We have a Q&A that will help you understand Hacker News and our process for upvoting and posting there better.

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Filter products Showing all 6 results
  • Abuse Report

    For all websites: send an abuse report from a very strong account for your chosen comment or post. Often it will be auto-deleted after the third report. This works especially well for Quora and Hacker News.

  • Hacker News Comment

    We recommend buying at least one comment with each post, in order to shape opinions from the get-go. Anchoring is a powerful psychological weapon.

    Since comments on HN tend to be more technical than on Reddit, please send texts for the comments as well – preferably two phrases or more each.

  • Hacker News Post

    Let us post if you don’t have an account with good age, engagement, and positive karma. On all websites, we also choose the best time of the day to start the thread. More information on how you should formulate the post.

  • Respected Hacker News Account

    Min. Karma150
    Min. Age1 year
  • High-End Hacker News Account

    Min. Karma750
    Min. Age4 years
  • Hacker News Downvote Comment

    (max: 10/comment)

    Each of the accounts used for downvoting has at least 500 karma. The thread where the comment resides has to be newer than 30 hours.