Buy Reddit upvotes

Buy Reddit upvotes

If your expectation was not reading an article, but rather something more concrete, know that you can buy Reddit upvotes on our main page.reddit upvotes and comments service advertising marketing boost post promotion karma link We are specialists in effective marketing, doing whatever works, therefore if you have or will have something to promote at some point, you’ve just stumbled over a gold mine. And you don’t need to mine it alone, you can let your friends know about it too. Buying Reddit upvotes is just the beginning; we actually do A LOT more. We’ll bring you to the top on Product Hunt, we’ll bring your specialized article thousands of views from Hacker News, and so on; we’ll manage your entire marketing campaign on a monthly basis if you recruit us! We’re about both QUALITY and quantity when it comes to bringing the target market to a landing page. But unlike Fiverr’s pretend marketers from Pakistan who will bring you only a high quantity of bot traffic, we’ll actually be bringing real humans interested in topics related to the landing page.

Anyway, now to move on to the article itself. This was written in 2016, and is mostly on the psychology of why strategies like the one named in the title work better than traditional marketing. Buying upvotes, regardless of the platform, has always been a contentious issue where the public is extremely split:

  • Some Reddit readers haven’t thought about it, and don’t even know that this is a possibility. If your market your products/services/music/cause/etc. on the Reddit platform, these people will eat it up! When oblivious creatures see a 3rd party recommending something, they usually believe it if it’s upvoted enough. Top comments are the truth, right? There’s less cognitive effort required to just accept what the majority seems to be recommending! You don’t have to take our word for it, just search on Google Scholar for “fake review effectiveness” and you’ll find that there are a very definite studies on that. It’s the only thing that guides the majority of shoppers nowadays.
  • Others believe that Reddit’s anti-spam system is unbreakable. They believe that trying to get past it can actually hurt more than it helps (think banned domains, shadowed accounts, what actually happens when you upvote with bots). They’ll be right in that it’s definitely better than Facebook’s spam feed. This group might purchase even more of your products or services, because they trust the system. “400 upvotes, top of the subreddit? Let me click on it!”
  • Others know about it and have used this strategy to create strong, trusted and popular companies that generate profit with a very low customer acquisition costs. /r/nootropics and thousands of other subreddits have decided on the best providers already, they’re common knowledge among their subscribers and they even add them to their wikis. Why pay money for Reddit ads, when ads barely work anymore? You can promote on this platform and others much cheaper, and be more effective! The effect will also be long term, it won’t just stop when you don’t pay for ads anymore!
  • There’s also a 4th group, the ones that know about it but don’t have any reason to use it. In order to not get called out by these people, we make sure to upvote manually, and use real accounts with perfect English when commenting. More about our process here: Why work with us? Worth reading to see just how far we go to protect our customers!

The penultimate category is represented by our clients. The first two categories are people that see a comment recommending something and take it as legit, with little skepticism. Or they see an upvoted post reviewing a new online tool and there’s a high probability that they’ll sign up and try it. Or they make great purchasers for your products or services. Or an easy to acquire following for your cause. Or fans, if you are an artist. Or supporters, if you’ve started a crowdfunding campaign. Examples could go on.

The best marketing is word of mouth, and Reddit, Hacker News or Quora are word of mouth on steroids. Reddit upvotes and downvotes (here’s an insighting article about adding Reddit downvotes to your marketing strategy) can bring a lot of positive cash flow and recognition to any artist, politician, startup or already-established business. It does so fast, in less than 24 hours. Combined with strategic comments and posts, they can ruin a competitor. The threads that we create will also have long term effects, showing up for various keyword searches in Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo searches. Why? Because the networks that we work with have domains with huge domain authority, they’re not Google competitors, and they’ll continue to be around in a few years – therefore the content that brings you clients will still be up. Again, examples could go on.

You don’t have to use this strategy for direct conversions, which is what we do predominantly. You can take it slowly and first bring a lot of Reddit traffic to your blog. Or get a lot of subscribers for your mailing list, which you’ll convert later. The possibilities are really endless.

We greatly dislike a certain reason when it comes to why some people won’t buy Reddit upvotes: they’ve been scammed before. Actually at the time when we’re writing this, the first few websites that appear on Google when searching for „buy Reddit upvotes” are actually scams. We know because we’ve tried them ourselves. First off, they’re slow. They won’t start upvoting as soon as you place the order. They’ll wait 24 hours so that moderator traffic goes off the post in cause and they can upvote it with less risk. The accounts that they use are extremely low quality and most of the upvotes won’t count. They’ll justify it with „you’ve been downvoted as well, it’s out of our control!”. They are so uninterested in providing a quality service that they use software like „Reddit Automation Bot”, „Reddit Account Creator and Upvoater”, “B.H.T. Reddit Bot”, “Rabbit”, “Socinator”, “Reddit-Marketing-Pro”, “ASB Reddit Bot”, “AIO Bot”, “Reddit Voter” or „Reddit Dominator” in order to do their job. With all these low quality services, your accounts will generally be banned in less than one week. If you’re lucky, it can take up to ninety days. The services on Fiverr and SEOclerks related to this are even worse. Do you actually believe someone will give you 40 upvotes for five dollars? And do it manually? Just one person? No.

If it seems too good to be true, it’s a scam. There’s no putting it lightly when it comes to this subject: over eighty percent of the industry is a scam (and to be honest here, marketing in general is full of potholes that will break your leg). You won’t get anything from 80% of the sellers. Of the remaining twenty percent, most, even though they don’t try to cheat you outright, provide a low-quality service. It’s usually just one man having registered a bunch of accounts and upvoting with them through software. It’s inefficient and risky. A ticking bomb waiting to be banned with everything that he’s got. Afterwards, he starts over, but for his past clients it’s too late: their domains got banned, their accounts got shadowed or suspended, and they’ve been called out in threads. Low cost and poor quality leads to humiliation, stress and time lost, while a manual service provided by thinking humans with their own personal accounts leads to enough sensible promotional content for even a large size company. If you respect the readers and don’t treat them like idiots, if you use real accounts and sensible upvoting, if your copies don’t sound like ads, then Reddit marketing and our other techniques can be all the marketing that you need.

We are a team of eleven persons who use Reddit ten hours per day. Most of us have been doing this for over five years. Many of the accounts that we use have received gold numerous times and have an amazing reputation in the subreddits that they’re targeting. We have moderator access to over 2,100 subreddits. Six of the accounts from the Karma Whores top 100 ranking belong to us. We have the monopoly when it comes to offering a quality service, and not just on Reddit. We’ve helped a lot of startups to grow into companies. We’ve helped political groups. We’ve helped apps get the spotlight in the App Store. We’ve helped musicians get trending on SoundCloud. We’re friendly. We’ll keep doing this. We want to help companies succeed without huge marketing budgets. Our most trusted clients receive access to our backup websites, therefore our connections cannot break. Try us! We’ll bring qualified traffic, interested people, where you want them.

We love you in particular.

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