These services are fully managed. You don’t have to do anything expect provide some information initially. If you’re raising funds or promoting something crypto-related, also check the “Crypto-Related” category!

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Filter products Showing all 10 results
  • Managed Traffic

    We’ll collaborate with another marketing agency to bring you targeted traffic for the landing page or article of your choice. On average, we bring a bit more than 18,000 uniques, over the course of one month. We use all the tricks in the book, in order to find out what works for your particular case. You’ll end up with lots of strong backlinks and long-term traffic from Reddit, HN, Quora, etc. There’s a lot more info about this service in the FAQ, check that out as well.

  • Guerrilla Marketing

    We will analyze your product/service/artistic media, then create a guerrilla marketing strategy to promote it, then actually implement it fully in order to hopefully get it viral. Another marketing agency with experience in offline marketing will be helping us brainstorm, and will also help us with the promotional part.

    For example, we could create a really good meme.

  • SEO-Posts On All Networks

    One post on each – Reddit and 5 of the next platforms that fit best for your case: IndieHackers, Hubski, Snapzu, Fark, Gab, Ruqqus, Quora, GrowthHackers, Slashdot, … – with a few upvotes distributed how it makes sense more. This was the only thing that we did a few years back in order to propel Upvotes Club to the #1 spot for “buy Reddit upvotes”, and a few others keywords. We’ve been #1 since then. It is responsible for about half our customers, the other half being word of mouth.

    Since we want to discourage customers to send us the ultimate spam to post, there’s no refund in credit for posts that are removed by moderators. We’ll still provide the URL’s to them in the final report though, in order to prove all the work that was done.

    We process this type of orders in the weekends, in the order that they came through.

    As a bonus, until the end of this month, we’ll post on Reddit in two different subreddits for this service instead of one.

  • The Ultimate SEO Gig

    We’ll take care of SEO for the link and keywords of your choice. For this, we post your link everywhere, upvote it, and in addition to this already strong strategy, we collaborate with the best blog network out there, and we also create a large amount of over 55 different backlink types (from YouTube videos, Medium, social media networks, etc.). Anything that can be done for off-page SEO and it works… we do it.

  • Successful Product Launch

    We’ll take care of marketing for your product launch. We’ll post everywhere, provide positive feedback, and monitor everything until it dies down in order to bury haters. More details here.

  • ProductHunt Upvotes

    We’ll deliver over 100 upvotes on ProductHunt. If it’s not just us upvoting (therefore it doesn’t look suspicious), we’ll provide up to 300 upvotes. Please buy this at least two days before “your product is hunted”, and write at Order Notes when it will be live. Even better, schedule the post through the website and send us the link to it, and specify the hour when it will go live. Here’s an article with more details on buying Product Hunt upvotes.

  •’s /biz/ Marketing Campaign

    We will promote you for 7 days in the famous degen shithole that is Mostly recommended for stocks and crypto-related projects. We do an average of 4 posts per day, spaced apart. We also comment heavily in related threads. We usually create the images and the texts 100% ourselves.

  • Product Hunt 5-star ratings

    You will get seventy-five (35) 5-star ratings on your product from Product Hunt, taking around 10 days. You need to provide at least 20 texts for the reviews. You can buy this service only once per new product, or two times per product if it already has more than 400 upvotes. Otherwise, it would look suspicious and we’d be risking our accounts.

  • Marketing in LinkedIn groups

    If you’re offering a B2B product or service, or if your target market is in any way related to investing, trading, smarts contracts, cryptocurrencies or fundraising, this is for you. We will promote your business in LinkedIn groups starting a few days after the order is made, for a total of two weeks. It takes so long to start because we need to join groups related to your target market and make some neutral activity first.

  • wallstreetbets Marketing Campaign

    We will promote you for 7 days in the /r/wallstreetbets subreddit, which is by far the best community for stock-shilling, with lots of easily influenceable wallets. Crypto support is limited. We have moderator access, which simplifies our process. Please provide us with some of the texts we should use; we’ll create other media and texts ourselves, including in-depth analyses. We make at least 10 comments/posts per day, all heavily upvoted. If you purchase this two times for the same project, all the threads will be monitored, and we’ll post a lot more comments.