Buy Reddit accounts with karma, and what to do next

Buy Reddit accounts with karma, and what to do next

Buying Reddit account from our dedicated page offers some advantages that justify the high price:

  • we keep the accounts that are for sale separate from the ones used to process orders; this means that there’s no risk of receiving a ban at some later point when Reddit does their usual blanket ban on connected accounts
  • we registered or bought most of the accounts ourselves from multiple sources before 2016, therefore their age is amazing; the exception here are standard accounts, which need to be so bad compared to our average that we have to keep registering accounts from time to time just to have something to sell in this category
  • even though when you buy Reddit accounts from us you only choose one aspect in which they excel, it is hard for us to find accounts that don’t excel in more than two ways; of the last 50 orders, we probably delivered 49 accounts that were much better than the buyer expected

After you buy a Reddit account with karma and decent age, do this:

  1. Don’t change its email and password immediately. Wait a few days for each.
  2. User Settings ➡️ Manage third-party app authorization ➡️ Revoke access to any app that hasn’t been added by you personally!
  3. In the same category of settings, “Show up in search results” needs to be enabled, and we recommend disabling everything else.

Some general tips on how to promote from the account that you’re buying:

  1. Identify the communities where your target market is, then subscribe and start making activity on them, preferably comments instead of new posts.
  2. Try to post at least 3 comments between any promotional thread that you might submit.
  3. Always be on the lookout for highly ranked threads where you are able to reply to the top comment and somehow point to your landing page. These are great opportunities for long-term traffic.

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