Frequently Asked Questions

It’s always better to put it at Order Notes because often, the guys doing support won’t be processing orders as well. So if you provide the information on Skype instead of at checkout, you introduce a small delay until the order processing actually starts. Why? Because you create unneeded communication between us. You might also be unlucky and no one might see your message on Skype, while on order processing we always have at least two people available that receive alerts whenever a new payment has been confirmed.

Of course. We split the work with another marketing agency.

  1. We start threads or post comments that lead to your link/s in multiple related subverses/subreddits/topics/groups/etc. from:
    • the networks mentioned in our offer (Reddit, Quora, Hacker News, Voat, GrowthHackers, Snapzu and TopTopic)
    • or the networks from here:

    The posts and comments are usually done in such a way as to appear organic instead of marketing copy. We’ve become extremely proficient at this.

  2. The other agency does completely different strategies, like
    • getting the link trending on StumbleUpon
    • taking advantage of their industry-targeted, country-targeted or language-targeted subscription lists
    • posting on their powerful social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, …), and so on.

If you have Universal Analytics (Google Analytics) installed on your page, we’d also prefer to receive ”Read & Analyze” access. It’s optional of course, but keep in mind that it helps us adapt and improve our strategies. It won’t allow us to modify anything.

For Managed Traffic, we post both as comments in related threads, and create our own threads. For The Ultimate SEO Gig, we usually do new threads, highly upvoted, and we target subreddits/subverses/groups where they’re most likely to transform into DoFollow links and NOT be removed by moderators/administrators.

For both we target multiple subverses/subreddits/topics/etc. on:

The amount of work is tremendous, but the results are also exquisite.

We usually join all the groups that have above 2,500 subscribers. On average, 56 groups per link. Of course, on some of them, the moderators might delete the post, but we usually formulate the copy quite well in order to make it seem as non-spammy as possible (and it’s not really spam anyway since the groups are related to the links). You end up with at least 40 posts live.

No. And honestly, we’ll probably even stop accepting PayPal at some point in  the future. Compared to cryptocurrencies it is an archaic method of payment, and a company that has stolen funds from individuals or companies in the past, or has blocked donations to causes that deterred the American spy apparatus.

Please check out this page of our website: How to pay. It has all the details that you might need regarding payment. Please note that we do not make any exceptions to those rules for anyone, not even for our close friends or relatives.

Your best bet if you don’t know exactly what you want is getting the Managed Traffic, and letting us handle it. This is the service description from the website:

We’ll collaborate with another marketing agency to bring you A LOT of targeted traffic to the link of your choice. Up to 60,000 clicks, over the course of one month. We’ll use all the tricks in the book. You’ll end up with a lot of strong backlinks and long-term traffic from Reddit, HN, etc.


If you’d rather discuss more and understand your options better, then get Strategy Consultation. Description:

You’ll schedule a Skype consultation with one of our experts regarding marketing strategy: how we can bring you exposure, what would be most efficient for your specific case, how to protect the brand while doing it, and so on. Remember to write the time and the timezone when you’ll be on Skype, at checkout.