Facebook and Twitter are full of spam

Facebook and Twitter are full of spam

Put down those Facebook ads and those Twitter bots. They don’t work anymore. But we can make your business known. Please read on, or check our main page directly.

Facebook and Twitter are full of spam. Their conversion rate is not 0.5%; it’s close to 0%. You probably already tried marketing there and you found out that without spending a lot of time on ad targeting, it simply doesn’t work. And even then, the customer acquisition cost is too high – you’ll have to work diligently on your pricing and manufacturing costs. Don’t get me started on Google’s display advertising and other similar tactics. The competition is so high for keywords that you’ll spend a lot for nothing. Everybody has AdBlock by now.

We have the solution. Reddit, Voat and Hacker News are social media networks where users don’t expect to see commercial messages. Their defence system is the fact that downvoting makes posts “disappear”; and it mostly works! At Upvotes Club, we have the power to create the illusion of popularity for posts (by upvoting them, replying in accord and downvoting their competition). Those posts could be leading to one of your articles or talking in a positive light about your products/services. Other users will see them as “popular” and because of the sheepish behaviour of human beings, will agree to the post and take it as reference. It’s similar to word of mouth, but online; as efficient and easier to bootstrap.

Last month, Reddit had almost 228 million unique visitors. Finding your target market there is easy because of the way it’s organized. If you’d sell a trucking simulator, you might want a comment talking about your game in a thread residing in the top section or /r/gaming or /r/games. Alternatively, you might want someone posting a new thread and talking about how realistic your game is. You could target subreddits that are even more specific to what you’re selling; in this case /r/trucksim, /r/EuroTruck2 and /r/simracing. etc.

I think you agree with me that this is not hard and it actually works. While other marketing companies spend a lot of time talking, we do the efficient work. Just to form an idea about how cheap this is, add to cart on our website 10 Reddit upvotes, 10 Reddit downvotes for competing posts, and one Reddit comment. Afterwards view the cart. That cheap order can result in 600 views in the first day with a 5% conversion rate, then 100 more views every month for years to come. For an article, it can mean thousands of views in the first hour. We have clients that do a new campaign every few days and have given up on other traction channels.

If you need help building a marketing campaign with us (maybe because you don’t know Reddit that well), consider starting with a “Strategy Consultation”, a service that we’ve placed in the “Other” category. This is the service description: You’ll schedule a Skype consultation with one of our experts regarding marketing strategy: how we can bring you exposure, what would be most efficient for your specific case, how to protect the brand while doing it, and so on. Remember to write the time and timezone when you can be on Skype, at checkout. Scheduling this in the weekend is preferred.

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