Additional marketing services for ICO’s and cryptocurrency-related projects, provided by collaborators

All these services are for ICO’s or cryptocurrency-related projects that are already under Premium #2 with us. Premium #2 is described at the end of this article. There are no exceptions to this rule, as we don’t win much by putting you in contact with collaborators. At the moment, we’re bringing them a lot more clients than they’re bringing us. The last service is an exception, as it is offered by us.


Email Marketing

For a cost of 3 BTC, 13,155,386 records are used from 13 databases (,,, …)
8.4 mil emails are sent to people that haven’t clicked the unsubscribe button before, mail status reports are delivered, it takes around two weeks.

Needed beforehand:
* payment
* subject (preferably around 10-20 versions)
* body in HTML format (preferably at least 10 versions)
* email for reports


Marketing through Chinese (Mandarin) cryptocurrency and ICO-related forums and social media channels

$2,900 per month

Pre-requisites for this and the following similar services:

  • We will ask you for certain texts which we’ll translate, and we’ll also create our own copies which you will have a chance to approve/improve before they go “in production”.
  • If it’s for an ICO, this has to be ordered at least 35 days before pre-ICO or ICO start.
  • If it’s for a cryptocurrency, or a project that has already had its ICO, it has to be contracted for a period of two months or more.

Other info:

  • You will receive all the links where posts are made.


Marketing through channels for natives other than English or Chinese

At the moment these are possible, each with different contractors: Spanish ($2,900), Hindi ($1,450), Japanese ($6,000) and South Korean ($5,000). Portuguese will be available soon. Any of these will be available if enough people request it: Arabic, Cantonese, Russian, German, French, Italian.


Reddit whole-website monitoring

$1,200 per day

Using a script, we’ll monitor on in real time the keywords of your choice related to a single project (for example “Neo” or “IOTA”), and we’ll keep commenting positively about them, while replying to all critiques and debating them. We’ll need first a FAQ from you to help, with possible critiques and possible answers.

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