Pandemics affect marketing companies negatively

Pandemics affect marketing companies negatively

Well… duh! During the recession that started in the U.S. on December 2007 and lasted until June 2009, the marketing and – especially – the advertising sector went to crap faster than many other sectors. For example, even though the global spending was down 9% in 2009, the ad spending was down an extra 3% on top of that. Pandemics affect marketing companies negatively, and since marketers aren’t likely to prevent the incoming recession by finding a cure for Coronavirus, we’re slashing the prices of some of our services:

Subreddit Subscriber – new price $0.99, down from $1.09. We’ve also added one more bonus at the end of the the service description:

[…] We’ll also create activity with some of the new subscribers, like a few upvotes or a comment to a post.

We were actually already doing that, it just wasn’t specified clearly.

Quora Upvote – new price $0.99, down from $1

This might not seem like much, but we have some clients with huge volume on Quora for which it will matter. There’s also the next discount for them:

Quora Question Follow – new price $0.89, down from $1

And to some of our lower volume services:

Indie Hackers Upvote (max 5/post) – new price $1.39, down from $1.49

GrowthHackers Comment and Indie Hackers Comment – new price $3.95, down from $4.5

GrowthHackers Post and Indie Hackers Post – new price $13.5, down from $15

That’s it, nothing else will get a discount. We’re hoping that these will suffice in order for us to maintain a similar work volume throughout the next months of chaos.

If it’s ends up not being enough, we’ll begin studying molecular biology in order to defeat COVID-19 ourselves.

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