How to use Reddit (Guide)

How to use Reddit (Guide)

How to use Reddit? First, understand how this social media platform is structured:

The focus of Reddit is communities (named “subreddits”), where users make relevant contributions. If you try to make it about yourself, you won’t get very far. Search around for topics (subreddits) that interest you and subscribe to them. The subreddit search can help you with that. If you have any specific questions, go for them in our comment section here! If you’ve just created the account, you will have defaults: subreddits you’re automatically subscribed to (the same subreddits that you see when you’re not logged in). You probably won’t be interested in most of them, therefore consider unsubscribing. You do it from here: These are not e-mail subscriptions, they just determine what shows up on the main site page after you log in.

programming language subreddits by subscribers, an image that helps you understand how to use Reddit

Find a post that interests you and join the discussion!

Don’t start by posting a couple of links to your own website on the same subreddit. People might take that as self-promotion, which is frowned upon. As a new user, it may be better to get involved in discussions that are already happening, just to get a feel for how Reddit works.


For a longer guide on how to use Reddit,

you might want to check out the Reddit 101:

It is well written and will teach you all the basics of how to use Reddit. You’ll find out about Karma (a point system that lets you know how your submissions or comments are doing), sidebars, moderators, admins, reddiquette and will also answer to a few frequently asked questions (for example the all-important “Help! What happened to my post?”, if you’re promoting yourself in the wrong way).

After you’ve used this network for a few days,

read this article to understand what can be done with our help on Reddit and other social media networks (yep, you can actually promote your blog or services/products, it’s just not that straightforward):

You might also want to read our articles from the Advanced category, which will transform you into a social media guru, who can actually get a lot of traction through these platforms and make money or gather a following. Good luck and work hard!

Thank you for checking out our Reddit guide and we hope you’ve learned everything that you needed to know about how to use Reddit.

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