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Filter Products Showing 37 - 45 of 62 results
  • Quora Answer

    We'll answer a question, with the text of your choice. Don't worry if it looks spammy. It's acceptable to link to your website or praise a product/service on Quora, as long as it answers the question.
  • Abuse Report

    For all websites: send an abuse report from a very strong account for your chosen comment or post. Often it will be auto-deleted after the third report.
  • BitcoinTalk Bump

    (max: 8/day) Buy as many comments (bumps) as you wish, and provide us with the link to the ANN thread and the amount that we should do per day. No need to send the texts as well, but if you wish you can do that. A big advantage of these is that we usually ask questions. So if you're answering them, each bump will actually transform into two bumps. Please don't buy less than 15 BitcoinTalk bumps. We waste a lot of time informing ourselves of the projects in order to formulate good texts.
  • GrowthHackers Comment

    We'll post a comment on GH for you. The comments have almost as many reads as the articles themselves, therefore it's not a bad idea to gain traffic through them, and not just influence opinions. Since these tend to be more technical, please send texts for the comments as well - preferably two phrases or more each.
  • Reddit Comment

    If you don't give us the texts for the comments at checkout, we will compose them ourselves, praising whatever is discussed or linked in the post.
  • Snapzu Comment

    As with all comments, these don't even have to be at your own posts. You can steal traffic from the top posts by commenting on them with a message that leads to your website, then upvoting the comment.
  • TopTopic Comment

    A positive comment on the post will help it gain natural upvotes as well. You usually gain more in this way than if you'd buy upvotes for the price equivalent of a comment.
  • Voat Comment

    The comments that we post for you on Voat are safer and easier to bring to the top. Reason: users that want to access the downvoting function must have been upvoted themselves 100 times in the past.
  • Quora Comment

    Comments can be posted to both questions and answers. We have no idea what's the efficiency of this strategy, but we have added it because it was requested by more than 10 persons. If you'd like to request any service that you believe should be made available by us, get in touch!
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