More details on the channels used for promotion of crypto-related clients

More details on the channels used for promotion of crypto-related clients

As the title says, this article will contain more details on the channels used for the promotion of crypto-related clients, usually during our Premium #2 marketing service. Know that during this service, we create all the content used for posts and comments, including infographics and memes. If you want us to use your content as well, that’s fine! It would simplify our marketing tasks. Most of the threads are monitored. This means that we ensure that they have enough activity, and the positive/neutral comments stay at the top, while the negative ones are sent to the bottom with downvotes. If you’d put a dollar value to this marketing package based on our cost of the individual marketing actions performed, you’d find out that you save a lot of money and time. Imagine having to buy Reddit upvotes for all the posts and comments individually… even your time and mindshare spent on this would be worth a lot. Here are the main networks where we will promote you for Premium #2:

  • 4chan’s Business & Finance community (this gets a lot of traffic from crypto investors and users, and more than 30 new posts per minute)
  • More than 30 communities from Reddit (in parantheses, numbers of subscribers as of 2021.10.21). Even some of the smaller subreddits that we would target are full of degenerates willing to invest or join various crypto communities. And on some of those that don’t fit that well for your crypto project, we might promote you in the comment sections of top threads.
    • /r/SatoshiStreetBets (491.2k)
    • /r/CryptoCurrency (3.6m)
    • /r/Ethereum (1.1m)
    • /r/ETHfinance (71.5k)
    • /r/ETHdev (66.9k)
    • /r/ETHtrader (1.6m)
    • /r/MakerDAO (31.1k)
    • /r/AxieInfinity (74.1k)
    • /r/MaticNetwork (51.6k)
    • /r/Uniswap (54.5k)
    • /r/Chainlink/ (69.2k)
    • /r/CryptoMoonShots (882.1k)
    • /r/CryptoMoon (53.5k)
    • /r/NFT (184.3k)
    • /r/NFTsMarketplace (69.3k)
    • /r/Binance (665.7k)
    • /r/Cardano (638.5k)
    • /r/VeChain (208.9k)
    • /r/Tronix (118.7k)
    • /r/Stellar (203.6k)
    • /r/Bitcoin (3.5m)
    • /r/Litecoin (345.5k)
    • /r/BTC (651.5k)
    • /r/BitcoinMarkets (227k)
    • /r/NanoCurrency (113k)
    • /r/IOTA (140.5k)
    • /r/EOS (94.8k)
    • /r/Monero (238.5k)
    • /r/Ripple (333.8k)
    • /r/XRP (287.3k)
    • /r/NEO (114.4k)
    • /r/Solana (73.2k)
    • /r/DOT (32.3k)
    • /r/AlgorandOfficial (49.8k)
    • /r/Dogecoin (2.2m)
    • /r/SHIBArmy (293k)
    • /r/AVAX (16k)
    • /r/TerraLUNA (12.1k)
    • /r/cosmosnetwork (42.4k)
    • /r/dfinity (24k)
    • /r/EthereumClassic (61.2k)
    • /r/Tezos (61.3k)
    • /r/FantomFoundation (16.4k)
    • /r/Coinbase (164.1k)
    • /r/CryptoCurrencies (266.2k)
    • /r/CryptocurrencyICO (105.1k)
    • /r/ICOanalysis (23.1k)
    • /r/MarsWallstreet (31.6k)
    • /r/CryptoMars (61.7k)
    • /r/AllCryptoBets (63.9k)
    • /r/SatoshiBets (20.7k)
    • /r/Crypto_Currency_News (115.1k)
    • /r/CryptoCurrencyTrading (111.4k)
    • /r/CryptoMarkets (620.7k)
    • /r/Altcoin (195.3k)

Note that we usually do 2-3 top threads per day, and in the next few days we target other subreddits. Afterward, we might cycle back to the first communities where we’ve posted, and try other marketing approaches.

We also promote you in:

  • Quora, in various topics related to crypto or where promoting makes sense. All of these are getting a lot of traffic from search engines, not just from people who have been tagged with interest for these topics or have followed the topics themselves. Some examples:
    • Cryptocurrencies (638k)
    • Currencies (1.8m)
    • Investing (5.8m)
    • Finance (27.2m)
    • Trading – finance (2.4m)
    • Trading – cryptocurrency (75.5k)
    • Bitcoin (569.3k)
    • Blockchain Technology (124.6k)
    • Blockchain Databases (169.7k)
    • Ether – cryptocurrency (42.4k)
    • Making Money Online (1.1m)
    • Digital Currency (123.3k)
    • Digital Wallets (114.8k)
    • Website Recommendations (1.2m)
    • Websites (2.4m)

Note that topics are created by Quora moderators and can be assigned automatically or manually to content. But Quora also has Reddit-like communities which can be used to promote. They are called “spaces”. They are moderated by the users who created them, and by whoever else is assigned the power.

  • Quora, in various spaces created by its users. Some examples:
    • Crypto – Blockchain (51k)
    • Crypto Network (13.3k)
    • In Bitcoin We Trust (73.7k)
    • Cryptocurrency (45.8k)
    • The Crypto Cave (22.9k)
    • Cryptocurrency News (29.5k)
    • Ethereum Outbreak (10.4k)

To recap for Quora: “Topic” is a tag applied to content (usually questions) so that the algorithm will know what it is about. Users follow topics, as well as other users, and the algorithm uses those follows in order to determine which questions and answers will appear in each user’s feed. “Space” is a virtual space organized by one or more users around a theme they are interested in, for the purpose of sharing and upvoting good related content. This content doesn’t have to be in the question-and-answer format; it could be in the form of links outside of Quora and opinion pieces.

Other places where we can promote:

  • Hacker News. We usually do it in the comment sections of threads created by us. In the first few days after we’ve started promoting we can also do a ShowHN thread. This is a type of allowed self-promotional content where we present the crypto product.
  • BitcoinTalk. We keep bumping the thread created by the client for his project in the Announcements section, and we might create our own threads in other categories. We also post in popular threads that are getting a lot of traffic from both inside the forum and search engines.

We have certain services that can be purchased separately, and they might help crypto-related projects. For example, upvotes when you’re launching on Product Hunt and 5-star ratings (less useful). This can usually be done only once, but the traffic it gets for 24 hours is crazy.

With the help of or only through collaborators, we offer other crypto marketing services here. We always recommend starting out only with Premium #2. It’s usually enough.

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