the Quora Questions that bring them traffic. Even though the service description is easy to understand, it is not thorough. In this article, we’ll give an example of what’s being done for this service. Below, we pasted the current service description, and we’ll follow with an example question+answer, and what would be done for it:

Your answer will be upvoted, while the competition is downvoted, daily. This lasts one week. Whenever no such actions are needed, Question Follows are provided instead, which increases traffic to the question. We also use other types of actions for this service, like Thank, Bookmark, Report, Share, Comment, Edit topics, Suggest edits.

Now, for a more extensive example… What would we have done for the answer that now stands at the top in the question below?

This is a question showing up in the “Algorithmic Trading”, “Tutorials” and “List Question” topics. Let’s consider that our client has “Denis Bykov”‘s answer, which we have already managed to raise to the top in the previous days. Since we’re upvoting with quality accounts that are often subscribed and active in the topics of the question, the answers that we target can get to #1 while often having smaller upvote counts than the competition.

Now that the answer is in a solid position, below are some examples of the actions that we might take during one day:

  • Remove the “Tutorials” topic that only has 6.8K subscribers, and add “Trading” instead. This comes with 2 million readers. If we would have added the big topic too early, it would have been harder to get the answer to the first position. In the coming days, more topics will be added.
  • The question will be receiving more traffic because of the above, and we’ll make sure that the answer maintains its position. We’ll mostly concentrate on downvoting new answers that have a chance of challenging #1. If we see our client’s answer getting downvoted more than we can handle, we’ll email him and ask to improve the content of the answer. We might even suggest the modifications ourselves through Quora’s “Suggest Edits” button.
  • We’ll keep adding a few question follows each day, in order to gain even more traffic for the question. It will show up in the feeds of more and more people who have followed various topics. Temporarily (for at most a few days at a time), we might change main topics of the question so that it gets a higher percentage of “fresh eyes”.
  • When it makes sense (often), we will add the kind of comments that start a discussion to your answer’s comment section, or the kind of comments that confirm its statements.

Since what you’re reading now is the favorite blog of our competitors, we won’t reveal here the most effective and the newest methods that can be applied, but do know this: we’ve been in this business through this website since 2016, and some of us have been using Quora since September 2011. Their team dislikes us greatly, and they have banned the domains through which we sell our Quora services soon after finding out that “it’s them again! šŸ˜’šŸ˜’”. Meanwhile, our competitors from Pakistan, India, etc., who only use bots for their services, haven’t even had the domains of their businesses banned. That’s because they are exactly the kind of “puppet masters” that Quora can handle. Their bot networks are taken down every few months together with the answers that they’ve upvoted, and afterward, they just boot up again the script registering shitty unrealistic accounts. Meanwhile, what we do is what real persons do on Quora, using our own accounts, through methods that cannot be distinguished from any other real Quora user. There’s no comparison. Funny enough, we’ve even often reported their bot networks ourselves, and we’ve even published lists of their users to make it easy for the Quora team. So maybe they should like us more?

To close, do know that we also offer fully managed marketing services (normal, or for crypto-related products/services), where we use various marketing techniques like the ones summarized in this article. We won’t promote you just on Reddit, even though that often ends up being the main source of traffic; instead, we will adapt and do whatever seems to work best for your target market. While we do this, you’ll be able to concentrate fully on other aspects of your business. Getting specialized help is often what’s needed to save time and achieve that optimal monthly profit and growth rate.

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