Indie Hackers – what is it, and what can we do for it

Indie Hackers – what is it, and what can we do for it

Indie Hackers is a social media platform and podcast owned by Stripe. The web platform resides on this URL: The podcast is boring. Here’s how their main page looks like on January 16, 2020:

By their own definition, an indie hacker is someone “set out to make money independently”. That means generating revenue directly from his customers, not indirectly through an employer. Their platform has multiple sections, for example, one through which founders of businesses and side projects can share their story: You can get some website traffic by simply clicking “Add Your Product”, and then filling the information about your business as accurately as possible. In a few days, your product page will be approved and it will live forever in their public index. From then onward, you’ll be able to publish milestones reached from time to time, telling other entrepreneurs what you’ve just accomplished, how, and the lessons learned from it. The milestone will compete to show up in the upper part of their main page, in the Milestones section. You can see some examples in the photo above. Buy Indie Hackers upvotes from us and your milestones will show up on top. This is obviously easy marketing, but don’t do it unless your target market is somehow related to B2B products/services, startups or entrepreneurship, because that’s who will be landing on your page.

If you accept payments through Stripe on your store, a good tip is to link your product page with the Stripe account. Revenue statistics will start showing up on your Indie Hackers product page, and people will take it more seriously.

Below the Milestones/Products sections, you can see the Community section. We can do posts for you there, or you can post yourself and have us upvote and comment. This is where “you’d ask for advice or feedback” regarding your product/service, thereby bringing potential customers to your pages.

Alexa’s traffic stats has ranked at #4933 in the USA, with both engagement and traffic going up fast. This makes it a worthwhile target for marketing your efforts.

Two more ways in which you can promote yourself with Indie Hackers are found on their Contribute section:

  • you can pitch them to write an article for their Articles section; this has to be about advice or strategies that could help others in their business / side project; Courtland Allen, the main person behind I.H., has shared some ideas about what articles could be about:
  • you can sign up to be interviewed by them, with the interview showing up in their Interviews section.

If you’re organizing a local entrepreneurship-related meetup in your area, you can link to it in their Meetups section.

And finally, you can contact them and request to be a guest on their podcast. If it’s live, please tell everybody about our services. :P

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