Internet marketing services

Internet marketing services

An article that we started in 2016 in order to rank for the keywords “internet marketing services”, which at the time had approximately the traffic and competition noted below:

1K – 10K

We haven’t finished it, and we actually forgot about it, but in the interest of content generation, we’ll just publish it like it was. Internet marketing services, for whoever might care:

Colours map:

PURPLE – it means that the task can be extremely time-consuming

PAID – this costs money, you might want to leave it last

  1. Upvotes Club, by far the best option in this list. We’re the only ones concentrating on marketing services that actually work, and we don’t waste time with pretend-marketing.
  2. Start your own blog for your company/startup. Make it really interesting. Be candid. Show off new features. Show off stuff you’re working on. Show off your team or your technology. Build up your own tribe of followers. They will make all the difference when it comes to saving you on, Digg, Reddit, and so forth. Do marketing for each post with the help of
  3. Present your creation on Hacker News in the Show HN section. Read the rules first.
  4. Post content from your blog on Hacker News.
  5. Find out where users of competing businesses gather (forums, Facebook groups, Google groups) and work your way into their attention zone.
  6. Create a digest with your content on
  7. Present your startup on
  8. Add your business on (add it even if it’s not a startup; the same goes for all startup directories)
  9. Add your business on
  10. Add your business on
  11. Browse the offers from and see if there’s anything you can take advantage of.
  12. Add your business on
  13. Add your business on platforms similar to the now-defunct
  14. Add your business on platforms similar to the now-defunct
  15. Add your business on
  16. Add your business on
  17. Add your business on
  18. Add your business on
  19. Add your business on
  20. Add your business on
  21. Add your business on
  22. Add your business on
  23. Add your business on
  24. Add your business on
  25. Add your business on
  26. Even if it’s not European, add your business on
  27. Add your website on
  28. Add your business on
  29. Add your business on
  30. Add your business on
  31. Add your business on
  32. Send an email with your business pitch to
  33. Send an email with your business pitch to TechCrunch
  34. Pitch your business and a giveaway to
  35. Add your business on platforms similar to the now-defunct
  36. Add your business on
  37. Add your product on
  38. Present your business on
  39. Add your business on
  40. Add your business on platforms similar to the now-defunct
  41. Add your business on
  42. Add your business on
  43. Add your business on
  44. Add your business as a maker and add your product here:
  45. Add your business on
  46. Add your business on
  47. Add your product on
  48. Add your company on
  49. Add your products on
  50. Add an event on
  51. Add your company on LinkedIn
  52. Reach out to people from your industry on LinkedIn
  53. Track what’s being talked about your company/products and reply when needed: use both Google Alerts and
  54. Create an event and try to find sponsors for it with
  55. Cross-promote on social media through specialized platforms (in the past, this was done with AdHipster; you might want to start with finding current alternatives for it)
  56. After you know for sure what customer acquisition cost you can afford, start using Google AdWords.
  57. Same as above with Bing Ads.
  58. […] Facebook Ads.
  59. […] Twitter Ads
  60. […] LinkedIn Ads.
  61. […] StumbleUpon Ads
  62. Find as many blogs in your niche as possible. Pitch them properly. DON’T JUST GO FOR THE BIG ONES! The smaller blogs are more likely to link to you if you’re friendly to them and develop rapport (they want to see you are friendly and genuine).
  63. Find journalists to write about your startup through
  64. Find journalists to write about your startup through
  65. Find journalists to write about your startup through
  66. Promote your product to this community: (others similar: |
  67. Notify tech blogs about your app: (even though it’s just helping you a bit with the message and sending emails, this costs $50 or more)
  68. Have your startup submitted automatically to directories, review websites and communities or
  69. If you’re selling a B2B app, add it on
  70. If you’re selling a smartphone app, add it on
  71. If you have a web application or service, add it on
  72. If you have a web application/service or smartphone app, add it on
  73. If you have a web app or smartphone app, add it on
  74. If you have a web application, email about it
  75. If you have a brand that fits in any of their categories, list all the stores that carry it on
  76. If it fits in any category, add your product on
  77. If you’re Romanian, add your startup on
  78. If you have a European startup, apply to the “EU ROADSHOW + SV STARTUP SCHOOL” on
  79. Submit your startup story for a feature on
  80. Submit your startup story on
  81. Pitch your startup to
  82. Find ancillary reasons to get your service mentioned in blog posts and tutorials. For example, if your startup is an RSS mashup generator of some sort, you need to have tutorials out there that recommend your service. Get those tutorials and posts on to Reddit, Hacker News, Digg, etc.
  83. If people write about your site, write tutorials that mention you, etc, PROMOTE THAT CONTENT EVEN IF IT’S NOT YOURS! Get people reading stuff that’s about you – not by you!
  84. Remember that bigger sites like TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb (if applicable to your sector) love exclusives. Don’t bother mass pitching those – focus on one, whichever you can get the best rapport with, and offer an exclusive. Your product needs to be AWESOME for this to work though.
  85. Follow a search on terms related to your service (and even the name of your service)… get in touch with people who might be interested, respond to all comments about your service.
  86. Try to submit as many press releases as possible. Use if you can’t afford to pay for this or if you’re a boss.
  87. Build ancillary “fun” services that tie into your main web app. Something fun, free, perhaps something that you can relate to sites people find interesting, such as Twitter. Let’s say your main service is an online graphics editor. Perhaps you could create a separate site where people can create avatars for Twitter / Facebook from a small set of templates.. separate project but promoting the first.
  88. Use both and in order to stay on top with mentions of your company, your competitors and subjects on which you could comment about your product.
  89. Comment on other blogs and online news outlets in order to try to get your link out there in a non-spammy way.
  90. (To extend this with the actual links; search terms “CSS design show-case”, “CSS design submit website”, etc.) Does your design rock? Get on to the “CSS design”, and “Web design” showcase type sites. There are hundreds of them around. Not amazing exposure, but the more links the better and any one of your visitors might turn in to a serious contact.
  91. Find your way into interviews (you can’t just read something like this and keep reading; you have to actually do it)
  92. Find your way into podcasts
  93. Twitter follow/unfollow marketing (it’s easy to find with Google what’s it about); To do it, use this free tool: or this freemium:; You’ll also need an auto-clicking AHK script (use F8 to toggle auto-clicking).
  94. Interact daily with the people that you’ve followed on Twitter, fav many of their posts and retweet the best ones.
  95. Set up a message that everybody receives when they follow you. Use for this, from settings -> new followers.
  96. Implement as many of these methods as possible in order to gain more followers on Twitter: tip #21)
  97. Find accounts (from the same field of interest as you) which engage a lot with their followers and send them offers to cross-promote, even if you have more followers than they do.
  98. Create a viral contest by offering a prize to whoever sends the most traffic to your contest page. Make entrants use a contest hashtag and a link so you can track who sends the most traffic. You can track link clicks by adding a + to the end of any link.
  99. Increase sales using Twitter by giving special offers and coupons to your followers. The best way to do this is to give access to those offers only to those that RT one of your tweets.
  100. Post a lot of non-promotional content as well (retweeting others might be enough). Use a scheduling tool (ManageFlitter) to space out the tweets. Promotional content can also mean pictures of your products with no text (or text on image); these get retweeted easier.
  101. Add the location of your business to Google Maps (Google Places). If you’re a perfectionist you can add it with searchable text, coupons, hours of operation, brands carried, maps, photos, video and reviews.
  102. […] Bing Maps (Bing Places)
  103. […] Yahoo Maps (Yahoo Local)
  104. […] Yellow Pages platforms similar to the now-defunct  or
  105. […] Yelp (they are a bit scammy)
  106. […] MerchantCircle
  107. […] AllPages
  108. […] YellowBot
  109. […] Manta
  110. […] CitySearch (
  111. […] MapQuest (
  112. […] Local (
  113. […] FOURSQUARE (
  114. […] The Business Journals
  115. […] Angies List (
  116. […] Hotfrog
  117. Add the contact info of your business on White Pages (at the moment not possible)    
  118. Add your website in all the directories for SEO purposes (especially if you’re running a blog on it as well) 
  119. If you’re selling through Amazon, read this article
  120. Find more ideas on
  121. Find more ideas in other articles of ours

We have even more internet marketing tips on this website, in another article that was actually published at its time. No internet marketing service looks as if it could beat Reddit marketing anytime soon though.

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