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Choose how many Reddit upvotes you want, then “Add to cart”. Highly recommended: get 2 – 4 downvotes for competing posts, per each upvote given. The chance of reaching the main page is much higher with this strategy, even if you end up buying less upvotes to keep costs equal. Article explaining this. During working schedule, upvoting should start in less than 5 minutes. Your posts should have a maximum age of 60 minutes, or one day in small subreddits.

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Bot upvotes will get the domain of your business banned on Reddit, or your accounts suspended (if you buy upvotes for your own accounts, from poor quality sources). We work manually, which avoids these risks in totality, but gives us a price disadvantage compared to competitors. Our process is described in the following article, please read it: “Why work with us?”. Additionally, we have a study on how scammers from Fiverr operate. Be it SeoClerks or Fiverr, what you get there is just pretend marketers from Pakistan or India, writing “USA” at their location, and clicking the start button of some shitty C# software that uses free proxies when an order arrives. These platforms have created perfect economic incentives in order for such dishonest schemes to work. In April 2019, we’ll publish an article describing in detail how – as the situation stands now – bots can’t beat Reddit.