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Buy Reddit accounts from competitors and you’ll either be scammed, or be given a hacked account, or accounts that has been used as bots with poor quality upvoting software. Buy accounts from us, and you’ll avoid these troubles altogether. At first sight, we might indeed seem more expensive than our competition, which mostly resides in non-English speaking countries. But if you factor in the defects, the stress and the time lost brought by alternatives, we’re actually the cheapest option. We only sell accounts:

  • created personally by us, or
  • bought by us in the past, when Reddit wasn’t such a big thing, and buying Reddit accounts wasn’t even a commonplace necessity

You will be able to change their passwords and emails without issue. Most of the time, accounts that we sell haven’t even been used for our services in the past.

If you prefer an account that has had activity in a certain field, please request it during checkout at “Additional Information”. We’ll do our best to find one that fits. A field of activity could be: business, music, videos, gaming, technology, cryptocurrency, economics, science, literature, and so on.

Of course, if you don’t like their past activity, you can just delete it after purchase (with a script) and the comment/post karmas will remain unchanged.

Do not try to contact us beforehand in order to find out if we have an account with a certain “girlish nickname”, activity, preferred subreddit, and so on. If that would have been fine, we all would have had to check our accounts list daily for certain requirements. We already lose too much time identifying a proper account each time a purchase order is put in, and sometimes – depending on the social media network – that has to be followed by certain preparations for its transfer in the following days.

A Reddit account has the ability to create subreddits when it is at least one month old and has at least 150 comment karma. If this is the only thing that you’re looking for, consider buying a Standard Reddit Account. (UPDATE April 2019: some people have abused this, and now we barely have standard accounts that we can use for our own services).

When you see “any” below instead of a value, it means that the value can truly be anything, since we haven’t analyzed it and it won’t be a factor when providing you with an account. This simplifies our processes. The value will frequently be better/higher than you expect. For example, it would be really hard for us to find an account that is less than two years old (UPDATE: and this was in 2016, when we wrote this). Another example: the last patriarch that we sold at the time when this page was created had 113,000 combined karma. Everybody is looking for different things in an account, therefore we tried covering as much as possible by filtering accounts with certain attributes that some might find essential. In general, a high post karma means that the account posts popular links, and a high comment karma means that the account gives popular replies.

We do not buy accounts! Especially since we’re mostly being offered hacked accounts, or accounts registered for the sole purpose of being sold later, by people who don’t even use VPN’s and are unable to write a full English sentence correctly. We’re eleven people, each with his own account lists for multiple networks; none of us needs more. In addition, we do not want to sell the accounts of others for commission! Please stop contacting us with regards to these topics!

Accounts are usually paid for with cryptocurrency, at checkout. Only those clients that have dealt with us repeatedly in the past may buy accounts with PayPal or credit.

Accounts for other networks:

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