More details on the channels used for promotion of crypto-related clients

As the title says, this article will contain more details on the channels used for the promotion of crypto-related clients, usually during our Premium #2 marketing service. Know that during this service, we create all the content used for posts and comments, including infographics and memes. If you want us to use your content as well, that's fine! It would simplify our marketing tasks. Most of the threads are monitored. This means that we ensure that they have enough activity, and the positive/neutral comments stay at the top, while the negative ones are sent to the bottom with downvotes. If you'd put a dollar value to this marketing package based on our cost of the individual marketing actions performed, you'd find out that you save a lot of money and time. Imagine having to buy Reddit upvotes for all the posts and comments individually... even your time and mindshare spent on this would be worth a lot. Here are the main networks where we will promote you for Premium #2:

  • 4chan's Business & Finance community (this gets a lot of traffic from crypto investors and users, and more than 30 new posts per minute)
  • More than 30 communities from Reddit (in parantheses, numbers of subscribers as of 2021.10.21). Even some of the smaller subreddits that we would target are full of degenerates willing to invest or join various crypto communities. And on some of those that don't fit that well for your crypto project, we might promote you in the comment sections of top threads.
    • /r/SatoshiStreetBets (491.2k)
    • /r/CryptoCurrency (3.6m)
    • /r/Ethereum (1.1m)
    • /r/ETHfinance (71.5k)
    • /r/ETHdev (66.9k)
    • /r/ETHtrader (1.6m)
    • /r/MakerDAO (31.1k)
    • /r/AxieInfinity (74.1k)
    • /r/MaticNetwork (51.6k)
    • /r/Uniswap (54.5k)
    • /r/Chainlink/ (69.2k)
    • /r/CryptoMoonShots (882.1k)
    • /r/CryptoMoon (53.5k)
    • /r/NFT (184.3k)
    • /r/NFTsMarketplace (69.3k)
    • /r/Binance (665.7k)
    • /r/Cardano (638.5k)
    • /r/VeChain (208.9k)
    • /r/Tronix (118.7k)
    • /r/Stellar (203.6k)
    • /r/Bitcoin (3.5m)
    • /r/Litecoin (345.5k)
    • /r/BTC (651.5k)
    • /r/BitcoinMarkets (227k)
    • /r/NanoCurrency (113k)
    • /r/IOTA (140.5k)
    • /r/EOS (94.8k)
    • /r/Monero (238.5k)
    • /r/Ripple (333.8k)
    • /r/XRP (287.3k)
    • /r/NEO (114.4k)
    • /r/Solana (73.2k)
    • /r/DOT (32.3k)
    • /r/AlgorandOfficial (49.8k)
    • /r/Dogecoin (2.2m)
    • /r/SHIBArmy (293k)
    • /r/AVAX (16k)
    • /r/TerraLUNA (12.1k)
    • /r/cosmosnetwork (42.4k)
    • /r/dfinity (24k)
    • /r/EthereumClassic (61.2k)
    • /r/Tezos (61.3k)
    • /r/FantomFoundation (16.4k)
    • /r/Coinbase (164.1k)
    • /r/CryptoCurrencies (266.2k)
    • /r/CryptocurrencyICO (105.1k)
    • /r/ICOanalysis (23.1k)
    • /r/MarsWallstreet (31.6k)
    • /r/CryptoMars (61.7k)
    • /r/AllCryptoBets (63.9k)
    • /r/SatoshiBets (20.7k)
    • /r/Crypto_Currency_News (115.1k)
    • /r/CryptoCurrencyTrading (111.4k)
    • /r/CryptoMarkets (620.7k)
    • /r/Altcoin (195.3k)

Note that we usually do 2-3 top threads per day, and in the next few days we target other subreddits. Afterward, we might cycle back to the first communities where we've posted, and try other marketing approaches.

We also promote you in:

  • Quora, in various topics related to crypto or where promoting makes sense. All of these are getting a lot of traffic from search engines, not just from people who have been tagged with interest for these topics or have followed the topics themselves. Some examples:
    • Cryptocurrencies (638k)
    • Currencies (1.8m)
    • Investing (5.8m)
    • Finance (27.2m)
    • Trading - finance (2.4m)
    • Trading - cryptocurrency (75.5k)
    • Bitcoin (569.3k)
    • Blockchain Technology (124.6k)
    • Blockchain Databases (169.7k)
    • Ether - cryptocurrency (42.4k)
    • Making Money Online (1.1m)
    • Digital Currency (123.3k)
    • Digital Wallets (114.8k)
    • Website Recommendations (1.2m)
    • Websites (2.4m)

Note that topics are created by Quora moderators and can be assigned automatically or manually to content. But Quora also has Reddit-like communities which can be used to promote. They are called "spaces". They are moderated by the users who created them, and by whoever else is assigned the power.

  • Quora, in various spaces created by its users. Some examples:
    • Crypto - Blockchain (51k)
    • Crypto Network (13.3k)
    • In Bitcoin We Trust (73.7k)
    • Cryptocurrency (45.8k)
    • The Crypto Cave (22.9k)
    • Cryptocurrency News (29.5k)
    • Ethereum Outbreak (10.4k)

To recap for Quora: "Topic" is a tag applied to content (usually questions) so that the algorithm will know what it is about. Users follow topics, as well as other users, and the algorithm uses those follows in order to determine which questions and answers will appear in each user's feed. "Space" is a virtual space organized by one or more users around a theme they are interested in, for the purpose of sharing and upvoting good related content. This content doesn't have to be in the question-and-answer format; it could be in the form of links outside of Quora and opinion pieces.

Other places where we can promote:

  • Hacker News. We usually do it in the comment sections of threads created by us. In the first few days after we've started promoting we can also do a ShowHN thread. This is a type of allowed self-promotional content where we present the crypto product.
  • BitcoinTalk. We keep bumping the thread created by the client for his project in the Announcements section, and we might create our own threads in other categories. We also post in popular threads that are getting a lot of traffic from both inside the forum and search engines.

We have certain services that can be purchased separately, and they might help crypto-related projects. For example, upvotes when you're launching on Product Hunt and 5-star ratings (less useful). This can usually be done only once, but the traffic it gets for 24 hours is crazy.

With the help of or only through collaborators, we offer other crypto marketing services here. We always recommend starting out only with Premium #2. It's usually enough.


Buy Reddit accounts with karma, and what to do next

Buying Reddit account from our dedicated page offers some advantages that justify the high price:

  • we keep the accounts that are for sale separate from the ones used to process orders; this means that there's no risk of receiving a ban at some later point when Reddit does their usual blanket ban on connected accounts
  • we registered or bought most of the accounts ourselves from multiple sources before 2016, therefore their age is amazing; the exception here are standard accounts, which need to be so bad compared to our average that we have to keep registering accounts from time to time just to have something to sell in this category
  • even though when you buy Reddit accounts from us you only choose one aspect in which they excel, it is hard for us to find accounts that don't excel in more than two ways; of the last 50 orders, we probably delivered 49 accounts that were much better than the buyer expected

After you buy a Reddit account with karma and decent age, do this:

  1. Don't change its email and password immediately. Wait a few days for each.
  2. User Settings ➡️ Manage third-party app authorization ➡️ Revoke access to any app that hasn't been added by you personally!
  3. In the same category of settings, "Show up in search results" needs to be enabled, and we recommend disabling everything else.

Some general tips on how to promote from the account that you're buying:

  1. Identify the communities where your target market is, then subscribe and start making activity on them, preferably comments instead of new posts.
  2. Try to post at least 3 comments between any promotional thread that you might submit.
  3. Always be on the lookout for highly ranked threads where you are able to reply to the top comment and somehow point to your landing page. These are great opportunities for long-term traffic.

Questions and answers related to Hacker News

What kind of traffic does Hacker News bring? What's the conversion rate?

If you make it top 3 on the main page, that probably means you got 10 upvotes from us and at least 90 organic upvotes, for a total of 100 or more. You'll stay there less than a day, then you'll fall to page two. which brings surprisingly good traffic still. Expect around 20-30k uniques, 2% out of which will respond to your non-monetary call to action. If you also sell something, expect more than 10 purchases.

What kind of content should I put there?

Anything that you won't see on the eight o'clock news, but it would lift ones' understanding of the world. It could be interesting knowledge that is hard to stumble upon yourself. Sadly, it's also often about what's happening at the big corporations. If any big executive at AAPL, MSFT, AMZN, FB or GOOG pees in a public place, you'll see it on Hacker News.

What's a good title?

Unlike Reddit, where you'd go for a long title that makes it very clear what the content or discussion is about, on HN you keep it short. Here are some titles that are either good or bad, try to guess which is which (answers after):

  • A great way to build friendships!
  • 10 ways in which you can improve your likeability factor
  • [] Reasons for the collapse of the Mongol Empire
  • Reasons for the collapse of the Mongol Empire []
  • Good article about the collapse of the Mongol Empire
  • ShowHN: App that uses machine learning to tell you how beautiful you are
  • AskHN: What are the best books to learn about thermodynamics?
  • The 5 platonic solids
  • What Korean girls find attractive
  • What Japanese men look for in a woman [pdf]

Answers to the quiz from above: only the last three titles are fine to use.

More details about the guidelines here. Are here are the specific guidelines for Show HN posts. Notice that it's "Show HN" instead of "ShowHN". You need that space. Same with "Ask HN: ...?".

How do I tell my friends to upvote?

Copy-paste this to each of them:

Hello, my dearest friend! You've always been #1 for me. If you have a Hacker News account with at least 50 karma, please go here, find my post titled "How to murder your neighbor's dog", and upvote it. Thank you, greatly appreciated! If you ever need my help as well, let me know!

What kind of accounts do you use?

In order to upvote normal posts, we use accounts that average 800 karma. HN's algorithm that controls front-page visibility for new posts can be approximated by the statements that follow. To reach the main page guaranteed (unless your post gets downgraded by a mod or receives two or more reports), you need to have been upvoted by more than 10000 karma from at least two different accounts. Do the math. This means you can't post low-quality content, as even with our help, you will additionally need some organic upvotes from quality accounts. Don't factor downvotes into the equation, because there's no such button for HN posts; it only shows up on comments to high karma accounts.

How many moderators are there? Many of them aren't truly active with filtering content, but at the end of 2017 there were a bit more than 50 accounts with superuser powers. A few accounts were on the other spectrum, being so active that it makes you realize that they must hold no power or ability of value creation in their daily life. Otherwise, they wouldn't have focused so much on this unpaid job.

If your post is of obvious low-quality, like "Gaming laptops that you can buy online for under $2,000", we will upvote you with the accounts that we normally use for commenting. The total karma received will be much lower, therefore you'd better be hoping that we were wrong and that you'll receive enough high-quality organic upvotes to compensate. Your post will still be a lot more visible in the section for new items. We might recommend you to delete it so that we repost it ourselves with a title that respects the HN guidelines. This comes at no extra charge for you, it's just something that we need to do from time to time in order to protect our accounts. If your posts are outright spam, we'll refund you in credit, which you can use for another order.

For commenting, since no one actually clicks usernames to check their karma, we use low-karma accounts that in the rest of the time do domain-targeted upvoting, each on its own schedule. We're trying to grow them so that we can move them in our upvoters pool.

For posts, we use accounts that haven't been penalized in the past by the automoderator's algorithm. There´s a surprisingly easy trick that can be used to determine if an account is penalized or not, and we use it regularly to check the accounts from our posting pool.

Anything else that I should know?

You can create polls if you have more than 200 karma:

Comment sections are ranked in the same way as posts, which means that time matters as well, not just the amount of upvotes received.

The karma of the account used to post does not matter! It only matters that it hasn't been penalized in the past by the auto-moderator. Obviously, it shouldn't be a new account because it looks suspicious and the benchmark that you must hit in order to have the post moved to the front page is higher.

Formatting for HN texts:

Reposts are OK, if enough time has passed since the last duplicate submission that did not get enough interest. Maybe try a better title this time!

If your IP got banned because you've been using the website too fast, unban using this link from another IP (like the one mobile data would give you):

At this point, you should have enough information. But if you want to see some basics as well, check out HN's own Q&A.

You can purchase Hacker News services from us. We've been doing it publicly since 2004.


How we operate on Quora when monitoring a question

Many of our clients use only Quora in order to get leads for their products, which is why they often have us monitoring the Quora Questions that bring them traffic. Even though the service description is easy to understand, it is not thorough. In this article, we'll give an example of what's being done for this service. Below, we pasted the current service description, and we'll follow with an example question+answer, and what would be done for it:

Your answer will be upvoted, while the competition is downvoted, daily. This lasts one week. Whenever no such actions are needed, Question Follows are provided instead, which increases traffic to the question. We also use other types of actions for this service, like Thank, Bookmark, Report, Share, Comment, Edit topics, Suggest edits.

Now, for a more extensive example... What would we have done for the answer that now stands at the top in the question below?

This is a question showing up in the "Algorithmic Trading", "Tutorials" and "List Question" topics. Let's consider that our client has "Denis Bykov"'s answer, which we have already managed to raise to the top in the previous days. Since we're upvoting with quality accounts that are often subscribed and active in the topics of the question, the answers that we target can get to #1 while often having smaller upvote counts than the competition.

Now that the answer is in a solid position, below are some examples of the actions that we might take during one day:

  • Remove the "Tutorials" topic that only has 6.8K subscribers, and add "Trading" instead. This comes with 2 million readers. If we would have added the big topic too early, it would have been harder to get the answer to the first position. In the coming days, more topics will be added.
  • The question will be receiving more traffic because of the above, and we'll make sure that the answer maintains its position. We'll mostly concentrate on downvoting new answers that have a chance of challenging #1. If we see our client's answer getting downvoted more than we can handle, we'll email him and ask to improve the content of the answer. We might even suggest the modifications ourselves through Quora's "Suggest Edits" button.
  • We'll keep adding a few question follows each day, in order to gain even more traffic for the question. It will show up in the feeds of more and more people who have followed various topics. Temporarily (for at most a few days at a time), we might change main topics of the question so that it gets a higher percentage of "fresh eyes".
  • When it makes sense (often), we will add the kind of comments that start a discussion to your answer's comment section, or the kind of comments that confirm its statements.

Since what you're reading now is the favorite blog of our competitors, we won't reveal here the most effective and the newest methods that can be applied, but do know this: we've been in this business through this website since 2016, and some of us have been using Quora since September 2011. Their team dislikes us greatly, and they have banned the domains through which we sell our Quora services soon after finding out that "it's them again! 😒😒". Meanwhile, our competitors from Pakistan, India, etc., who only use bots for their services, haven't even had the domains of their businesses banned. That's because they are exactly the kind of "puppet masters" that Quora can handle. Their bot networks are taken down every few months together with the answers that they've upvoted, and afterward, they just boot up again the script registering shitty unrealistic accounts. Meanwhile, what we do is what real persons do on Quora, using our own accounts, through methods that cannot be distinguished from any other real Quora user. There's no comparison. Funny enough, we've even often reported their bot networks ourselves, and we've even published lists of their users to make it easy for the Quora team. So maybe they should like us more?

To close, do know that we also offer fully managed marketing services (normal, or for crypto-related products/services), where we use various marketing techniques like the ones summarized in this article. We won't promote you just on Reddit, even though that often ends up being the main source of traffic; instead, we will adapt and do whatever seems to work best for your target market. While we do this, you'll be able to concentrate fully on other aspects of your business. Getting specialized help is often what's needed to save time and achieve that optimal monthly profit and growth rate.


Remember to optimize your website!

We're adding this to the Advanced category because it's easy to say, hard to do. While getting caught up in marketing, you might forget to put as much effort in optimizing your website. You need to use Hotjar to see what your users are doing, you need to read about conversion rate optimization and actually apply the learned skills, and you will need to keep improving the code of your website.

What does "improving the code" mean? Google and other search engines will rank you better if they see your website as having proper:

  • Performance - how fast is your website? how long since the URL is typed until the user can actually use your website?
  • Accessibility - how do users who are experiencing some kind of impairment or disability experience your website?
  • Best Practices - how well is your website built? (this looks at everything from HTTPS usage to correct image aspect ratios)
  • SEO - how discoverable is the important content of your website?

You will need to assess the above four dimensions with tools like, (always use the same location!), and

The former website is the most important, since it's operated by Google itself. Here's for example how they're ranking us on the four dimensions:

The sad reality is that if you're using some kind of CMS (like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), you should form the habit of re-checking rankings after each theme update. This translates to around once per month on average. A lot of things change when themes, plugins or the CMS's themselves get updated. Some of those changes are negative, and you will have some fixing to do in order to keep up your high rankings. Good luck in staying consistent!

P.S. - if you want to run your website through even more validators in order to eventually optimize it, we have exactly the article for you!


Additional marketing services for ICO’s and crypto-related projects, provided by collaborators

All these marketing services are for fundraising (through ICO, STO, ETO, CoinList, IFO, etc.), and any entities dealing with smart contract platforms or cryptocurrencies. Most of these services are offered by collaborators, and we take no fee for acting as the intermediary. We're bringing them clients, and they're doing the same for us.

Email Marketing

For a cost of 3.9 ETH, 13,155,386 records are used from 13 databases (,,, ...)
8.4 mil emails are sent to people who haven't clicked the unsubscribe button before. Email status reports are delivered to clients throughout the campaign which takes around two weeks to complete.

UPDATE: more databases and emails are used now, but the total amount of emails sent is only slightly higher because they've had a lot of unsubscriptions.

Needed beforehand:
* payment
* subject (preferably at least 10 versions)
* body in HTML format (preferably at least 4 versions)
* email for reports

$4,900 per month

Pre-requisites for this and the following similar services:

  • We will ask you for certain texts which we'll translate, and we'll also create our own copies which you will have a chance to review before they go "in production".
  • If it's for an ICO or another type of fundraising, for efficiency reasons, this has to be ordered at least two weeks before the start of the token sale.
  • If it's for a cryptocurrency or a project that has already had its token sale, this service has to be contracted for a period of two months or more (exceptions: Japanese and Korean languages).

Other info:

  • You will receive screenshots with all the posts that are made, in real-time, through a shared Google Document. Where links can be provided, they will be provided as well.

Marketing through channels for natives other than English or Chinese

At the moment these are possible, each with different contractors: Spanish ($4,900), Hindi ($4,450), Japanese ($6,500), South Korean ($7,500), Portuguese ($5,500). Arabic will be available soon. Any of these will be available if enough people request it: Cantonese, Russian, German, French, Italian.

Reddit whole-website monitoring

$900 per day

Using a script, we'll monitor on in real-time the keywords of your choice related to a single project (for example "Cardano" or "IOTA"), and we'll keep commenting positively about them while replying to all critiques and debating them. We'll need first a FAQ from you to help, with possible critiques and possible answers. This must be purchased for at least 7 days.


What we can do to promote your crypto-related project

This article will discuss some of the digital marketing techniques that we apply when promoting projects related to "crypto".

This includes any of these, either new or existing:

  • cryptocurrencies (like NANO, Monero, etc.)
  • smart-contract platforms (like Ethereum, Cardano, etc.)
  • ICO's and IEO's (Initial Coin/Exchange Offerings)
  • STO's and ETO's (Security/Equity Token Offerings)
  • 2nd layer solutions
  • centralized or non-custodial exchanges
  • DAO's (decentralized autonomous organizations)
  • dapps
  • utility tokens, NFT's (non-fungible tokens), stablecoins, governance tokens, etc.
  • DeFi liquidity pools
  • smart-contracts in general (most of the above are included in this)

Our services have been used directly or resold by:

  • other marketing companies
  • advisors
  • community managers, marketers or other staff belonging to the companies doing the fundraising
  • investors with large shares of certain tokens
  • swing traders
  • etc.

They've been satisfied, and many have been returning with different products and services to promote in the past years.

For those reselling, it's easy to add even 300% on top because our prices are below average. Consider doing the reading and understanding our capabilities fully. We know there's a lot of information (including examples) in multiple articles, but we did it for those who want to go into detail.

If you want to advance straight to marketing your product, Premium #2 is our strongest fully-managed option.

You will have a campaign manager that will choose ops for you on a daily basis--whatever fits best from our capabilities depending on what would be best to promote currently (positive feedback on Reddit, the latest article mentioning your product, latest tweet from an Ethereum influencer, etc). The rest of the team will implement said strategy. With marketing settled, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business.

For those reselling our services, it usually goes like this:

  1. buy credit for each of your clients;
  2. keep separate tabs on them (we'll keep as well);
  3. send links to promote or request specific services to the campaign manager that will be assigned to you;
  4. get reports back with what was done, including the credit report of your client;
  5. for those clients of yours that have bigger budgets, also get services from the second article that contains additional marketing services for non-English markets, and more.

Below are a few examples of the kind of things that we can do, and their associated costs. The article will end with some packages that make it easier for crypto-related projects to deal with us by having us manage a large part of the marketing operations.

We can promote you on Quora

Monitored Quora questions in these, and any other topics:
To monitor on Quora, this service should be used (mentioned here because it's the most expensive part of the order):

Recommended purchase, one month before the ICO:

1 x Quora Question
2 x Quora Answer
1 x Quora Comment
4 x Monitor Quora Question

The question could be something like "What is the most overlooked ICO right now in the ***** sector?"

We can promote you on Reddit

Monitored Reddit threads in any subreddit related to cryptocurrencies.
To monitor on Reddit, this service should be used (mentioned here because it's the most expensive part of the order):

Having your posts done on Reddit (especially the first ones that mention the ICO) without Monitor Thread is highly inadvisable. Even great ICOs will get ripped apart.

Example purchase, for /r/cryptocurrency or /r/ethtrader, where we have moderator accounts:

1 x Reddit Post
40 x Reddit Upvote Post
90 x Reddit Downvote Competing Posts or Comments (these would be used against other posts only)
4 x Reddit Comment (two of them would be kept in reserve, for example in order to answer to a hater if needed)
1 x Monitor Reddit Post

The idea is to keep reminding people about the ICO, every 2-3 days, through different locations/techniques. Ideas for posts:

  • Have a blog for the ICO, and link to every new blog post in related subreddits.
  • Link to tweets or other types of social media posts that mention the ICO project positively.
  • Link to videos, podcasts, or other types of media that mentions the ICO project positively.
  • Link to 3rd party articles that mention the ICO positively. With these ones, even go for huge subreddits like /r/technology, /r/finance, /r/futurology, ...
  • Present the project with long descriptive titles in subreddits that could be interested in it, while linking directly to the website.
  • Create “What’s your opinion” or “Which is better” threads in /r/ethtrader, /r/icocrypto, /r/CryptoCurrencies, /r/CryptoCurrency, /r/Altcoin, /r/CryptoMarkets, etc.  Because of "Reddit Monitor Thread", the positive opinions will be sent on top, while the negative ones are kept at the bottom.
  • Find threads where people discuss new ICOs, and bring a comment mentioning yours positively to the top of the comment section.

We can promote you on Hacker News

Link on Hacker News to the white paper, and to the more technical blog posts. You can also create a “Show HN:” thread for the whole project, and an “Ask HN: What’s your opinion …” thread.

For “Ask HN”:

1x Hacker News Post
1x Hacker News Comment
5x Hacker News Upvote

For “Show HN” and technical posts:

Same as above, but 10 upvotes instead of 5

We can promote you on BitcoinTalk

Bump your ANN thread from time to time. Bumps will be questions to developers, positive commentary on the technology, discussions between accounts, and so on. The English used will be impeccable, and the comments will blend well in the thread.
Buy the “BitcoinTalk Bump” service from the main page, for each bump that you want ($4.5).
Recommended: starting one month before, five bumps per day. We’ll spread them out, for more effectiveness.

At the rate of 5 bumps per day:

$22.5 daily, $675 for one whole month

If you want to just test our services, this is an easy way to start. Just go to our main page, add 15 BitcoinTalk bumps in the cart and complete the checkout while pasting the link to your ANN thread at Order Notes. This should give you a proper sample of the quality of our services.

We can promote you on cryptocurrency-related forums, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups

If you buy Forums Traffic for an ICO or cryptocurrency-related project, we post on all the popular cryptocurrency-related forums (BitcoinTalk, AllCryptoTalk, etc.). But don't expect this to be as cost-effective as the above strategies. We also don't provide the accounts that were used (meaning you won't get the users and the passwords); you will only receive the links to where posts have been made.

Regarding promotion in Fb/LinkedIn groups, again, this is not as effective as the first strategies listed in this article. When ordering this, you'll receive the list of groups that we'll be targeting in the following days. We use very organic-looking texts that are able to spark discussions, for example, "Opinions on ...? I like how [...]".

We can promote you on Product Hunt, and we have a whole article just about that.

We can also help with email marketing and promoting through non-English social media channels.

We can apply strategies that we apply to product launches (long article, but the information is worth knowing). A collaborating marketing agency helps us with most of those.


Costs of our services

We do not offer bulk discounts.

We do not participate in Bounty Campaigns.

We only accept payment through the main cryptocurrencies and PayPal / wire transfer. We prefer the former. We do not take tokens.

We have an NDA in our Terms of Service, with all of our customers, regardless of the plan you choose:

No Plan

  • The client creates his own texts and strategy.
  • The client orders normally through the website, whenever he needs something. At checkout, we accept the main cryptocurrencies.

Premium #1

  • The client buys credit for $1,800 or more, all paid in the beginning. 20% of the deposit goes towards support, he’ll be able to use the rest for ops. The ops are acquired through the website with the "Deduct from credit" option at checkout.
  • We receive whatever texts the client can provide, and we also create our own when needed.
  • The client will order through the website with “Deduct from credit”, only when he knows exactly what’s needed. Otherwise, he’ll message us on Skype about it. We’ll help him optimize each order that he messages us about.
  • We’ll do one Twitter campaign for each $1,800 bought in credit. We retweet with powerful accounts that have >90% at twitteraudit. Follower counts: ~500k, ~450k, ~50k, ~30k.

Premium #2

  • The client buys credit for $3,600 or more, all paid in the beginning. 20% of the deposit goes towards campaign management and support, he’ll be able to use the rest for ops.
  • Everything in Premium #1, but we’ll also propose ops ourselves. Not limited at the above strategies. For the ops that we propose, we also do:,,,,, Fb/G+, LinkedIn (rarely), etc.
  • If the client chooses so, this can be fully managed. He will have a campaign manager to which he emails new links where the ICO has been mentioned, and the campaign manager sets up the most efficient ops himself, taking care of the copies and the strategy completely. The client receives regular reports and credit updates.
  • We’ll do one Twitter campaign for each $1,200 bought in credit.
  • We’ll analyze their website/ANN thread/technical papers/code repository from the perspective of a buyer.

If you need a more global promotion, check out our article on additional marketing services for cryptocurrencies or ICOs, which has some very different, powerful and targeted strategies.

In order for you to understand the process better, I'll be pasting below the kind of email you receive from the campaign manager assigned to you, immediately after having bought Premium #2:

Credit added on your email. I will be your main UC contact helping with the marketing campaign for your project.

How do you want this?

  • Fully Managed - Meaning that I take care of scheduling ops, you just send me through email new links where your project was mentioned positively. You'd receive reports with what has been scheduled, the results, and credit updates. Of course, nothing is set in stone, you can always request modifications to the ops that I schedule.
  • Support - I send you 5-15 ops ideas based on the material that you send us, then you get inspired by them and schedule ops through the website with "Deduct from credit", and whenever you need help or feedback you email me (or you ask whoever is on Skype at the moment).

Since you're on Premium #2, you can choose any method you prefer. Do note that we prefer clients to choose Fully Managed, simply because we're better at choosing how and when to target each community, depending on what we're posting at the time.

The main idea is to have monitored posts on Reddit regularly, so that we keep reminding people about the project. Of course, we should also do Quora, BitcoinTalk bumps, even Hacker News when we have some interesting techie articles. If I put together some good texts, we can also promote on Facebook and Google+ crypto-related groups, and on crypto-related forums.

For the Twitter campaigns, I'll just need links to your best tweets sent to this email, and I'll handle it from there.

Regardless of your choice, when replying to this email please include any of the following that you want used for promoting your project:

  • whatever marketing texts you might have prepared
  • whatever articles discuss your project
  • whatever (YouTube?) videos discuss your project
  • whatever podcast episodes discuss your project
  • do you have a blog? if yes, then links to what you consider to be the best articles
  • whatever social media posts (preferable from reputable accounts) mention your project
  • a list of your competitors, and why your project is superior to each one

Internet marketing tips

In this post, we'll add random internet marketing tips, mostly related to our types of marketing (the ones that work for a good price). To be honest, we also like the bolded keyword because it has low competition, therefore we're hoping to have more people land from Google on our website and check the services that we offer because of this article. So, without further ado, below are some tips, and this post will be updated whenever something new comes up in our minds:

  • If you contracted us to make a post or comment that leads to your website, don't go into the comment section to start replying as someone associated with the website! This is a huge red flag that makes people immediately realize that the post is actually a non-organic marketing ploy. Defending yourself with "I saw the referral in Google Analytics!" doesn't work. You'll get a reply similar to this one: So you're just sitting there, watching Google Analytics, waiting for some visit to your page in order to check its referral? Sorry, but this seems so staged, it's retarded. (actual comment received by someone who made this mistake)
  • An exception to the above rule is when we're posting as if we'd be associated with your website (for example, in the Show HN area from Hacker News). In these cases, if there's a need for it, we'll give you temporary access to the account that we used to post, in order to answer any questions yourself.
  • If you are curious about when is the best time to post on Reddit, read the article that we have on that. If you're hiring us to do the posts for you, consider letting us choose the best times depending on the networks and the post locations. Just specify at checkout that we have free rein with the scheduling. Or don't write anything regarding to when the posts should be made.
  • To find out where you could post on Reddit, use this tool: It helps identify subreddits that have an interest in your keywords. A higher score means that a subreddit is more aligned with your topic. After identifying a subreddit, you can find where your target market is spending the rest of their time with
  • Adding "/about/traffic" at the end of the URL for a subreddit to see its traffic stats doesn't work anymore.
  • On Hacker News, you can bypass the filter not allowing URL reposts by adding variables to them. For example, would become
  • Do you want to mention in the body of a text post a URL to a domain that is banned? No problem, just run the ending part of the URL partially through an obfuscator. We use this one: For example, in order to post our link on Reddit, you would have to use something like this [text here](https://u%70%76%6f%74%65%73%2e%63%6c%75%62)
  • On Hacker News, while the post is new, it might not matter how much you upvote it after a certain point. After fewer than 10 early upvotes with great accounts, you'll usually make it to the front page. It usually stays there, but sometimes one of these two happens: HN moderators might demote the post or you might receive too many reports. Since the traffic on the website is very high, this can happen so fast that you wouldn't even realize you've made it to the front page for a bit. A good strategy is to buy only a few upvotes first in order to make your post visible; then, after it remains approved for 30 minutes or more, buy more upvotes in order to rank it better, or to help maintain its good position. A lot more details in our information article specific to Hacker News.
  • Make sure you always read the rules before posting (on Reddit, you would find them on the sidebar). Modify your title and content accordingly! On some subreddits, if the option is available, flair you post after submission (this means you tag it for a subcategory). Here's how:
  • Use this tool to create memes and make your target audience smile! :)

And since it's important to have a perfect landing page as well:

Bookmark this article, and come to it from time to time. More internet marketing tips will be added in it, and more articles will be added to our blog, which has two categories: basics and advanced!

Buy Reddit upvotes and other marketing services from our main page! Here's an article that discusses buying Reddit upvotes. On our website, you can also buy Reddit accounts.


Forums Traffic – Backlinks and traffic to your website

This is a short description of our "Forums Traffic" service and the methodology that we use to complete it. EDIT: This is outdated; that's what we were doing when we were offering this service for any client and almost any project. Right now, this article isn't worth reading anymore unless you want to do something similar manually for your business, because our methodology has changed and we're only servicing clients related to cryptocurrencies, DAPP's and ICO's. Getting forum traffic is actually the secondary effect of this service. It helps even more with off-site search engine optimization: your link will go up in rankings for the keywords that you select (a "keyword" is the thing you type on Google while hoping that among the first results you'll see your website). This method is extremely underused for this purpose, hence its efficiency. For traffic, we'll obviously target high-traffic forums and not the ones with ten posts per subforum - which might not even be around in two years. If your keywords have many hits on Google, you'd actually benefit more from an SEO boost, therefore we'll drop the "related" requirement and a part of the methodology from below, and do posts on forums that we know to moderate less (so that you end up with more live backlinks). If you're familiar with Google's Keyword Planner tool, know that we’ve managed to beat low competition easily with this one. If you want to defeat medium competition, consider getting all these services: Managed Traffic, Fb/G+ Traffic and Forums Traffic. If you want to defeat high competition, consider getting all these: The Ultimate SEO Gig, Fb/G+ Traffic and Forums Traffic. For a TLDR, let's start with the official product description: We'll post your link on related forums, where your target market might be. This takes around two weeks because we can't just register and post. We have to be active on them first, for around 12-13 days. You will receive the accounts if the posts have been done for SEO, and not for traffic. Forums Traffic - Backlinks and traffic to your website In detail, this is how the forum traffic service is completed: Step 1 (Day 1) - We find all the related forums (for example we’d select the "gaming forum" keyword for a “best gaming mouse” article). Step 2 (Day 1) - We register an account on each one from a UK or US IP address, and we verify them. We won't use a free email, in order to get a higher account approval success rate. Step 3 (Day 1) - A native English speaker living in UK posts replies that make sense to existing threads. He includes a neutral link (like Wikipedia or YouTube), in order to infer the URL posting rules. Step 4 (a week later) - A second post is made, without a link. Again, it will be activity that makes sense; no part of the process is automated. Step 5 (final step, a week later) - We make a new thread in a visible and appropriate category, which will lead to the client's website. Note that the subject or the body of the thread is changed slightly from time to time, in order to make it seem like a different message to GoogleBot. If we find a related thread, we post the message in it as a reply instead. When we concentrate on the SEO boost, the methodology is different. Regardless, you'll end up with at most 40 posts live. Once completed, the spreadsheet with all the usernames, passwords, and links to the final posts is sent to the client. This is extremely important because the same accounts could be used later by the client to make his own posts, for other keywords and links that he wants to promote - therefore getting even more backlinks and traffic. He won't have to pay us anymore because he has 90% of the work already done for him. We believe this service is worth a lot more than what we sell it for, and, again, consider pairing it with others in order to get an even stronger effect.

Buying Hacker News and GrowthHackers upvotes… why so expensive compared to Reddit?

Because some of our clients abused the old price. If turns out that if Hacker News upvotes cost $0.79 each, some people that don't distinguish this network from Reddit, will go crazy and buy hundreds of upvotes for one single post. The same for On both these networks, it's a lot more important to post content of quality than to have it upvoted exaggeratedly. We agree with you that without upvotes you won't even get noticed since there are so many submissions every minute, but you don't need to buy that many HN or GH upvotes in order to stand out. If your thread from the New section has 10 upvotes and all the others have one or two, you'll get noticed alright. On HN, the moderators decide what makes it to the front page, therefore even if you have 500 upvotes, if they don't like your content, you won't be getting traffic. A decent number of upvotes and content of quality should be enough to get selected for their front page. Once you're there, you may buy any number of votes from us in order to increase the popularity of your post further. It won't look suspicious. But if you are just testing out content, ideas, or a new project in the Show HN section, don't go crazy. The current price is $1.49 for Hacker News upvotes and $1.39 for GrowthHackers upvotes. The maximums and recommended amounts to buy for new posts are 8-10, and 20-30 respectively. For GrowthHackers, the price is easy to justify given how hard it is to create an account of quality on the network. But for, you might say: "But it is so easy to sign up. I can sign up a new account in one minute and upvote myself!". If you do this, make sure that at the second upvote, you go to settings and activate "showdead". Otherwise, you won't be able to find your thread. Some other notes:
  • How much traffic can Hacker News bring? The question should be: "How much traffic can Hacker News bring if I make it to the front page?". Answer: it depends greatly on how clickbaity your title is. It can bring from 20k to 65k in the first 24 hours.
  • Same question, but for GrowthHackers: you'll get between 1,000 and 2,500 views in the first 24 hours. Most of these will be from business owners though, and in general... people with a lot of money, technical knowledge and influence. A big difference to Hacker News is that you'll keep getting a decent number of clicks, even after the firs