Buy Product Hunt upvotes – an easy way to promote/launch your mobile app, website, hardware project or tech creation

Buying Product Hunt upvotes has been possible for almost a year now through our main page. We’ve had incredible success, with our record being having the top two products in one day promoted by us. Even though the website is called “Product Hunt”, as in completed or alpha/beta-products, we’ve been able to bring to the top ideas that had just an ICO and a talented team supporting them. Note that based on their own description, the platform is for launching mobile apps, websites, hardware projects and tech creations. This description is general enough that you don’t have to worry much about what you’re promoting and how “it fits”. When you buy Product Hunt upvotes from us, you also get a guarantee of us not using bots or automation of any kind, and our PH accounts having realistic and maintained Twitter accounts behind them. It has been very rare for products upvoted by us to get shadowed, and when that happened it was either because their owners upvoted them through automation as well, or the products were simply trash and having any amount of upvotes was unjustifiable.

To describe our service and its requirements, I’ll first quote its description:

We’ll deliver over 150 upvotes on ProductHunt. If it’s not just us upvoting (therefore it doesn’t look suspicious), we’ll provide up to 400 upvotes. Please buy this at least two days before “your product is hunted”, and write at Order Notes when it will be live. Even better, schedule the post through the website and send us the link to it, and specify the hour when it will go live.

Do note that we’ve been a lot less successful with people that haven’t scheduled their posts, therefore take the above advice as mandatory if you want a successful campaign. On top of buying ProductHunt upvotes from us, it would be nice to have a friend comment on your product and ask a question about it, in order to create some activity. If you don’t know which of your friends is active on Product Hunt, just reply to whoever contacts you about the service from Upvotes Club, and provide him with the text for a comment; it will be posted for free. If you buy Product Hunt upvotes for a product that is shitty in a very obvious way, we won’t even start on it and we’ll refund you because we need to protect our accounts.

buy product hunt upvotes

To summarize what you need to do in order to buy Product Hunt upvotes and not worry about the success of the campaign:

  1. If you’ll be using multiple accounts to upvote the product yourself, make sure the votes come from different browsers and IP’s.
  2. Do not use any kind of automation when upvoting your post, because it will be shadowed 100%. If we detect such activity, especially coming from shitty accounts, we’ll stop upvoting ourselves and you will not get a refund.
  3. Do tell all your acquaintances to upvote it, through all your personal social media channels; that is permitted and everybody does it.

If you think that to buy a minimum of 150 Product Hunt upvotes is not enough to get you to the top (or at least top 3), then the problem lies with your product, and not with our service.

Regarding the effectiveness of this marketing strategy, there’s not much to talk about it. Everybody knows already how effective getting featured on ProductHunt is. You’ll be bringing a lot of technical people to your product, for at least one week. Just make sure that your servers can handle the traffic.


Questions to ask about a potential cryptocurrency-related ICO investment

You want to know the biggest reason why most ICO’s suck? It’s because the old system is stifling new technology. If startups would be allowed to offer equity through ICO’s, they wouldn’t have to invent those stupid reasons for why their tokens must exist. We’d just use Ether to transact on most new platforms, and the tokens bought in the ICO’s would provide equity and dividends.

If you’re planning to invest in a cryptocurrency-related ICO, then make sure you do your due diligence because even though the number of scams is lower than people suspect, many of the projects are still bad enough that the risk is not worth the cost. Just as buying equity in most startups would be like throwing money away, investing in an ICO can be the same. Right now, the best ICO’s are those set up in jurisdictions that allow them to sell equity through tokens. When this will be a more global phenomenon, the quality of ICO’s will raise dramatically. Right now, just make sure you do more research than usual, and while you’re at it… being a bit paranoid is fine. Here’s what to ask about each potential cryptocurrency-related investment, before taking part in its ICO:

  1. Does it solve a problem or alleviate friction anywhere?
  2. Does it really need decentralization and other such properties?
  3. What is their current tech? (check repository code from all branches, check gitter chans, do a static code analysis, compile and run code, etc.)
  4. What is their future tech? (check whitepaper, research, milestones, repository pull requests)
  5. How close to ready is it?
  6. How is the dev team? (check their open source contributions, etc.)
  7. Do they have a funding scheme? What kind? (community donation, venture capital, institutional investment/buyouts, ICO etc.) Is it a good fit for what they’re doing? (for example if they’re doing a cryptocurrency with low network effects because of a badly chosen funding scheme, it’s best to just wait for its first fork)
  8. How are they organized? (dev-lead like Bitcoin, or non-profit like Stellar, or company like Ripple, or cooperative like Rchain etc.)
  9. What is their track record?
  10. Do they have any institutional or prolific backing?
  11. Does it have competition, and where does it stand within that?
  12. Any plans to create, stimulate, and maintain adoption?
  13. Does it have a good media presence? (articles, reviews, feedback on Reddit, etc.)
  14. Does it have a good marketing team? Does it have a solid bounty program that has gathered a large community?
  15. How is the community? (count on Telegram, objectivity, etc.) Are intelligent people interested in the project or just gamblers?
  16. How is the accesibility and the liquidity of their tokens?
  17. Growth potential based on current price and supply, and also considering supply that will be coming from inflation, or lockdown? (for example private sale participants that have their tokens locked for one year will surely take profit when the lockdown is over)
  18. Is it an interactive coin offering? If not, what protections are there that the token distribution will be fair?
  19. Do the investments go into a DAICO? If not, what protections are there that the milestones will be reached?
  20. Can it survive or at least get around the regulatory hammer? (for example if they’re based in US, but they’re selling security tokens or utility tokens that are expected to go up in value, it’s too risky)
  21. Has the ICO contract been audited?
  22. Do they have a bug bounty program for their code?
  23. Did they employ any kind of censorship (on Telegram, on Reddit, etc.)? (On Reddit, for posts it can be discovered with, or by opening with the same tool controversial threads and looking for removed comments. )

Other positives:

  • write other positives that you can think of

Other negatives:

  • write other negatives that you can think of

Recommendation: (what’s the probability that this is a good buy?)

  • write your final recommendation

If planning a sizeable investment, get a third party assessment. (from Amazix, Multicoin Capital, etc.)

To understand what is a fair ICO structure, read

Some of the advice given in this article was copied from here:


Good luck! There’s money to be made by the people who choose well, but ultimately you’ll also need a bit of luck.


How to rank higher on Google

We teach you here how to rank higher on Google, without wasting too many words on each method. The statistics are taken from recent comprehensive studies. We’ll keep this page updated, therefore bookmarking it might be a good idea.

  1. Get highly upvoted link posts going to your website. Here’s an amazing insight that you won’t find in any such guide: Google takes into consideration the popularity of links on social media aggregation services, like Reddit. If two link posts from /r/technology have the keywords “compact portable leaf blower”, yet one of the posts has a lot more upvotes than the other… then then one with more upvotes will also be in front of the other in the Google search results. This means that the search results can actually be manipulated for low costs.
  2. Get a lot of backlinks to your content (consider using our Ultimate SEO service, our our Managed Traffic)! On average, the top 2 results on page 1 of a Google search equate to 38% of all the backlinks of the first 10 results! Acquiring backlinks from multiple domains is important.
  3. Get HTTPS for your website, preferably through a free SSL certificate – because paying for this is stupid! HTTPS has positive correlation with higher rankings, with 33% of all URLs that rank #1, #2 or #3 using this protocol.
  4. Get keyword-focused internal links and backlinks (internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain)! Work on acquiring links that have your keyword present within the anchor text (the anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink), but don’t overdo it! Anchor text is a huge ranking signal; in a study, the 100 top performing blog posts had, on average, over 80% more keyword-focused anchor texts than the rest.
  5. Use shorter page titles! Top-ranking webpages tend to have shorter page titles, with the sweet spot nearing 8 words in length. Identify any page titles that are too long and shorten them down to ensure they’re as succinct as possible!
  6. Put the target keyword in the URL! Webpages with the target keyword in their URL tend to rank higher in Google. If you weren’t doing this, do it from now on; avoid updating URLs of existing content because there are greater risks associated with this, than the potential reward.
  7. Include your target keyword within the page title! Over 15% of all the pages ranked #1 include the target keyword within the page title.
  8. If you have Google/Universal Analytics installed, Google can deduce how relevant your page was for the search by looking at these two statistics: time-on-page and bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate and a low time-on-page, uninstall Universal Analytics!
  9. Use shorter URLs! Top-ranking webpages in Google have shorter URLs, with position #1 URLs averaging 59 characters in length.
  10. Search engines understand vote counts when it comes to social news aggregation websites. If a link leading to your website on Reddit has 50 upvotes, it will be a social proof more powerful than if it had 5 upvotes. Make sure you slip somehow in the title the keywords that you’re ranking for.

Check this page from time to time! We promise to add more tips on how to rank higher on Google.


How to promote yourself if you sell B2B services

Method 1

Market yourself through comments on Reddit. Add something similar to this as your home page:

In this example, whenever you’ll be opening your browser, you’ll see the new posts from these subreddits: blogging, entrepreneur, freelance, marketing, smallbusiness, socialmedia, startups, writing. Answer to people, help them, mention your website from time to time, maybe even add something similar to this to the end of each of your comments:

Check out my service from website!

Of course, change the list of subreddits to whatever interests you by modifying the link.

For every 9 comments, do a post linking directly to your website. It’s called the 9:1 rule and I believe it’s mentioned in the self-promotion TOS of Reddit. You’ll get a lot less hate by following this rule as opposed to relentlessly promoting your website. Of course, we can help when needed with upvotes for both comments or posts, in order to gain you more visibility. Here’s an incomplete list of what can be done with our help. Also check our main page.


Method 2

When you’ve written an article for which the target market could be any entrepreneur, post it on (Hacker News). We sell Hacker News accounts of quality here. By posting from a great account, your post won’t get removed and you have a much higher chance of making the home page.


Method 3

When you’ve written an article on which the target market could be any marketer, post it on (GH). These are the tags which can be chosen for any article posted on, just so you understand better what fits there: Analytics, API, B2B, Blogging, Case Study, Chrome, Churn, Content Marketing, Copywriting, CRO, Crowdfunding, Customer Development, Customer Service, Data Science, Design, E-commerce, Early Traction, Ecosystem, Email Marketing, Engagement, Engineering, Facebook, Feedback, Firefox, Google Adwords, Google+, Growth, Growth Hacks, Growth Team, Inbound Marketing, Instagram, Landing Pages, LinkedIn, Local SEO, Marketing Strategy, Metrics, Mobile Apps, MobileMarketing, Network Effects, Onboarding, Optimization, Paid Marketing, Pinterest, Press, Pricing, Product, Product Launch, Referral, Retargeting, SaaS, Sales, Science of Persuasion, SEM, SEO, Snapchat, Social Marketing, Tools, Twitter, User Experience, Viral, Youtube.


For methods 3 and 4, we can post for you if you have bad accounts, and you should also consider having your posts upvoted.


Method 4

Market your website through answers on Quora. Make sure you answer the most followed questions because they get much more traffic. But choose those on which you actually stand a chance of getting a top answer. If the question is five years old, with 500 answers already and the top one having 1000 upvotes… it’s obviously not worth the effort of trying to compete.

How to do this method easily? You should add the pages of a few topics as homepages (yes, you can have more than one homepage!), in order to have them accessible when you open the browser; example:; this would show you the questions that need an answer from the “Startups” topic. Just have a quick look each time you open the browser and only answer from time to time, when it’s easy for you. Once you have at least 5 answers in each topic on which you’re specialized, you can get Maximize PeopleRank from us (read its description on the main page) for each of those topics, and from there onwards your answers will get much better positioning.

You can also try to compete on the bigger questions by buying upvotes and downvotes (for competing answers) from us, or you can create new “big questions” by buying Question Follows from us for the questions that don’t get enough traffic, but on which you already have the top answer.


Method 5

Have us post and upvote a link to your newest articles on Voat, Snapzu and TopTopic.


Reddit Marketing

This article will go over the most basic Reddit marketing techniques, the ones for which you don’t even need to think. After reading it you will understand how to promote your business on Reddit, and towards the end of the guide we also provide some more advanced techniques. In most cases you’ll just have to post a link to your product/service/app/cause/crowdfunding campaign/… with a long and descriptive title, and then buy a few upvotes and comments for your threads. Especially if you’re inexperienced, these are the first Reddit marketing objectives that you should complete:


You can easily get DoFollow links from Reddit by posting your website in the above places, then having the posts upvoted. After a certain threshold (5 upvotes or more for subreddits of a few thousands, if others don’t downvote you), the links automatically become DoFollow. The exact threashold of how many upvotes you need depends on the average vote count of the top 25 posts from Hot, on that respective subreddit (yes Reddit, we have studied you!). Links from comments can become DoFollow too.


More advanced and time consuming Reddit marketing techniques:

  • Link somehow to your business in ALL the relevant subreddits. For example if you’re a game developer, you might post comments and threads in /r/gamedev, /r/games, /r/gaming (12,480,009 subscribers), /r/gamedeals, /r/indiegames, /r/greenlightquality and sixty more places.
  • Discuss a business process or offer content of value on /r/entrepreneur (208,115 subscribers) and /r/business (210,073 subscribers); only disclose your website address if you’re asked to in the comment section. If no one asks you, just ask yourself from another account or buy a comment from us and we’ll ask you.
  • Discuss an aspect related to your startup on /r/startups (116,638 subscribers)
  • Post links to content from your blog in ALL the relevant subreddits (submit it any form: posts, comments or replies to top comments).
  • Buy a Reddit account and create a subreddit for your company or cause. Post regular updates, links to your blog posts, promotions, and so on.

Digital marketing on Reddit can be time consuming indeed when you’re doing the above-mentioned advanced techniques, but why put the same time in more ineffective traction channels, like Facebook or Twitter, when they don’t provide the same traffic and they also don’t provide any SEO boost, at all. If you check our article on how to rank higher on Google, you’ll see that the first tip is actually quite eye opening:

Google takes into consideration the popularity of links on social media aggregation services, like Reddit. If two link-posts from /r/technology have the keywords “compact portable leaf blower”, yet one of the posts has a lot more upvotes than the other… then then one with more upvotes will also be in front of the other in the Google search results. This means that the search results can actually be rearranged for low costs.


All of the subscriber counts above are as of September 30, 2016.

Here’s a word of advice, pasted from the Reddit guideline on self-promotion:

You should submit from a variety of sources (a general rule of thumb is that 10% or less of your posting and conversation should link to your own content), talk to people in the comments (and not just on your own links), and generally be a good member of the community.

To avoid breaking this rule, make the posts from different accounts, or buy posts from us and we’ll make sure to not go overboard from a single account. Don’t post with your personal account, especially if you’re a novice in your understanding of Reddit. Good luck! We hope that our Reddit marketing ideas and tips will help you gain more exposure!


Reddit traffic to your blog, product, service or cause. We help you get it!

The Reddit traffic that you get from an upvoted post or comment can be huge. It can even be more than you can afford to receive. Are you familiar with these expressions?

  • the Reddit effect
  • the hug of death

If you are, you probably know what you want and how you want it, therefore jump to this article about buying Reddit upvotes.

If not, read on. When a popular website links to a smaller one, causing a massive increase in traffic, it can overload it. This can mean slowing it down, or even outright making it temporarily unavailable. “The Reddit hug of death” happens when too many redditors find out about your stuff in the same time and start visiting it. They like your stuff. They “hug” your content, product, service or cause… until they take it down. It’s a flood of web page requests.

Have a look here for some updated statistics on how many visitors Reddit has. Or look below for the status on July 24, 2016:

reddit traffic

You will notice that they’re quite impressive, more so than any other social media network, except Facebook. You can redirect some of that Reddit traffic to your website through two methods:

– 1 –

Buying adds through them.

This doesn’t work. Redditors are usually technical people and most of them use AdBlock. Your ads will be seen by the exceptions. Ads on Reddit are also quite easy to distinguish and the brain gets used to ignoring them. You’d be throwing money into a black hole.

– 2 –

The second method actually works: submit a post or a comment regarding your stuff. Or “have it submitted by someone else/someone neutral/someone not connected to you” (by us). After this, you don’t have to hope that people will actually like your post and upvote it. Just pay us and we’ll upvote your content and help you get that real traffic of high quality that comes with its increased visibility. You can convert that further into money. If you’re like any of our other clients, you’ll keep coming back. Buy Reddit upvotes!


Slang and acronyms that you should know (used on Reddit and other social media platforms)

Language is evolving and online language is doing it at an ever faster rate. This slang and these acronyms (actually they are mainly are mainly initialisms, but who uses that word?) should be known to all the people using Reddit and other social media platforms, except LinkedIn (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Hacker News, Voat, Quora, YouTube, Google Plus, Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Flickr, Vine, Meetup, Snapchat, Periscope, SoundCloud, WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, Sina Weibo etc.)



Reddit entries are organized into areas of interest called “subreddits”. Historically, the front page was the “main reddit”, and other areas were “subreddits”. There is now no main subreddit. Instead, there are multiple default subreddits dealing with topics such as books, television, and music.



Karma is a point system that lets you know how your submissions or comments are doing. The more karma your post has, the more people have upvoted it. Generally a higher karma count on a post means that the community of that subreddit found your post valuable and interesting. Your karma is logged on your user page on the top right. Please note that self-posts earn you no karma. Only comments and link-posts do.


best meme evermeme

A meme is a shape of thought, an idiom, a shorthand catchphrase — some tiny fragment of pop culture or understanding or psychology that is passed from person to person (either in person or via text, movies/tv, or internet communication methods).






A group discussion or activity between like-minded individuals that validates mutual biases or goals in a non-confrontational environment.



Named because Reddit’s majority of users tend to follow clearly and intensely about one issue to an effect that it seems like Reddit is a collective mind on certain issues, expressing it by downvoting certain ideas to oblivion. It is used as a negative term, trying to indicate the conformity or closemindedness of Redditors on those issues. Related to circlejerking.


throwaway accounts

Accounts people make when confessing to a sin, and don’t want to be traced.



The term used for the little envelope in the top right corner to let you know you have a message



Today I Learned



Explain Like I’m Five



Fixed That For You (used when someone corrects you)



Ask Me Anything



I Am A



In This Thread



If I Recall Correctly



In My Opinion



As far as I know



Does Anyone Else



Original Poster



Not safe for work



Not safe for life



Too long, didn’t read



Significant Other


ಠ_ಠ –

“look of disapproval – used to show shock/disbelief/jealousy




How to use Reddit (Guide)

How to use Reddit? First understand how this social media platform is structured:

The focus of Reddit is communities (named “subreddits”), where users make relevant contributions. If you try to make it about yourself, you won’t get very far. Search around for topics (subreddits) that interest you and subscribe to them. The subreddit search can help you for that. If you have any specific questions, go for it. If you’ve just created the account, you will have defaults: subreddits you’re automatically subscribed to (the same subreddits that you see when you’re not logged in). You probably won’t be interested in most of them, therefore consider unsubscribing. You do it from here: These are not e-mail subscriptions, they just determine what shows up on the main site page after you log in.

programming language subreddits by subscribers, an image that helps you understand how to use Reddit

Find a post that interests you and join the discussion!

Don’t start by posting a couple of links to your own website on the same subreddit. People might take that as self-promotion, which is frowned upon. As a new user it may be better to get involved in discussions that are already happening, just to get a feel for how Reddit works.

For a longer guide on how to use Reddit,

you might want to check out the Reddit 101:

It is well written and will teach you all the basics on how to use Reddit. You’ll find out about Karma (a point system that lets you know how your submissions or comments are doing), sidebars, moderators, admins, reddiquette and will also answer to a few frequently asked questions (for example the all important “Help! What happened to my post?”, if you’re promoting yourself in the wrong way).


After you’ve used this network for a few days,

read this article to understand what can be done with our help on Reddit and other social media networks (yep, you can actually promote your blog or services/products, it’s just not that straightforward):

You might also want to read our articles from the Advanced category, which will transform you into a social media guru, who can actually get a lot of traction through these platforms and make money or gather a following. Good luck and work hard!


Thank you for checking out our Reddit guide and we hope you’ve learned everything that you needed to know about how to use Reddit.


Facebook and Twitter are full of spam

We can make your business known. Please read on.

Facebook and Twitter are full of spam. Their conversion rate is not 0.5%; it’s close to 0%. You probably already tried marketing there and you found out that without spending a lot of time on ad targeting, it simply doesn’t work. And even then, the customer acquisition cost is too high – you’ll have to work diligently on your pricing and manufacturing costs. Don’t get me started on Google’s display advertising and other similar tactics. The competition is so high for keywords that you’ll spend a lot for nothing. Everybody has AdBlock by now.

We have the solution. Reddit, Voat and Hacker News are social media networks where users don’t expect to see commercial messages. Their defense system is the fact that downvoting makes posts “disappear”; and it mostly works! At Upvotes Club, we have the power to create the illusion of popularity for posts (by upvoting them, replying in accord and downvoting their competition). Those posts could be leading to one of your articles or talking in a positive light about your products/services. Other users will see them as “popular” and because of the sheepish behavior of human beings, will agree to the post and take it as reference. It’s similar to word of mouth, but online; as efficient and easier to bootstrap.

Last month, Reddit had almost 228 million unique visitors. Finding your target market there is easy because of the way it’s organized. If you’d sell a trucking simulator, you might want a comment talking about your game in a thread residing in the top section or /r/gaming or /r/games. Alternatively, you might want someone posting a new thread and talking about how realistic your game is. You could target subreddits that are even more specific to what you’re selling; in this case /r/trucksim, /r/EuroTruck2 and /r/simracing. etc.

I think you agree with me that this is not hard and it actually works. While other marketing companies spend a lot of time talking, we do the efficient work. Just to form an idea about how cheap this is, add to cart on our website 10 Reddit upvotes, 10 Reddit downvotes for competing posts, and one Reddit comment. Afterwards view the cart. That cheap order can result in 400 views in the first day with 5% conversion rate, then 100 more views every month for years to come. For an article, it can mean thousands of views in the first hour. We have clients that do a new campaign every few days and have given up on other traction channels.

If you need help building a marketing campaign with us (maybe because you don’t know Reddit that well), consider starting with a “Strategy Consultation”, the last service from our main page. This is the service description: You’ll schedule a Skype consultation with one of our experts regarding marketing strategy: how we can bring you exposure, what would be most efficient for your specific case, how to protect the brand while doing it, and so on. Remember to write the time and timezone when you can be on Skype, at checkout. Scheduling this in the weekend is preferred.