Internet marketing tips

In this post we’ll add random internet marketing tips, mostly related to our types of marketing (the ones that work for a good price). We also like the bolded keyword to be honest because it has a low competition, therefore we’re hoping to have more people land from Google on our website and check the services that we offer. So, without further ado, below are some tips, and this post will be updated whenever something new comes up in our minds:

  • If we made for you a post or comment that leads to your website, don’t go in its comment section and start replying as someone associated with the website; this is a huge red flag that makes people immediately realize that the post wasn’t natural and it’s actually a marketing ploy. Defending yourself and saying that you saw the referral in Google Analytics also doesn’t work. You’ll get a reply similar to this one: So you’re just sitting there, watching Google Analytics, waiting for some visit your page in order to check its referral? Sorry, but this seems so staged, it’s retarded.
  • An exception to the above rule is when we’re posting as someone associated with your website (for example for the Show HN area from Hacker News); in these cases, if there’s need for it, we’ll give you temporarily access to the account that we used to post, in order to answer any questions.
  • On Reddit, use this online tool to find out when it’s the best time to post: It uses the timezone reported by your browser. Consider submitting a bit before the recommended time. Or, if you’re hiring us to do the posts for you, consider letting us choose the best times, depending on the networks and the post locations. Just specify at checkout that we have free rein with the scheduling.
  • To find out where you could post on Reddit, use this tool: It helps identify subreddits which have an interest in your keywords. A higher score means that a subreddit is more aligned with your topic.
  • If you add /about/traffic at the end of a subreddit, it shows you traffic stats for it (works on most of them). For example:
  • On Hacker News, you can bypass the filter not allowing URL reposts by adding variables to them. For example would become
  • Do you want to post a URL to a domain that is banned? No problem, just run the URL through this obfuscator:
  • On Hacker News, it doesn’t actually matter how much you upvote something. HN moderators select manually what they want to appear in the Show HN and article areas. A good strategy is to buy only a few upvotes first to make your post visible; then, as soon as it is approved, buy a lot more upvotes in order to rank it better.
  • Make sure you always read the rules before posting (for example the sidebar rules of the subreddit, on Reddit). Modify your title and content accordingly! On some subreddits, if the option is available, flair you post after submission (this means you tag it for a subcategory). Here’s how:
  • Use this tool to analyze the SEO prowess of your pages.

Check this out from time to time! More internet marketing tips will be added in this article, and more articles will be added to our blog, which has two categories: basics and advanced!

Buy Reddit upvotes and other marketing services from our main page! Here’s an article that discusses buying Reddit upvotes. On our website, you can also buy Reddit accounts.


Forums Traffic – Backlinks and traffic to your website

This is a short description of our “Forums Traffic” service and the methodology that we use to complete it. Getting forum traffic is actually the secondary effect of this service. It helps even more with off-site search engine optimization: your link will go up in rankings for the keywords that you select (a “keyword” is the thing you type on Google, while hoping that among the first results you’ll see your website). This method is extremely underused for this purpose, hence its efficiency. For traffic, we’ll obviously target high-traffic forums, and not the ones with ten posts per subforum – which might not even be around in two years. If your keywords have many hits on Google, you’d actually benefit more from a SEO boost, therefore we’ll drop the “related” requirement and a part of the methodology from below, and do posts on forums that we know to moderate less (so that you end up with more live backlinks). If you’re familiar with Google’s Keyword Planner tool, know that we’ve managed to beat low competition easily with this one. If you want to defeat medium competition, consider getting all these services: Managed Traffic, Fb/G+ Traffic and Forums Traffic. If you want to defeat high competition, consider getting all these: The Ultimate SEO Gig, Fb/G+ Traffic and Forums Traffic.

For a TLDR, let’s start with the official product description: We’ll post your link on related forums, where your target market might be. This takes around two weeks because we can’t just register and post. We have to be active on them first, for around 12-13 days. You will receive the accounts.

Forums Traffic - Backlinks and traffic to your website

In detail, this is how the forum traffic service is completed:

Step 1 (Day 1) – We find all the related forums (for example we’d select the “gaming forum” keyword for a “best gaming mouse” article).

Step 2 (Day 1) – We register an account on each one from a UK or US IP address, and we verify them.We won’t use a free email, in order to get a higher account approval success rate.

Step 3 (Day 1) – A native English speaker living in UK posts replies that make sense to existing threads. He includes a neutral link (like Wikipedia or YouTube), in order to infer the URL posting rules.

Step 4 (a week later) – A second post is made, without a link. Again, it will be activity that makes sense; no part of the process is automated.

Step 5 (final step, a week later) – We make a new thread in a visible and appropriate category, which will lead to the client’s website. Note that the subject or the body of the thread is changed slightly from time to time, in order to make it seem like a different message to GoogleBot. If we find a related thread, we post the message in it as a reply instead.

When we concentrate on the SEO boost, the methodology is different. Regardless, you’ll end up with at most 40 posts live. Once completed, the spreadsheet with all the usernames, passwords, and links to the final posts is sent to the client. This is extremely important because the same accounts could be used later by the client to make his own posts, for other keywords and links that he wants to promote – therefore getting even more backlinks and traffic. He won’t have to pay us anymore because he has 90% of the work already done for him. We believe this service is worth a lot more than what we sell it for, and, again, consider pairing it with others in order to get an even stronger effect.


Buying Hacker News and GrowthHackers upvotes… why so expensive compared to Reddit?

Because some of our clients abused the old price. If turns out that if Hacker News upvotes cost $0.79 each, some people that don’t distinguish this network and Reddit apart, will just go crazy and buy 100… 200… any number of HN upvotes, really. The same for

On both these networks, it is a lot more important to post content of quality than to have it upvoted exaggeratedly. We agree with you that without upvotes you won’t even get noticed since there are so many submissions every minute, but you don’t need to buy so many Hacker News or Growth Hackers upvotes in order to stand out. If your thread from the New section has 10-30 upvotes and all the others have one or two, you’ll get noticed alright. The moderators decide what makes it to the front page, therefore even if you have 500 upvotes, if they don’t like your content, you won’t be getting traffic. A decent number of upvotes and content of quality should be enough to get selected for their front page.

If you’re sure you’ll be making the front page or that the content will also receive natural upvotes, of course… you can buy any number of votes. It won’t look suspicious. But if you’re just testing out content, ideas, or a new project in the Show HN section, don’t go crazy.

The current price is $1.19 for Hacker News upvotes and $1.39 for GrowthHackers upvotes. For GrowthHackers, the price is easy to justify given how hard it is to create an account of quality on the network. But for, you might say: “But it’s so easy to sign up. I can sign up a new account in one minute and upvote myself!”. If you do this, make sure that at the second upvote, you go to settings and activate “showdead”. Otherwise you won’t be able to find your thread.


Some other notes:

  • How much traffic can Hacker News bring? The question should be: “How much traffic can Hacker News bring, if I make it to the front page?”. Answer: it depends greatly on how clickbaity your title is. It can bring from 20k to 65k in the first 24 hours.
  • Same question, but for GrowthHackers: you’ll get between 1,000 and 1,500 views in the first 24 hours. Most of these will be from business owners though, and in general… people with a lot of money, technical knowledge and influence. A big difference to Hacker News is that you’ll keep getting a lot of clicks, even after the first 24 hours.

A successful business starts with a successful product launch. We help.

A successful business starts with a successful product launch, and, in collaboration with another marketing agency, we can do absolutely everything for you. This article is a presentation of our “Successful Product Launch” service.

First off… this is not a classic PR gig, like most marketing companies offer. In today’s competitive world, a business needs to think differently in order to be successful. It needs to walk on the lesser known paths. That’s where we come in. Our main objective is to always be a few steps ahead of the competition. This is in no way an exaggeration: other marketing agencies pay us to do their own marketing. When it comes to product launching, we think that just signing up for an account with and having the founder write a press release from time to time is enough PR (or do a free press release on What we’re offering are highly visible threads on multiple social media networks, with positive comments. Journalists will use the information found there automatically. No need to waste a lot of time and dignity by going after them personally.


The posts & comments are made and monitored until they die off, on the groups that fit from these networks: (and no, we’re not posting in /r/promote, /r/imadethis, and other subreddits that don’t matter, like others would do in the same situation in order to pretend they did something; we select subreddits where the target market resides)


We post questions and upvoted answers leading to the product on:


We also post and sometimes comment positively, without monitoring, on what fits out of these:


We might even post on some of these if your target market is inside a few of their groups/boards/tags: -> ZeroTalk


The launch will be coordinate live in a Slack group, and we’ll integrate it with Mention and other services that will help us assess the exposure.

We collaborate with another marketing agency that will submit content mentioning your product to,,,, etc., and their own blog network. They choose the strategies with the biggest potential and have access to an arsenal different than ours, making them a perfect complement:

  • Subscription lists
  • Direct connections with journalists
  • Possibility to get a link trending on
  • Powerful social media accounts and influencers
  • etc.

If not done already by you, they will submit your startup and product/service to all the important directories (at most 100, on average less than half that), including


If necessary, you will receive temporary access to some of the accounts that we use to post for you, in order to reply to feedback, questions, and so on. If you’re purchasing this service for a mobile app or a game on any platform, know that there are so many communities that we could post on that we’ll have to choose only the most important ones. If you truly want it posted everywhere worthwhile, please buy this service two times for the same project, as our volume of work will be tremendous.


If you’re a perfectionist and you want done absolutely everything that can be done, consider buying these additional and complementary services from our offer:

  • Forums Traffic
  • Fb/G+ Traffic
  • The Ultimate SEO Gig

Create as well a Quora account that you’ll be using to advertise your product through answers, then use “Maximize PeopleRank” to improve its importance in the topics that present interest to your company.


A successful product launch can be all the marketing that you ever need if your product or service is indeed bringing value. Let us participate in the success of your business! Read here why you should work with us. Product launch, successful product launch, successful business, let’s just mention all of these a bit more for SEO purposes.

Did we tell you about successful product launch? Or successful business? Oh, there it is, even as an overkill header:

Successful Product Launch = Successful Business

And an image with the right alt tag:

successful business, successful product launch

We believe that is the best page in the universe.


Here’s why you will get scammed on Fiverr – the marketplace for scams, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising gigs

Fiverr scams… extremely prevalent, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising gigs. We’ve been asked by a client to discuss this and we think it’s actually quite a great idea! Most of us (from have our own companies as well. We’ve been into entrepreneurship and marketing for a combined total of over 200 years. We know how it feels to be desperate to get exposure for your own business, cause or blog. And then you open this wonderful website named Fiverr, and you see these incredible offers from the people of Malawi, Burundi, Congo and so on:

  • I will bring aamazing trafic from my 2wo million subscriber evry day, envy for competition, only 5$ (also blowjob)
  • I will improve SEO ranking, bring you to #!!!1 on Goggles, make envy for enemy, cash cash cash (it takes long, i dont have internet)
  • For $5 I will create a full website for u, register business, design product, manufacture, makreting, start selling, you keep 200%, just give me $5 now really (P.S. don’t xpect instant resultz!!.))

And so on. And the marvelous thing is that these people will actually have a multitude of 5-star reviews, as if people buy their services and are satisfied.

Then there will be the intelligent scammers, from China/India, and sometimes even US or EU. The titles of these people’s gigs might make sense, rarely even the descriptions of the gigs. But the objective of marketing is to bring you actual sales and we’ve NEVER made any sale with the help of Fiverr. Never! That’s because even the gigs that seem best are simply owned by better bot makers. Bots that will foul you. Bots that have a lower bounce rate.

The value of these gigs is not $5. They actually carry negative value because you’re wasting time with them. You’re not just donating money to scammers and their intermediary, you’re also handing them hours of your life. If they are SEO gigs, they carry a negative value also because as soon as their blog network will get unlisted, your website will get a rank penalty as well!


Fiverr is knowingly allowing scams on its website. They might even try to sue us for this reveal. It’s OK, we don’t care, we’ll just sue them as well. I’m sure we have more money than them. But here we go… since they’re supporting scammers, they’re scammers as well. And we don’t give a shit about scammers; we’re willing to fight them. Here’s how Fiverr knowingly allows scams and profits from them:

  • First off, it’s in their best interest to keep the charade going. They take 5% extra on top of the payment from the buyers and 20% from the sellers. This is a lot. So the seller has to offer you a service worth $4 minus withdrawal fees, while making sure he pretends to give you more than the competition for the same money – otherwise he’s not getting orders. Note that the competition is also pretending to offer a real service, so they’re pretending to be better than guys that are already pretending to be good.
  • Seller locations mean nothing. You can choose to have any location displayed, while your billing data is completely different. Almost none of the sellers offering marketing gigs are actually from US.
  • Negative reviews don’t actually exist. No… seriously. Hear us out! First off, the buyer leaves a review first! The seller reads the review and decides on his course of action. He has the upper hand because he’s the one leaving a review last (which is seen as a reply to the buyer, where he can lie his ass off because the buyer can’t reply as well). But if the review is negative he can issue a refund, and… guess what? The bad review disappears! So all those SEO gigs with 500 positive reviews and no negative review are easy to explain all of a sudden. Real SEO and traffic cost a lot more, and yes, we offer all of these on our main page.

fiverr scams

Actually, if you search on Google for “fiverr scams”, there are 176,000 results. Let’s read some of what other people have to say:

This scam was for increased traffic to my website for a month, but the seller was supplying junk traffic. I called the gig off early and Fiverr gave the scam artist the out and removed my negative rating and removed my warning to future shoppers.

– Matt on the Marketing Ideas 101’s blog


Don’t trust the SEO advice outlined in the description of any gig. They are just trying to sell the gig. And you have to consider the source as well. If a gig provider is really able to “Guarantee First Page Rankings for Any Search Term” why would they be wasting their time selling the service for $5?

– oakley56fila on Reddit


FYI, I’ve seen many SEO gigs on Fiverr turn out to be scams. They use blackhat practices, and then extort large amounts of money out of you to undo it. If you don’t pay, they get you blacklisted on Google by reporting the very blackhat practices they implemented.

– rand486 on Reddit


It’s a joke.
Even when you pay extra for the added services. You’ll be getting low quality fake social media profiles posting stuff out to other face social media profiles.

– rand486 on Reddit


You have zero time and no money and want results? What fantasy world are you living in?
The automated shit you find on Fiverr is more likely to get your website de-indexed than to help it.

– NakedAndBehindYou on Reddit


I can guarantee you that all the gigs that claims on first page of Google are clear scams. I have tried several gigs and no results at all!

If you are getting some results this is due to your previous seo or quality of your articles…etc. Don’t think these sellers can bring you any good result! All of these scam artists use bots to generate bulk links. Don’t be fool to believe that they will build hundreds of manual links for 5$ or even for 50$. All are bot generated links!

Since they claim the results come at least after 1-2 months, According to Fiverr rules you are not able to claim a refund either! or at least Fiverr will not allow you to post a negative review after 30 days!

If you search the gigs for the term ‘seo’ you can find these gigs among top results!

– jimmykrimson on their own damn forum


When it comes to Fiverr, you’re looking at a world of hurt if you’re expecting quality work. Let me revise that statement a bit – there is a huge hill that you have to climb to find someone who’s anywhere remotely what you’re looking for.
[…] If you’re selling your time how much do you really expect to make? The people who make money on Fiverr have built systems and software to accomplish requested tasks almost effortlessly.

– Jay Soriano on his blog


As an experiment, designer Sacha Greif took Fiverr up on their offer and ran a project through the service, only to find that many of the portfolios presented were full of other designers’ work, and the delivered logos were knocked off from somewhere else.

– Steve Douglas on The Logo Factory’s blog


Bad Gigs:

  • Real social media followers
  • Any sort of backlinks for SEO purposes
  • Submission gigs (press releases, infographics, document sharing sites)
  • Blog or social media shares with a huge audience
  • Business plans, financial advice
  • Anything that you know can’t be done for $5

– Ryan Stewart on Sitepoint’s blog


I was hired to write a 75,000 word novel, a $560 job.  The client was so happy with my work, she gave me a 5-star review and asked me to do more large projects. Suddenly, account BANNED by Fiverr

– atuckerit on YouTube (actually here, just read the comments if you’re not convinced yet and you need more information on Fiverr scams)


How can one even take Fiverr seriously after this: searching for “magic” on Fiverr, finds some of these pearls:

  • I will banish and remove black magic for $5 (191 reviews, average rating 5)
  • I will cast a LOVE spell with Blue Magic for $5 (58 reviews, average rating 5)
  • I will balance your health using Body Talk, energy work for $5 (1055 reviews! average rating, of course 5 – everybody is perfect on this website)
  • I will heal your mindbody for rapid selfhealing for $5 (35 x 5 stars)
  • I will cast a powerful MONEY attracting magic spell for $5 (231 x 5 stars)

So… there you have it. From retards. Through retards. For retards.


Except this one, this one is for real:

  • I will cast an extremely POWERFUL Kabbalah Spell which will make your wish come true for $5 (3328 reviews x 4.9)

Buy Reddit upvotes

Buying Reddit upvotes has always been a contentious issue where the public is EXTREMELY split:reddit upvotes and comments service advertising marketing boost post promotion karma link

  • Some haven’t thought about it and don’t even know it’s a thing. These people will purchase your products or services if they see them upvoted enough.
  • Others believe that Reddit’s anti-spam system is unbreakable. They believe that trying to get past it can actually hurt more than it helps. These people will purchase even more of your products or services.
  • Others have used it to create strong, trusted and popular companies that generate profit with a very low customer acquisition cost. Or they’ve attracted a following to their cause.

The last category is represented by our clients (yep, we sell Reddit upvotes on the main page). The first two categories are people that see a comment recommending something and take it as legit without skepticism. Or they see an upvoted post that talks about a new online tool and they immediately sign up and try it. Examples can go on. In short, they make great purchasers for your products or services.

The best marketing is word of mouth and Reddit, Hacker News and Voat are word of mouth on steroids. Reddit upvotes and downvotes can bring a lot of positive cash flow and recognition to any startup or already established business; it does it fast, in less than 24 hours. Combined with strategic comments and posts, they can ruin a competitor.

You don’t have to use this strategy for direct conversions, which is what we do most. You can take it slowly and first bring a lot of Reddit traffic to your blog. Or get a lot of subscribers for your mailing list, which you’ll convert later. The possibilities are really endless.

There’s a reason we dislike utmost when it comes to why some people won’t buy Reddit upvotes: they’ve been scammed before. Actually at the time when we’re writing this, the first few websites that appear on Google when searching for „buy Reddit upvotes” are actually scams. We know because we’ve tried them ourselves. First off, they’re slow. They won’t start upvoting as soon as you place the order. They’ll wait 24 hours so that moderator traffic goes off the post in cause and they can upvote it with less risk. The accounts that they use are extremely low quality and most of the upvotes won’t count. They’ll justify it with „you’ve been downvoted as well, it’s out of our control!”. Some are even so uninterested in providing a quality service that they are using software like „Reddit Automation Bot”, „Reddit Account Creator and Upvoater” or „Reddit Dominator”. With all these low quality services, your accounts will generally be banned in less than a week. If you’re lucky, it can take up to ninety days. The services on Fiverr and SEOclerks related to this are even worse. Do you actually believe someone will give you 40 upvotes for five dollars? And do it manually? Just one person? No.

If it seems too good to be true, it’s a scam. There’s no putting it lightly when it comes to this subject: over eighty percent of the industry is a scam. Of the remaining twenty percent, most, even though they don’t try to cheat you, provide a low-quality service. It’s usually just one man having registered a bunch of accounts and upvoting with them. It’s inefficient. A ticking bomb waiting to be banned with everything that he’s got.

We are a team of eleven persons which use Reddit ten hours per day. Most of us have been doing this for over five years. Many of the accounts that we use have gold. We have moderator access to over 4000 subreddits. Six of the accounts from these lists belong to us. We absolutely have no competition. We have the monopoly when it comes to offering a quality service, especially for Reddit. We’ve helped a lot of companies become giants. We’re friendly. We’ll keep doing this. We want to help companies succeed without huge marketing budgets. Our most trusted clients also receive access to our backup websites, therefore this can’t stop if they’re serious about it. Try us! We’ll bring qualified traffic to where you want it.


Why you should always buy Reddit downvotes with your upvotes

The following explains why you should always buy Reddit downvotes with your upvotes. The same is applicable for other networks, including Voat or Snapzu. For Quora, please skip to the next section.

Why to buy Reddit downvotesBuy Reddit downvotes

Let’s say you want your post to stay for at least 24 hours on the first page of an average-sized subreddit  (200k-300k subscribers). Even if your content is good, you have to be lucky in the first hour, especially the first few minutes. If you get downvoted early (even just one or two downvotes), others won’t even open your thread because it doesn’t show up at /Rising or /Hot. The only exception that can save you sometimes is having a great title – make sure it’s long and descriptive! This might all seem like bad news, but we can actually use it to your advantage with GREAT effect. Because of what I’m writing next, we’ve been able to get posts on the first page easily in huge subreddits like /r/music, /r/videos and /r/gaming. It would have been a lot harder, maybe even impossible, without this strategy:


Here’s what you’ll have to do:

  • After you’ve made your post, don’t wait too long before purchasing what you need from us. The sooner we start work, the better. Note that you should synchronize your posts with our working schedule: 14:00 – 20:00 UTC.
  • For a post of average quality in a huge subreddit, buy 5 upvotes for every 100k subscribers. For a small to average-sized subreddit, buy 1 upvote for every 10k subscribers. Of course, here are many factors that can shape your decision on the number of upvotes: what’s the quality of the post? when are you posting? are you doing it only for SEO? are you trying to bring it in the top of the month for that subreddit, maybe even top of the year in order to get a constant stream of traffic? And so on. If you’re lost and in need of marketing for a long period of time, consider buying a strategy consultation first from our main page.
  • Consider getting a “top comment”. It shapes the opinion of others as soon as they enter the comment section. They take it as the most popular opinion and therefore most probably true (argumentum ad populum). Basically, add to cart a comment and however many upvotes you consider necessary for it. If it will be the first comment posted in the thread, anchoring should play its role as well. Of course, more comments will have an even greater impact, but one should always be the minimum. Getting more than four comments – in our experience – doesn’t seem to make any difference; it’s just money spent. It’s best to have a few comments, but upvoted, instead of many comments at the bottom of the comment section.
  • And the main trick: buy Reddit downvotes for competing posts as well! The ratio between upvotes and downvotes should depend on the subreddit size and the hour when you’re posting, therefore you’ll have to look and decide for yourself. The more competition exists in the Rising tab, the more downvotes you need. For example, to access the rising tab on “/r/gaming”, you’d go to “/r/gaming/rising”). “Competition” means: many new posts. The standard ratio for a small to average-size subreddit should be 2 to 3 (two downvotes for every three upvotes). For a huge subreddit with more than one million subscribers, the standard ratio should be 3 to 1 (three downvotes for every upvote).


Here’s what we’ll do in return:

  • We’ll upvote your thread alright, but we’ll also downvote “the competition”. This is represented initially by other threads rising fast in popularity in the targeted subreddit. This way, we achieve three things:
  1. Your thread will be the most visible in the /new tab.
  2. Your thread will be on the pole position in the /rising tab.
  3. When comparing it subconsciously with other threads, redditors will suffer from the successive contrast effect (another bias that works for us), which will lead them to see it as better than it actually is.
  • If you bought enough downvotes, we don’t stop there. As soon as the thread reaches the top 30 position in the /hot tab, we’ll redefine “competition” as being the threads that are in front of yours there, and we’ll downvote them. This will make your thread rise extremely fast to the top because of how Reddit’s algorithm works for that tab (interestingly, they actually track the u/d ratio in the last hour, and not since the inception of the threads).


The result:

  • Your thread will get a lot more “natural” upvotes. It won’t rise in rank only because of our upvotes.
  • It will also get more positive comments.
  • You end up spending less money, because downvotes for competing threads are a lot cheaper than upvotes.


Why to buy downvotes on Quora

We will upvote your answers while downvoting competing ones to help you surpass them without visible proof for the visitors (because upvotes are public and downvotes are not). The more answers you have in front of yours and the more upvoted they are, the more downvotes you should buy. Even more than upvotes! They’re actually two times cheaper.

Reports of 3 to 1 are normal when ordering for Quora (buy three downvotes for every upvote).

Ranking answers this way helps their chance of remaining the top answer longer and it doesn’t raise the same suspicion as getting 50 upvotes in a few days.


What can be done?

This is going to discuss a bit what can be done with these services that are related to both social media success and getting your website in front of the world for certain searches on Google. We consider it efficient marketing accessible to small companies as well (not just the big players). It beats advertising by a long shot. Also, a Reddit post leading to your website and upvoted 50 times is worth more from a SEO perspective than packages sold by other companies dedicated to SEO, for hundreds of dollars.

Keep in mind that this is not even half of what could be done; you’ll have to let your imagination loose in order to discover the true limits of these services:


Through a series of targeted actions (comments, posts, upvotes, downvotes, abuse reports and sometimes just plain moderating because, for example, we have admin access to over 4000 subreddits), we can influence the public opinion in almost any thread on Reddit, Voat, Hacker News, and other networks. A few examples of why you might need this:

  • let the world know about your new product/service, maybe even create a subreddit for it and gain reviews and subsequently trust, fast
  • let the world know about your cause and get some followers
  • bring a lot of traffic to your content (your blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.)
  • bring a lot of traffic to your social media accounts (for example by linking to a tweet of your account)
  • bury someone’s opinion to hell
  • add popularity to your links and comments in order to gain karma
  • feature your comment on top of the comment section of a thread/post; it could be your referral link, your product, or anything else that brings you money; meanwhile we’d downvote competing comments
  • prank a subverse, ‘Show HN’ or any subreddit
  • introduce false information into the blogosphere or through the many Twitter/Facebook bots that use Reddit as a source of information
  • manipulate the price of a stock

and so on. There are countless possibilities.


Why work with us?

What’s in it for you:

* We will send you a private message when we start work in order to facilitate monitoring of our performance.

* 100% manual work, no bots, real people, active accounts with intelligent post and comment history (this is actually essential for the integrity of your business, and making sure that these marketing techniques don’t get noticed). Our competition is truly absolute shit from this perspective.

* Let’s restate the upper point because it’s so important. We use our own accounts, registered by us. We don’t use hacked accounts or bots (one purpose accounts – only for orders), like everybody else who’s trying to compete with us. You won’t risk an embarrassing situation because those get caught often. Your online audience is not dumb, and moderators/admins actively look for such things. Notice that we didn’t say: “they get caught from time to time”; we used the word “often”. Many of our current clients have come to us with horror stories from previous marketing campaigns.

* The speed with which we upvote depends on the subreddit size and the time of the day.

* We use VPNs from all over the world in order to have each user on its own IP/location (most of them are from US).

* We use a browser extension built in-house that allows us to have each user on its own user agent, platform, oscpu, cookies, accept headers, …; WebGL, WebRTC and other “leaking” technologies are disabled, font lists are randomized, and so on.

* We have taken all the necessary measures required to not leak our real working IPs to the servers (and there are quite a few for Reddit; it has the strongest anti-spam engine).

* All accounts have positive link karma and comment karma.

* All accounts have interesting usernames, not random stuff like vslrn45gz.

* The accounts have different ages and different subreddits where they usually comment (different “interests”). This creates an interesting capability for us. If you order a post on, let’s say, /r/photography, we’ll probably post it with an user that’s already active in that subreddit. This is even more important than using accounts with sky-high karma.

* NDA (non-disclosure agreement) – We will never speak to anyone about these transactions and we expect the same from you.