My company does […]. What should I buy?

Your best bet if you don’t know exactly what you want is getting the Managed Traffic, and letting us handle it. This is the service description from the website:

We’ll collaborate with another marketing agency to bring you A LOT of targeted traffic to the link of your choice. Up to 60,000 clicks, over the course of one month. We’ll use all the tricks in the book. You’ll end up with a lot of strong backlinks and long-term traffic from Reddit, HN, etc.


If you’d rather discuss more and understand your options better, then get Strategy Consultation. Description:

You’ll schedule a Skype consultation with one of our experts regarding marketing strategy: how we can bring you exposure, what would be most efficient for your specific case, how to protect the brand while doing it, and so on. Remember to write the time and the timezone when you’ll be on Skype, at checkout.