How we are helping the cryptocurrency ecosystem

How we are helping the cryptocurrency ecosystem

We’ve been taking payments through cryptocurrency for more than two years, and not only through this website. Most of the time we’ve accepted more than 60 different cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. Lately, we’ve only been accepting the ones that are actually getting used, plus two exceptions:

  • DASH, because of how much they work towards adoption in countries that need a stable currency
  • Zcash, because of all their work in expanding the science and the possibilities from this field

Since NANO seems to be the front runner for a deflationary trustless cryptocurrency on which centralization forces do not act, we’re trying to help it more than we help others:

[1] At Checkout, we’re accepting payment with NANO through BrainBlocks, with no transaction fees and no payment processor fees.

[2] We’re running 4 nodes on the beta-net and 2 nodes on the main-net, in different data centres around the world, and we’ll keep them up in perpetuity.

[3] Two of the six nodes offer open access to their RPC interface. The ports won’t be changing in the future, and they’re being kept updated automatically.

For the main-net, this one can be used:

The RPC is open for anybody to use at port 7888 (no GPU, enable_control is true):

curl -d '{ "action" : "version" }'

Anybody can play with it, or integrate it with any business/tool/service/whatever.

For the beta-net, this one has RPC open on 55888:

The main-net server is auto-updating on the :latest docker tag, and the beta-net auto-updates on :master.

[4] We’ll soon be running a stress test script on the beta network in perpetuity, with low frequency, in order to create a more realistic environment for devs and testers.

[5] We’ll choose two of the nodes that we’ve set up, and make them representatives. Anyone will be able to delegate voting weight to them. We want them up flawlessly for at least 30 days first.

We often donate to free open source projects from the cryptocurrency space. Even with the bear market of this year, there haven’t been more than 5 days in a row where we haven’t made at least one donation.

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