Frequently Asked Questions

No. When we detect bot activity, we stop working immediately and there’s no refund as credit. You’re putting our accounts at risk, and most likely you’ll get caught anyway, especially on Snapzu, Reddit and Hacker News.

Upvoting speed depends on the subreddit subscribers’ count and the time of the day. We choose it in such a way that while your post will rise fastest in popularity, it won’t do it in a suspicious manner. If you’re not getting any comments after the first 25 minutes, we’ll reduce the upvoting speed.

For Reddit and HN, a few minutes. Please note that our working schedule is 14:00 – 20:00 UTC, therefore it’s best to synchronize your ops with it because upvoting threads early is more powerful.

For Reddit and HN, when we have to do the posts ourselves (including if they’re scheduled), there could be a +/- 45 minutes.

For Quora, we usually start working on the orders in less than 12 hours, and we provide a realistic number of actions per day, in order to not draw suspicion.

For Voat, Snapzu and TopTopic, we choose the best time for us. This should be fine for you as well, since for these networks we only sell upvotes and downvotes on posts done by us.



Read more about this essential strategy here.

This question is very similar to another FAQ item. We just don’t want to hear it, therefore here you have it, in a slightly altered form, again.


Do you see any service on our website named “buy a position on the first page of any subreddit”? No, we sell upvotes. Calculate how many upvotes you need to reach the front page depending on the quality of your submission, then order through our website that amount. You might also want to read this article first:

Why you should always buy downvotes with your upvotes

If we’d credit in such situations, then we’d get into very strange conundrums. For example:
If someone has us post outright spam and upvote it 20 times… We post it, we upvote it 15 times, and then it gets removed by a moderator or administrator. What if he’ll want it posted and upvoted 20 times in another subreddit? It would be unfair because we’ve actually done a part of the work requested. What’s fair is for him to receive the equivalent of 5 upvotes as credit, which he may use at a later time. It’s not our responsibility to check if submissions and comments respect subreddit guidelines, since each subreddit has different guidelines anyway. Plus, some moderators simply remove posts because of conflicts of interest. We can’t control their behaviour. That’s why if it’s work that was done by us, we charge for it. We charge for our work, and not for the outcome of our work.

In order to post for you on GH, we need the title, the URL, a summary, and three tags related to the post from this list:

  • Analytics, API, B2B, Blogging, Case Study, Chrome, Churn, Content Marketing, Copywriting, CRO, Crowdfunding, Customer Development, Customer Service, Data Science, Design, E-commerce, Early Traction, Ecosystem, Email Marketing, Engagement, Engineering, Facebook, Feedback, Firefox, Google Adwords, Google+, Growth, Growth Hacks, Growth Team, Inbound Marketing, Instagram, Landing Pages, LinkedIn, Local SEO, Marketing Strategy, Metrics, Mobile Apps, MobileMarketing, Network Effects, Onboarding, Optimization, Paid Marketing, Pinterest, Press, Pricing, Product, Product Launch, Referral, Retargeting, SaaS, Sales, Science of Persuasion, SEM, SEO, Snapchat, Social Marketing, Tools, Twitter, User Experience, Viral, Youtube


You may also give us only the title and the URL, and we’ll make a short summary and select the tags ourselves.

We guarantee that the thread will receive from us the amount of upvotes purchased, as long as it’s still there. If a moderator removes it while we’re working on it, your unused upvotes will remain as credit and you’ll be able to use them at a later time by selecting “Deduct from credit” at checkout. We’ll also contact you about it in order to clarify the situation.

Please check out how many upvotes do threads have on average there and consider getting that amount. Of course, if the post is very promotional, you’ll need to be at the top of that range; otherwise, you can be at the bottom of the range because you can count on receiving a lot of organic upvotes as well. Also consider reading this article because it might improve your strategy:

Why you should always buy downvotes with your upvotes