The post was removed; shouldn’t I get everything back as credit?

If we’d credit in such situations, then we’d get into very strange conundrums. For example:
If someone has us post outright spam and upvote it 20 times… We post it, we upvote it 15 times, and then it gets removed by a moderator or administrator. What if he’ll want it posted and upvoted 20 times in another subreddit? It would be unfair because we’ve actually done a part of the work requested. What’s fair is for him to receive the equivalent of 5 upvotes as credit, which he may use at a later time. It’s not our responsibility to check if submissions and comments respect subreddit guidelines, since each subreddit has different guidelines anyway. Plus, some moderators simply remove posts because of conflicts of interest. We can’t control their behaviour. That’s why if it’s work that was done by us, we charge for it. We charge for our work, and not for the outcome of our work.