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Filter products Showing 41 - 50 of 59 results
  • Omniscient Reddit Account

    Min. Post Karma30,000
    Min. Comment Karmaany
    Min. Ageany
  •’s /biz/ Marketing Campaign

    We will promote you for 7 days in the famous degen shithole that is Mostly recommended for stocks and crypto-related projects. We do an average of 4 posts per day, spaced apart. We also comment heavily in related threads. We usually create the images and the texts 100% ourselves.

  • Respected Hacker News Account

    Min. Karma150
    Min. Age1 year
  • Premium #1

    This is a complex package targeted only towards clients that are promoting cryptocurrencies, smart contract platforms, dapps, utility tokens, or raising funds through ICO/STO/ETO/IEO’s. It’s described at the end of this article. If you want to buy additional addons, or if you want to buy it by interacting with us directly, contact us beforehand and you’ll receive a payment address by Skype, and you should receive the same address from the email robert@UC (which is available in the contact page as well). If you want to have more money in your package in order to afford more ops, just add other services to the cart before checking out, and mention at Order Notes that their cost should go towards the Premium #1 credit.

  • Product Hunt 5-star ratings

    You will get seventy-five (75) 5-star ratings on your product from Product Hunt. You can buy this service only once per new product, or two times per product if it already has more than 300 upvotes. Otherwise, it would look suspicious and we’d be risking our accounts.

  • Marketing in LinkedIn groups

    If you’re offering a B2B product or service, or if your target market is in any way related to investing, trading, smarts contracts, cryptocurrencies or fundraising, this is for you. We will promote your business in LinkedIn groups starting a few days after the order is made, for a total of two weeks. It takes so long to start because we need to join groups related to your target market and make some neutral activity first.

  • TrustPilot Reviews

    You will get three reviews on TrustPilot, posted a few days apart from each other. You will need to provide us with the title and description of each one, but do know that we might modify the texts in order to make them more realistic. Please write long descriptions!

  • Indie Hackers Post

    Let us post if you don’t have an account with previous activity, as otherwise you might end up called out for spam. This service is for

  • High-End Hacker News Account

    Min. Karma750
    Min. Age4 years
  • High-End Quora Account

    Min. Answers60
    Min. Questions20
    Min. Followers20
    Min. Age4 years