LinkedIn marketing strategy: promote your business in its many groups!

LinkedIn marketing strategy: promote your business in its many groups!

This is about an underrated marketing strategy for LinkedIn. You don’t hear people talking about it, and you don’t read any articles about it. You can do it by yourself, or you can do it with our help. Regardless, it’s a cheap method of promoting your business or your fund-raising in groups that see less marketing than your average Facebook group. The median IQ in these groups is also a bit higher. For these reasons, promoting your business with this strategy just works better.

We’re writing here about the optimal way on how you should go about it, but of course, you can do it your own way.

As of 2019.03.16, there are 1,787,734 groups on LinkedIn:

The easiest way to go about it would be to just buy our managed service for marketing in LinkedIn groups, write at Order Notes the landing page and what do you see as the target marketing, and let us handle it from there. The service description makes everything obvious:

If you’re offering a B2B product or service, or if your target market is in any way related to investing, trading, smarts contracts, cryptocurrencies or STO’s, this is for you. We will promote your business in LinkedIn groups starting a few days after the order is made, for a total of two weeks. It takes so long to start because we need to join groups related to your target market and make some neutral activity first.

We found out about some changes coming to LinkedIn groups; they will be similar to how Facebook groups work: if you’ll want our posts from the groups to show up in the feeds of people more, then you might want to not actually link to the landing page, and instead mention it in such a way that people could easily Google it. For example, you would say “Empson wines” instead of linking to Or if you have a lot of time to put into this, you could combine it with a more standard LinkedIn marketing strategy:

Optimize your profile, then create a company page that might serve from time to time as the first or the second step in the funnel, and optimize that as well. You might not even insert a company page into your marketing funnel, because LinkedIn users prefer to interact with other people instead of the pages of their company. Try for 30 days a premium level like Sales Navigator so that you get access to LinkedIn Learning, which is the former You’ll have tons of videos on optimizing your LinkedIn profile and the rest of your presence on the platform. Then, generate relevant content for your target audience. That can be a combination of blog posts, eBooks, case studies, etc… Once you have the content, keep posting it on your LinkedIn profile and in the company page. You can also have us post it in relevant groups, or you can post it yourself. Make sure that all posts have links to landing pages on your company website, and those, in turn, have some sort of CTA or a way to capture their info like an eBook download form. Then comes the hardest part… consistency. You need to be posting multiple times a week. Not so much that it seems spammy, but enough to spread throughout the spokespeople and industry groups. Stick to a strict schedule! You can even automate posting on your profile and in the company page. You’ll get a solid growth in followers, website traffic, and lead conversions, in less than six months. Do not use LinkedIn ads unless you know your CLV and it’s in the 5 figure range, otherwise, you won’t make a good ROI. Know exactly what kind of profiles your business does business with, and start connecting with them. But do not pitch them outright! Nobody likes that. Allocate time each day to make connections with those prospects, and also to engage with your existing connections (for example, reply to their posts). If you can’t keep up, hire someone to handle the entirety of this LinkedIn marketing strategy. To get more views on your content, you can use a tool like LinkedProspect to simply message a lot of people on LinkedIn (without anything spammy) and get them to connect to you.

Good luck! If you just want to see how well LinkedIn marketing would work for you before going heavy into it, just use our service initially! Subsequently, watch your Analytics and see if the traffic that you receive from this social media platform is satisfying and if its conversion rate is high enough. In the meantime, we’ll try to keep this article updated with tips on how to promote your business on LinkedIn.

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