Some arbitrary information about our company

In this post, we'll ramble with some arbitrary information about our company, the purpose being that it makes you more confident to trust us for your marketing needs.

  • We’ve been operating since 2016, which can be proved with the internet archive. Before that, we were each independent, selling services through various other platforms.
  • We’re always hiring. If you think you have some marketing ability that could be integrated into our services, and if it is marketing that actually works... drop us an email and maybe join the team!
  • We have an implicit NDA with every client. Everything discussed and done will only be known by the clients and whoever processed their order each time. Previous information like emails and the WooCommerce database are being regularly pruned.
  • We love crypto! It’s been a payment option since the beginning. We know a lot more about decentralized systems than the average crypto enthusiast, and we work successfully with big projects in the space (two of them are top 15 on CoinGecko, at the time of writing this article).
  • We use our services also to promote our side projects, including other businesses that are more successful than Upvotes Club. The ability to use these services for our endeavors is the main reason why we keep the marketing business open.
  • It’s hard for us to find accounts that we own newer than three years of age. On Reddit, at least 10% of our accounts have been registered more than ten years ago. They all have an amazing history, often better (longer comments, useful comments, good English) and more realistic than that of “real accounts.” The chance of someone complaining that an account that we used looks like a shill is zero.
  • We often promote crypto-related services that are on premium managed services during the weekends as well.


More details on the channels used for promotion of crypto-related clients

As the title says, this article will contain more details on the channels used for the promotion of crypto-related clients, usually during our Premium #2 marketing service. Know that during this service, we create all the content used for posts and comments, including infographics and memes. If you want us to use your content as well, that's fine! It would simplify our marketing tasks. Most of the threads are monitored. This means that we ensure that they have enough activity, and the positive/neutral comments stay at the top, while the negative ones are sent to the bottom with downvotes. If you'd put a dollar value to this marketing package based on our cost of the individual marketing actions performed, you'd find out that you save a lot of money and time. Imagine having to buy Reddit upvotes for all the posts and comments individually... even your time and mindshare spent on this would be worth a lot. Here are the main networks where we will promote you for Premium #2:

  • 4chan's Business & Finance community (this gets a lot of traffic from crypto investors and users, and more than 30 new posts per minute)
  • More than 30 communities from Reddit (in parantheses, numbers of subscribers as of 2021.10.21). Even some of the smaller subreddits that we would target are full of degenerates willing to invest or join various crypto communities. And on some of those that don't fit that well for your crypto project, we might promote you in the comment sections of top threads.
    • /r/SatoshiStreetBets (491.2k)
    • /r/CryptoCurrency (3.6m)
    • /r/Ethereum (1.1m)
    • /r/ETHfinance (71.5k)
    • /r/ETHdev (66.9k)
    • /r/ETHtrader (1.6m)
    • /r/MakerDAO (31.1k)
    • /r/AxieInfinity (74.1k)
    • /r/MaticNetwork (51.6k)
    • /r/Uniswap (54.5k)
    • /r/Chainlink/ (69.2k)
    • /r/CryptoMoonShots (882.1k)
    • /r/CryptoMoon (53.5k)
    • /r/NFT (184.3k)
    • /r/NFTsMarketplace (69.3k)
    • /r/Binance (665.7k)
    • /r/Cardano (638.5k)
    • /r/VeChain (208.9k)
    • /r/Tronix (118.7k)
    • /r/Stellar (203.6k)
    • /r/Bitcoin (3.5m)
    • /r/Litecoin (345.5k)
    • /r/BTC (651.5k)
    • /r/BitcoinMarkets (227k)
    • /r/NanoCurrency (113k)
    • /r/IOTA (140.5k)
    • /r/EOS (94.8k)
    • /r/Monero (238.5k)
    • /r/Ripple (333.8k)
    • /r/XRP (287.3k)
    • /r/NEO (114.4k)
    • /r/Solana (73.2k)
    • /r/DOT (32.3k)
    • /r/AlgorandOfficial (49.8k)
    • /r/Dogecoin (2.2m)
    • /r/SHIBArmy (293k)
    • /r/AVAX (16k)
    • /r/TerraLUNA (12.1k)
    • /r/cosmosnetwork (42.4k)
    • /r/dfinity (24k)
    • /r/EthereumClassic (61.2k)
    • /r/Tezos (61.3k)
    • /r/FantomFoundation (16.4k)
    • /r/Coinbase (164.1k)
    • /r/CryptoCurrencies (266.2k)
    • /r/CryptocurrencyICO (105.1k)
    • /r/ICOanalysis (23.1k)
    • /r/MarsWallstreet (31.6k)
    • /r/CryptoMars (61.7k)
    • /r/AllCryptoBets (63.9k)
    • /r/SatoshiBets (20.7k)
    • /r/Crypto_Currency_News (115.1k)
    • /r/CryptoCurrencyTrading (111.4k)
    • /r/CryptoMarkets (620.7k)
    • /r/Altcoin (195.3k)

Note that we usually do 2-3 top threads per day, and in the next few days we target other subreddits. Afterward, we might cycle back to the first communities where we've posted, and try other marketing approaches.

We also promote you in:

  • Quora, in various topics related to crypto or where promoting makes sense. All of these are getting a lot of traffic from search engines, not just from people who have been tagged with interest for these topics or have followed the topics themselves. Some examples:
    • Cryptocurrencies (638k)
    • Currencies (1.8m)
    • Investing (5.8m)
    • Finance (27.2m)
    • Trading - finance (2.4m)
    • Trading - cryptocurrency (75.5k)
    • Bitcoin (569.3k)
    • Blockchain Technology (124.6k)
    • Blockchain Databases (169.7k)
    • Ether - cryptocurrency (42.4k)
    • Making Money Online (1.1m)
    • Digital Currency (123.3k)
    • Digital Wallets (114.8k)
    • Website Recommendations (1.2m)
    • Websites (2.4m)

Note that topics are created by Quora moderators and can be assigned automatically or manually to content. But Quora also has Reddit-like communities which can be used to promote. They are called "spaces". They are moderated by the users who created them, and by whoever else is assigned the power.

  • Quora, in various spaces created by its users. Some examples:
    • Crypto - Blockchain (51k)
    • Crypto Network (13.3k)
    • In Bitcoin We Trust (73.7k)
    • Cryptocurrency (45.8k)
    • The Crypto Cave (22.9k)
    • Cryptocurrency News (29.5k)
    • Ethereum Outbreak (10.4k)

To recap for Quora: "Topic" is a tag applied to content (usually questions) so that the algorithm will know what it is about. Users follow topics, as well as other users, and the algorithm uses those follows in order to determine which questions and answers will appear in each user's feed. "Space" is a virtual space organized by one or more users around a theme they are interested in, for the purpose of sharing and upvoting good related content. This content doesn't have to be in the question-and-answer format; it could be in the form of links outside of Quora and opinion pieces.

Other places where we can promote:

  • Hacker News. We usually do it in the comment sections of threads created by us. In the first few days after we've started promoting we can also do a ShowHN thread. This is a type of allowed self-promotional content where we present the crypto product.
  • BitcoinTalk. We keep bumping the thread created by the client for his project in the Announcements section, and we might create our own threads in other categories. We also post in popular threads that are getting a lot of traffic from both inside the forum and search engines.

We have certain services that can be purchased separately, and they might help crypto-related projects. For example, upvotes when you're launching on Product Hunt and 5-star ratings (less useful). This can usually be done only once, but the traffic it gets for 24 hours is crazy.

With the help of or only through collaborators, we offer other crypto marketing services here. We always recommend starting out only with Premium #2. It's usually enough.


YOLO marketing

YOLO marketing is how we call it when the target market is investors looking for a quick buck. If you're doing that kind of fundraiser where the investor may be the common person instead of the VCs, then we're the marketing company for you!

The fundraising could be done in the form of:

  • ICO (initial coin offering)
  • IEO (initial exchange offering - usually at Binance)
  • IDO (initial DEX offering)
  • STO (security token offering)
  • ETO (equity token offering)
  • MISO (minimal initial SushiSwap offering)
  • IFO (initial farm offerings - usually at PancakeSwap)
  • crowdfunding through a traditional platform: KickStarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder, Crowd Supply, Patreon, GoFundMe, SeedInvest, LendingClub, MightyCause, StartEngine, etc.
  • other crypto-related platforms (some might enter in the categories above): CoinList, Bounce, Gnosis Auction, Polkastarter, DAO Maker, Poolz, Ignition, etc.

We rarely fail to reach the objective of a fundraiser. If you have a quality project, even an average one, the common person will fund you. No need to go looking for VCs. The marketing services that we have for you are in the crypto-related category. Please open the link from the previous phrase and read the service descriptions in order to understand clearly what we can do for you. Besides those, you might be interested in our more traditional managed services, or in buying some strong accounts that you can use for your own PR.

We promote in /r/SatoshiStreetBets, /r/cryptocurrency, /r/CryptoMoonShots and 30 other subreddits. Depending on your budget, we can even promote you on platforms where Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, and South Korean is being spoken. We can promote you on ProductHunt, 4chan, Twitter, and lots of other platforms. If your project is not very serious, then the more memes and infographics you can prepare, the easier it is for us.


Buy Reddit accounts with karma, and what to do next

Buying Reddit account from our dedicated page offers some advantages that justify the high price:

  • we keep the accounts that are for sale separate from the ones used to process orders; this means that there's no risk of receiving a ban at some later point when Reddit does their usual blanket ban on connected accounts
  • we registered or bought most of the accounts ourselves from multiple sources before 2016, therefore their age is amazing; the exception here are standard accounts, which need to be so bad compared to our average that we have to keep registering accounts from time to time just to have something to sell in this category
  • even though when you buy Reddit accounts from us you only choose one aspect in which they excel, it is hard for us to find accounts that don't excel in more than two ways; of the last 50 orders, we probably delivered 49 accounts that were much better than the buyer expected

After you buy a Reddit account with karma and decent age, do this:

  1. Don't change its email and password immediately. Wait a few days for each.
  2. User Settings ➡️ Manage third-party app authorization ➡️ Revoke access to any app that hasn't been added by you personally!
  3. In the same category of settings, "Show up in search results" needs to be enabled, and we recommend disabling everything else.

Some general tips on how to promote from the account that you're buying:

  1. Identify the communities where your target market is, then subscribe and start making activity on them, preferably comments instead of new posts.
  2. Try to post at least 3 comments between any promotional thread that you might submit.
  3. Always be on the lookout for highly ranked threads where you are able to reply to the top comment and somehow point to your landing page. These are great opportunities for long-term traffic.

Questions and answers related to Hacker News

What kind of traffic does Hacker News bring? What's the conversion rate?

If you make it top 3 on the main page, that probably means you got 10 upvotes from us and at least 90 organic upvotes, for a total of 100 or more. You'll stay there less than a day, then you'll fall to page two. which brings surprisingly good traffic still. Expect around 20-30k uniques, 2% out of which will respond to your non-monetary call to action. If you also sell something, expect more than 10 purchases.

What kind of content should I put there?

Anything that you won't see on the eight o'clock news, but it would lift ones' understanding of the world. It could be interesting knowledge that is hard to stumble upon yourself. Sadly, it's also often about what's happening at the big corporations. If any big executive at AAPL, MSFT, AMZN, FB or GOOG pees in a public place, you'll see it on Hacker News.

What's a good title?

Unlike Reddit, where you'd go for a long title that makes it very clear what the content or discussion is about, on HN you keep it short. Here are some titles that are either good or bad, try to guess which is which (answers after):

  • A great way to build friendships!
  • 10 ways in which you can improve your likeability factor
  • [] Reasons for the collapse of the Mongol Empire
  • Reasons for the collapse of the Mongol Empire []
  • Good article about the collapse of the Mongol Empire
  • ShowHN: App that uses machine learning to tell you how beautiful you are
  • AskHN: What are the best books to learn about thermodynamics?
  • The 5 platonic solids
  • What Korean girls find attractive
  • What Japanese men look for in a woman [pdf]

Answers to the quiz from above: only the last three titles are fine to use.

More details about the guidelines here. Are here are the specific guidelines for Show HN posts. Notice that it's "Show HN" instead of "ShowHN". You need that space. Same with "Ask HN: ...?".

How do I tell my friends to upvote?

Copy-paste this to each of them:

Hello, my dearest friend! You've always been #1 for me. If you have a Hacker News account with at least 50 karma, please go here, find my post titled "How to murder your neighbor's dog", and upvote it. Thank you, greatly appreciated! If you ever need my help as well, let me know!

What kind of accounts do you use?

In order to upvote normal posts, we use accounts that average 800 karma. HN's algorithm that controls front-page visibility for new posts can be approximated by the statements that follow. To reach the main page guaranteed (unless your post gets downgraded by a mod or receives two or more reports), you need to have been upvoted by more than 10000 karma from at least two different accounts. Do the math. This means you can't post low-quality content, as even with our help, you will additionally need some organic upvotes from quality accounts. Don't factor downvotes into the equation, because there's no such button for HN posts; it only shows up on comments to high karma accounts.

How many moderators are there? Many of them aren't truly active with filtering content, but at the end of 2017 there were a bit more than 50 accounts with superuser powers. A few accounts were on the other spectrum, being so active that it makes you realize that they must hold no power or ability of value creation in their daily life. Otherwise, they wouldn't have focused so much on this unpaid job.

If your post is of obvious low-quality, like "Gaming laptops that you can buy online for under $2,000", we will upvote you with the accounts that we normally use for commenting. The total karma received will be much lower, therefore you'd better be hoping that we were wrong and that you'll receive enough high-quality organic upvotes to compensate. Your post will still be a lot more visible in the section for new items. We might recommend you to delete it so that we repost it ourselves with a title that respects the HN guidelines. This comes at no extra charge for you, it's just something that we need to do from time to time in order to protect our accounts. If your posts are outright spam, we'll refund you in credit, which you can use for another order.

For commenting, since no one actually clicks usernames to check their karma, we use low-karma accounts that in the rest of the time do domain-targeted upvoting, each on its own schedule. We're trying to grow them so that we can move them in our upvoters pool.

For posts, we use accounts that haven't been penalized in the past by the automoderator's algorithm. There´s a surprisingly easy trick that can be used to determine if an account is penalized or not, and we use it regularly to check the accounts from our posting pool.

Anything else that I should know?

You can create polls if you have more than 200 karma:

Comment sections are ranked in the same way as posts, which means that time matters as well, not just the amount of upvotes received.

The karma of the account used to post does not matter! It only matters that it hasn't been penalized in the past by the auto-moderator. Obviously, it shouldn't be a new account because it looks suspicious and the benchmark that you must hit in order to have the post moved to the front page is higher.

Formatting for HN texts:

Reposts are OK, if enough time has passed since the last duplicate submission that did not get enough interest. Maybe try a better title this time!

If your IP got banned because you've been using the website too fast, unban using this link from another IP (like the one mobile data would give you):

At this point, you should have enough information. But if you want to see some basics as well, check out HN's own Q&A.

You can purchase Hacker News services from us. We've been doing it publicly since 2004.


How to choose the best time to post on Reddit and other networks

We've been asked the question from the title repeatedly. TLDR: it doesn't matter that much.

Let's take each platform for which this question has been asked:


Our working schedule was set up on purpose so that we are active during the time when US and EU hours overlap. That's the highest traffic period for this social media platform. For this reason, worry not, and do ops during our working schedule. You'll have optimized the time variable enough. Of more importance would be for your post to have some actual quality behind it so that it stays up in the hot tab of the subreddit for at least 12 hours.

But maybe you're targeting a non-standard group of people. Then you can use this online tool to find out when it's the best time to post: It uses the timezone reported by your browser. Consider submitting a bit before the recommended time. Or, if you're hiring us to do the posts for you, consider letting us choose the best times, depending on the networks and the post locations. Just specify at checkout that we have free rein with the scheduling. Or don't write anything because that's what we do by default!

Hacker News

Anytime after the first 90 minutes of our working schedule.

If you want to understand better the demographics of this platform, use this: It's basically English-speaking nerds.

Product Hunt

Their homepage is based on a 24-hour cycle. This means that the new products hit the homepage at 12:01 am PST. Schedule the post to launch at that time because you'll have a full day to get your desired number of upvotes. You'll have an easier time competing for the top 10 of the week.

If you want to be picky about the day as well, you can use a tool like to choose the best time. But do realize that if you choose Tuesday, you might end up competing with products from some established brands.

We have an article with more details about how to launch on Product Hunt.


How to avoid getting your post removed/shadowed on Reddit

In order to increase the probability of your submission staying up, you just need to research for a few minutes before posting or before ordering a post from us, The tips from this article will greatly increase your chances, but do realize that subreddits aren't fair or protected by the free speech amendment. Each subreddit is owned by its creator, and optionally he might have assigned moderator status to one or more persons, offering various rights. Do start from a psychological state where you won’t get upset if you get censored or if a moderator removes your post because it somehow hurts his bottom line; maybe he is the founder behind a company that is your competitor. Where we can, we will help; we have moderator status in lots of subreddits (especially finance-, business- and cryptocurrency-related).

The number #1 tip is to actually read the sidebar rules first! You'll find them in the right part of the screen:

After this, you will usually know if you've selected the right subreddit for your post. If you need another one, use these tools to find it:

Before writing the actual post, especially the title, it might be a good idea to read a few posts from the chosen subreddit. See what people are writing about, and try to get a feel of the community from the comment sections. It’s useful to be able to relate to them by using the same communication style. Additionally, go to the "Top" sorting -> "All Time", and see which posts did best. How were they formulated? What specific subjects were they touching?

Don't try to post obvious spam, and if you did it in the past excessively check that the domain is not banned. An easy way to do this: first do your post in /r/test, check with another browser if you can see it, and then remove it.

If your post was fine but it still doesn't show up, do know that many subreddits run a bot named "automoderator" (or "automod") that's often badly configured. Reach out to the moderators through a message, and ask them to approve your post. We always do this ourselves when needed.

Good luck! Add a comment to this article if you have more tips yourself.


How we operate on Quora when monitoring a question

Many of our clients use only Quora in order to get leads for their products, which is why they often have us monitoring the Quora Questions that bring them traffic. Even though the service description is easy to understand, it is not thorough. In this article, we'll give an example of what's being done for this service. Below, we pasted the current service description, and we'll follow with an example question+answer, and what would be done for it:

Your answer will be upvoted, while the competition is downvoted, daily. This lasts one week. Whenever no such actions are needed, Question Follows are provided instead, which increases traffic to the question. We also use other types of actions for this service, like Thank, Bookmark, Report, Share, Comment, Edit topics, Suggest edits.

Now, for a more extensive example... What would we have done for the answer that now stands at the top in the question below?

This is a question showing up in the "Algorithmic Trading", "Tutorials" and "List Question" topics. Let's consider that our client has "Denis Bykov"'s answer, which we have already managed to raise to the top in the previous days. Since we're upvoting with quality accounts that are often subscribed and active in the topics of the question, the answers that we target can get to #1 while often having smaller upvote counts than the competition.

Now that the answer is in a solid position, below are some examples of the actions that we might take during one day:

  • Remove the "Tutorials" topic that only has 6.8K subscribers, and add "Trading" instead. This comes with 2 million readers. If we would have added the big topic too early, it would have been harder to get the answer to the first position. In the coming days, more topics will be added.
  • The question will be receiving more traffic because of the above, and we'll make sure that the answer maintains its position. We'll mostly concentrate on downvoting new answers that have a chance of challenging #1. If we see our client's answer getting downvoted more than we can handle, we'll email him and ask to improve the content of the answer. We might even suggest the modifications ourselves through Quora's "Suggest Edits" button.
  • We'll keep adding a few question follows each day, in order to gain even more traffic for the question. It will show up in the feeds of more and more people who have followed various topics. Temporarily (for at most a few days at a time), we might change main topics of the question so that it gets a higher percentage of "fresh eyes".
  • When it makes sense (often), we will add the kind of comments that start a discussion to your answer's comment section, or the kind of comments that confirm its statements.

Since what you're reading now is the favorite blog of our competitors, we won't reveal here the most effective and the newest methods that can be applied, but do know this: we've been in this business through this website since 2016, and some of us have been using Quora since September 2011. Their team dislikes us greatly, and they have banned the domains through which we sell our Quora services soon after finding out that "it's them again! 😒😒". Meanwhile, our competitors from Pakistan, India, etc., who only use bots for their services, haven't even had the domains of their businesses banned. That's because they are exactly the kind of "puppet masters" that Quora can handle. Their bot networks are taken down every few months together with the answers that they've upvoted, and afterward, they just boot up again the script registering shitty unrealistic accounts. Meanwhile, what we do is what real persons do on Quora, using our own accounts, through methods that cannot be distinguished from any other real Quora user. There's no comparison. Funny enough, we've even often reported their bot networks ourselves, and we've even published lists of their users to make it easy for the Quora team. So maybe they should like us more?

To close, do know that we also offer fully managed marketing services (normal, or for crypto-related products/services), where we use various marketing techniques like the ones summarized in this article. We won't promote you just on Reddit, even though that often ends up being the main source of traffic; instead, we will adapt and do whatever seems to work best for your target market. While we do this, you'll be able to concentrate fully on other aspects of your business. Getting specialized help is often what's needed to save time and achieve that optimal monthly profit and growth rate.


Even more ways to optimize your website

In a recent post, we discussed how you shouldn't fixate on just doing marketing, but you should also constantly optimize your website. In this article, we'll give you a few more methods to apply when assessing your web code in various respects.

The first big tools to consider are the HTML and the CSS validators maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C):

Some other less important tools that they offer:

Their tools could probably keep your web developer busy for two months fixing things. That's if you're running your website on a WordPress CMS with a custom theme that you've purchased. If your website is built from the ground up, repairing issues will probably take a lot less time - a matter of days.

Here are some more tools that you could use:

Less useful tools (usually because what they're doing is done better by one of the above):

We'll stop here because we fear that we might have given you too many interesting activities to do, and because of it, you'll end up using our own website less. Hopefully, one year from now this article ends up buried on our blog under content with more interesting titles. They'll probably help you less, but at least you won't leave our website. You might even end up bookmarking it, for when you need marketing services in the future. Thank you for reading!


Remember to optimize your website!

We're adding this to the Advanced category because it's easy to say, hard to do. While getting caught up in marketing, you might forget to put as much effort in optimizing your website. You need to use Hotjar to see what your users are doing, you need to read about conversion rate optimization and actually apply the learned skills, and you will need to keep improving the code of your website.

What does "improving the code" mean? Google and other search engines will rank you better if they see your website as having proper:

  • Performance - how fast is your website? how long since the URL is typed until the user can actually use your website?
  • Accessibility - how do users who are experiencing some kind of impairment or disability experience your website?
  • Best Practices - how well is your website built? (this looks at everything from HTTPS usage to correct image aspect ratios)
  • SEO - how discoverable is the important content of your website?

You will need to assess the above four dimensions with tools like, (always use the same location!), and

The former website is the most important, since it's operated by Google itself. Here's for example how they're ranking us on the four dimensions:

The sad reality is that if you're using some kind of CMS (like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), you should form the habit of re-checking rankings after each theme update. This translates to around once per month on average. A lot of things change when themes, plugins or the CMS's themselves get updated. Some of those changes are negative, and you will have some fixing to do in order to keep up your high rankings. Good luck in staying consistent!

P.S. - if you want to run your website through even more validators in order to eventually optimize it, we have exactly the article for you!


Reddit can be useful for you regardless of what you’re starting in life

There's not enough time in life to learn from mistakes. Reddit can be useful in preventing this waste of time because if used correctly, its many communities can help you go through life optimally.

Let's say you're going to the gym; you want to build muscle. Should you start taking steroids as well, to hasten the process? I did my own research on steroids some time ago, and I got to the conclusion that they'll be great for some people, and bad for others (like myself). Here's why they can be dangerous: In the case of steroids, if your lipid panel is already looking bad, or if you always had trouble containing acne, you wouldn't start taking them.

When you begin studying a new field, it's a good idea to first find the dedicated subreddit for it, and:

  • Read the wiki that its users wrote.
  • Check out the links that they have on the sidebar.
  • Go to the Top sorting of threads (see photo below), and read the most upvoted threads of all time and the most upvoted threads of this year.
  • After you've completed the tasks above: if you still got lingering questions, start your first discussion on the subreddit! You could buy Reddit upvotes for your post so that it goes to the top, and you receive more answers and attention than usual.
The top sorting of a subreddit on Reddit is useful to discover past great discussions!

If I wanted to acquire a new interest and decent knowledge of nootropics, I'd first go to /r/nootropics and read Then I'd continue with the following three steps enumerated above. Here are just three tips for improving your mind's effectiveness:

  1. Consume blueberries. Lots of blueberries! Not convinced? Read Examine's page on blueberries! Quote: "The antioxidant and anthocyanin content of blueberries makes them particularly effective at reducing cognitive decline, supporting cardiovascular health, protecting the liver, and reducing liver fat buildup. They may also have a role to play in promoting the growth of nervous tissue and reducing neurological inflammation."
  2. Don't drink your coffee in the morning, because if you have a proper sleep schedule you shouldn't need it at that time of the day! You should already be fully awake in the morning! Instead, drink your only coffee of the day during lunch, so that you combat the all-too-common after-lunch drowsiness.
  3. Drink green tea in the morning and at lunch, because it comes with its own positive effects, while also containing this useful compound which synergizes with caffeine: "L-theanine is extremely safe and has been shown to mitigate the negative aspects of caffeine, such as anxiety, increased blood pressure and diminished sleep quality, while possibly improving upon the positive aspects."

If you wanted to buy a new laptop, you'd start with /r/SuggestALaptop/. If you wanted new quality headphones, you'd use /r/headphones/. If you wanted feedback on one of your websites, you'd use /r/design_critiques/. If you wanted to live longer, you'd start with /r/longevity. If you'd want to begin a skincare routine, you'd go to /r/SkincareAddiction. And so on, and on, and on. Reddit is useful!


Pandemics affect marketing companies negatively

Well... duh! During the recession that started in the U.S. on December 2007 and lasted until June 2009, the marketing and - especially - the advertising sector went to crap faster than many other sectors. For example, even though the global spending was down 9% in 2009, the ad spending was down an extra 3% on top of that. Pandemics affect marketing companies negatively, and since marketers aren't likely to prevent the incoming recession by finding a cure for Coronavirus, we're slashing the prices of some of our services:

Subreddit Subscriber - new price $0.99, down from $1.09. We've also added one more bonus at the end of the the service description:

[...] We'll also create activity with some of the new subscribers, like a few upvotes or a comment to a post.

We were actually already doing that, it just wasn't specified clearly.

Quora Upvote - new price $0.99, down from $1

This might not seem like much, but we have some clients with huge volume on Quora for which it will matter. There's also the next discount for them:

Quora Question Follow - new price $0.89, down from $1

And to some of our lower volume services:

Indie Hackers Upvote (max 5/post) - new price $1.39, down from $1.49

GrowthHackers Comment and Indie Hackers Comment - new price $3.95, down from $4.5

GrowthHackers Post and Indie Hackers Post - new price $13.5, down from $15

That's it, nothing else will get a discount. We're hoping that these will suffice in order for us to maintain a similar work volume throughout the next months of chaos.

If it's ends up not being enough, we'll begin studying molecular biology in order to defeat COVID-19 ourselves.


Indie Hackers – what is it, and what can we do for it

Indie Hackers is a social media platform and podcast owned by Stripe. The web platform resides on this URL: The podcast is boring. Here's how their main page looks like on January 16, 2020:

By their own definition, an indie hacker is someone "set out to make money independently". That means generating revenue directly from his customers, not indirectly through an employer. Their platform has multiple sections, for example, one through which founders of businesses and side projects can share their story: You can get some website traffic by simply clicking "Add Your Product", and then filling the information about your business as accurately as possible. In a few days, your product page will be approved and it will live forever in their public index. From then onward, you'll be able to publish milestones reached from time to time, telling other entrepreneurs what you've just accomplished, how, and the lessons learned from it. The milestone will compete to show up in the upper part of their main page, in the Milestones section. You can see some examples in the photo above. Buy Indie Hackers upvotes from us and your milestones will show up on top. This is obviously easy marketing, but don't do it unless your target market is somehow related to B2B products/services, startups or entrepreneurship, because that's who will be landing on your page.

If you accept payments through Stripe on your store, a good tip is to link your product page with the Stripe account. Revenue statistics will start showing up on your Indie Hackers product page, and people will take it more seriously.

Below the Milestones/Products sections, you can see the Community section. We can do posts for you there, or you can post yourself and have us upvote and comment. This is where "you'd ask for advice or feedback" regarding your product/service, thereby bringing potential customers to your pages.

Alexa's traffic stats has ranked at #4933 in the USA, with both engagement and traffic going up fast. This makes it a worthwhile target for marketing your efforts.

Two more ways in which you can promote yourself with Indie Hackers are found on their Contribute section:

  • you can pitch them to write an article for their Articles section; this has to be about advice or strategies that could help others in their business / side project; Courtland Allen, the main person behind I.H., has shared some ideas about what articles could be about:
  • you can sign up to be interviewed by them, with the interview showing up in their Interviews section.

If you're organizing a local entrepreneurship-related meetup in your area, you can link to it in their Meetups section.

And finally, you can contact them and request to be a guest on their podcast. If it's live, please tell everybody about our services. :P


Why buying Reddit upvotes from other services than Upvotes Club is bad for business

Disclaimer: We're not at all subjective while writing this article. When assessing them objectively, our competitors just suck.

Buying Reddit upvotes from other services than is bad for business. On a meta level, our competitors suck because:

  • Their businesses are either one-man shows or led by amateurish entrepreneurs.
  • Their objective is making money instead of providing a quality service.
  • They're putting too much emphasis on competing in price with their commensurate competitors. For this reason, they have to cut costs, which leads to a race to the bottom where their main day-by-day question is "how to still offer this service at a lower cost?", instead of "how do I improve this service even more?".
  • They see each other as competitors. We don't see them similarly. We see Reddit as our competitors. We are engaged against them in an intellectual battle to make our influence worth more.

Here's what these low quality services do, which will hurt your business:

  • Upvote/downvote your posts with school-grade level software, instead of upvoting manually with an intelligent undetectable manner of switching fast between accounts - as we and some other big marketing agencies do.
  • They're forced to keep adding new accounts without karma to their software because the current batch is getting banned. Guess how these new accounts are registered? Again, school-grade level software is being deployed, while beating Reddit's captchas with services like 2Captcha. The more technically advanced shitty competitors are using software like CapMonster with Recaptcha2 Sitekey Addon. On the other end, we don't even have captchas showing up.
  • They don't start the actions ordered as soon as the payments for the orders go through.
  • They don't make rational decisions when it comes to promoting your posts. For example, they might upvote too fast or too slow for the subreddit where your post is located, and the time when it was posted. Many examples could be offered here.
  • They don't speak proper English, which will be obvious in the history of their accounts. And God forbid you order a comment from them as well, without providing the text. Expect something like "This is great!" to be posted. Even if the comment for you will be correct orthographically and grammatically because you provided the text, the rest of the comments from the account's history won't be, which will raise suspicions.

Why does this hurt your business?

  • You will get called out in the comment section as a spammer and manipulator.
  • Your business will start being associated with unethical promotional practices.
  • The domain of your business might get banned globally on
  • Your post won't actually make it anywhere near the top of a subreddit. Nor your comment to the top of the comment section.
  • If you've posted with your own account and they've just upvoted you, then your account will eventually get permanently suspended. It will happen in two days, or two weeks, but it will happen.

Hopefully, the above information will save you some trouble and stress. Do know that we don't just sell upvotes, downvotes, posts and comments. We also offer fully managed marketing services, where you'll have a campaign manager and we'll take the best decisions in order for your product/service/media to get the most exposure. You can find our managed services in this category.


What to avoid when promoting yourself with our techniques

  • Let's say we do a positive review for your product or service in a well-targeted subreddit. If someone posts a comment that you'd like to reply to, be it negative or positive, do not reply with "a company account". Most likely, you'll immediately get called out that you've incited the thread yourself, otherwise how would you have known about it? You can, however, answer everything one day later, that's a more realistic time-frame.
  • Do not use bots to upvote threads that we've also been upvoting. From our FAQ: When we detect bot activity, we stop working immediately and there's no refund as credit. You're putting our accounts at risk, and most likely you'll get caught anyway, especially on Snapzu, Reddit and Hacker News.
  • Do not buy too many upvotes for a small subreddit. Exceptions might be when you do it for SEO, or when you're trying to get to the top of the year (/r/subreddit/top/?t=year). When we consider that you bought too many upvotes, we'll probably provide them slower than usual, sometimes even drip them during 48 or 72 hours. If this is still not enough, we will refund you in credit for the actions that were not provided.
  • Do not buy too few upvotes on big subreddits.
  • Do not buy too few downvotes for competing posts in subreddits that get a lot of new threads each hour. Aim for a ratio of at least 3 downvotes on competing posts for every upvote to yours.
  • If you get negative feedback from redditors on your post/s, don't be sad or demoralized about it. Instead, be happy that you've received feedback which can lead to improvements. Always keep adapting!
  • Don't promote link posts that sell something, unless done in subreddits which exist precisely for this purpose (/r/ImSavingUpForThis/, /r/shutupandtakemymoney/, /r/BuyItForLife/, ...). Another idea would be to /r/AskReddit "what is the best X you've ever bought?", then make sure that the top comment leads to your product. Of course, both the question and the subreddit choice need to be more subtle than that.
  • If you want to be the one posting something, while we only upvote it and downvote the competition, make sure to actually post it during our working schedule. Also, use a fast payment method like Nano, Paypal or ETH with an average fee! It's best to have us do the posts as well though because that way we can always ensure that actions start getting delivered as soon as they're up. This leads to a less suspicious and more effective process. You can find our managed marketing packages in this category.
  • Don't forget to write at "Additional Information", during checkout, what you actually want to be done with the actions that you're buying. You'd be amazed to find out that even to this day, 1 out of 18 people forgets this, and he has to contact us afterwards through email or Skype in order to complete the order request.
  • Avoid asking us to promote pages that could look spammy if a potential customer is sent directly to them, or they're harder to promote because they're the last step in your sales funnel. For example, instead of buying Managed Traffic for your website's main page, you'd be better off having us promote a landing page that eases the reader into your products, explaining why you have the upper hand over the competition, or one of your blog articles.
  • Avoid under-promoting or over-promoting. Do you want to promote a new PlayStation game? Over-promote then! Success will cost a lot of money, and it means Successful Product Launch initially (which costs double for games), plus a custom monthly package discussed with us during a Strategy Consultation. Do you want to promote a homeopathic pill (scam)? Under-promote then, in this case, you could even go for a 0$ budget because promoting trash rarely works anymore. If you're replying "But I've seen such pills promoted in the past!"... that was probably on PornHub; we usually go for more intelligent markets with websites like Reddit, Quora and Hacker News.


What to do if you’ve heard that promotion through Reddit or Quora works, but you’re not a heavy user

We'll show in this article than promotion through Reddit works, and promotion through Quora works as well. There are businesses whose only marketing channel is Reddit or Quora. The advantage of these platforms is that you're not bringing random users to your websites. When targeting the right subreddits or Quora topics, your talking exactly to the persons who would want to be on your landing page. Sometimes, they've even been actively searching for what you have on offer. Maybe you're not getting those 1000 views from bots, offered by Fiverr and Seoclerks sellers in so many forms. For this reason, it won't look good initially in your analytics report. But from those 100 real users, 10 will be buying or following your other calls to action. This positive effect will compound in time, and will eventually lead to the "financial independence" of your business.

In order to laser focus on your target audience, you need to have a perfect understanding of these platforms and how they're being engaged with. It's a lot more difficult than it seems, given how each subreddit has its own rules, set by whoever might be moderating it. It also has a community with its own habits, beliefs and memes. For example, a community might hate it when it's being presented a certain product in a certain manner, maybe because your competitors have already done it similarly up to saturation.

When we handle the promotion for you, through one of our managed marketing services, we have essential advantages to what you'd be doing manually by choosing what actions are to be made, and buying from us Reddit posts, Reddit comments, Reddit upvotes, Reddit downvotes for competing posts, Reddit Monitor, Reddit upvotes/downvotes for comments, and so on. Here's why we do it better by ourselves:

  • We can start actions on a post or a comment as soon as it got submitted. This can be the difference between making it to the top of a subreddit, or ending up in the second or third spot. Let's be real, this is only possible when we're the ones posting; if some competitor tells you that you can post by yourself and he'll start upvoting immediately after, you're being fed lies. Even the payment process can take 30 seconds or more. If you upvote with bots instead, expect your thread to be removed by moderators because your post with 15 points will be behind one which received 3 real upvotes 20 minutes before, and that will look suspicious as hell. If you really want to be posting yourself, we can help in this regard, even though it's suboptimal: you can schedule the post! Order and pay before the Reddit post is live, then write at "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" during checkout at what time will you post (preferably in UTC), in what subreddit, with what account, and what's the title. We'll do our best to start upvoting as soon as the post is live. Just know that in this kind of situations, our clients have sometimes not been able to stick with their own schedule, f.e. because their posts got removed initially for having forgotten something, like setting up a flair or following a naming convention.
  • If one of us has greater experience in the targeted subreddit, he'll be the one submitting and adapting the text. Otherwise, we'll check the comment sections of similar posts done in the past to make sure we approach it in the right way.
  • We'll actually pay attention to all those pesky sidebar rules when choosing a title and a body. Setting a title that would be accepted has gotten ridiculously hard in certain subreddits, where even an extra space character seems to trigger the OCD compulsion of some moderator. We even remember to set the flair after the post is live. There's no reason to remove our posts, unless you're trying to get us to promote your "10-day guide to weight loss and wealth building. No work needed". Promoting crap won't work, regardless of what marketing agency you're choosing.
  • There's a working schedule for manual operations on our website, which is indeed very limited, especially for those outside of US or EU. But for managed packages, we can actually post at any hour, since we live in various time zones around the world. We use a tool and our experience in order to determine the posting time which guarantees the highest chance of ranking high.
  • We sell marketing services for quite a few communication networks on our website, but, in reality, we have accounts on a lot more. For Managed Traffic, Premium #2, and other marketing services fully administered by us, we often post on other networks if the target market is there. For example, for an article related to programming, we could also go with our promotion on Lobsters, Stack Overflow, CodeProject, etc. To conclude here, we are not just about Reddit, Quora and a few others; we're about bringing you interested clients or readers, from wherever they might spend time on the internet.
  • We often accompany our posts with monitoring, which is an expensive and time-consuming service - yet often essential. If you're unlucky when posting manually on Reddit, then the first or or two comments might be negative. Afterwards, in the time it takes you to buy Reddit Monitoring from us, they will influence other people visiting the comment section, and you'll end up with bad feedback from all directions. These aren't the kind of threads that make it to the top. Op failed.
  • People, even most marketers, are very bad at NOT sounding as if their only actual purpose is to promote something. We're far evolved from this stage, with most of our comments and posts making other people follow our suggestions, and in the same think it was their own idea.
  • The list could go on. In conclusion, promotion through Reddit, Quora, and other networks works. It just needs to be done properly, and for this reason we recommend you getting a managed package from us, instead of buying just the actions that you need from us.


Reddit upvote bots – here’s why they don’t work!

"Reddit upvote bot". Are you looking for that? We'll be saving you some time then! Bots that claim to upvote successfully on Reddit do not work. Reddit upvote bots were working before 2015. A lot has changed since then; for example, Reddit has become a social media giant which was evaluated in its series D round at over 3 billion dollars. They have an all-star security team, and if you think that some guy from Pakistan has written a C# windows app or Python web app that can send your posts to the hot rankings, then you need to lay off the Kool-Aid. A better alternative to Reddit upvote bots is what we're doing, and there's no way to identify it as marketing because it differs in no way of normal usage of the Reddit website. When you buy Reddit upvotes, do it the right way.

First off, you should know that the accounts used by bot managers (basically any other website selling upvotes except us), have exactly 0 post karma and 1 comment karma. That's because the people who manage the bots have to also handle registering accounts, with or without email, a process which is similarly automatized. Then, the accounts are used for actions as much as possible, until they get banned. Lately, this means less than 12 hours. There's just no other way. Creating activity on these accounts beforehand would be a complex and unprofitable step, which doesn't help them avoid bans. Additionally, take into consideration that actions given by new accounts are more likely to have less value (we haven't actually tested this hypothesis). Why would the upvote of a new account have the same worth as the one of a regular Reddit user?

Here are some of the Reddit Upvote Bots used: „Reddit Automation Bot”, „Reddit Account Creator and Upvoater” (that's how they've chosen to write it), "B.H.T. Reddit Bot", "Rabbit", "Socinator", "Reddit-Marketing-Pro", "ASB Reddit Bot", "Reddit King", "AIO Bot", "Reddit Voter" or „Reddit Dominator”. Reddit marketing services usually just settle on one of these programs, many of which are free, and in conjunction with a script that creates accounts and a website, they start offering their poor-quality service. After at most one year of light activity, they're usually gone, and other similar ventures replace them. They usually originate from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Reddit upvote bot used by a friendly competitor. Their actions have 0 effect.

We know a lot more about why they're failing than we let out through this article, this being done in order to protect our business, but also the Reddit website itself, which we wouldn't want to see invaded by spam. Since most of our competitors barely speak English, we'll risk a bit and add here one of the ways Reddit admins ban not only their upvoting bots regularly, but also any other accounts - including those manually created:

Linking any two accounts with a degree of probability is an easy algorithm that can be run on the Reddit platform. Two accounts have upvoted the same three submissions in their lifetime, in three different non-default subreddits? There you go, 100% the same account owner. After a high probability link for a large number of accounts is done (this is an automated process), Reddit admins sometimes choose not to ban two or three of the accounts that have been used for posts or comments. Instead, they start monitoring them. The owners of upvoting services are not smart enough to stop using them, and often they don't even have enough resources to afford it. For this reason, these accounts will keep being used time and time again to re-link all the users of the upvoting service, and mass bans will keep occurring where the only survivors are the "spy" accounts.

In conclusion, if what you have there is actually something worth promoting, do not use Reddit bots.


Internet marketing services

An article that we started in 2016 in order to rank for the keywords "internet marketing services", which at the time had approximately the traffic and competition noted below:
1K – 10K
We haven't finished it, and we actually forgot about it, but in the interest of content generation, we'll just publish it like it was. Internet marketing services, for whoever might care: Colours map: PURPLE - it means that the task can be extremely time-consuming PAID - this costs money, you might want to leave it last
  1. Upvotes Club, by far the best option in this list. We're the only ones concentrating on marketing services that actually work, and we don't waste time with pretend-marketing.
  2. Start your own blog for your company/startup. Make it really interesting. Be candid. Show off new features. Show off stuff you're working on. Show off your team or your technology. Build up your own tribe of followers. They will make all the difference when it comes to saving you on, Digg, Reddit, and so forth. Do marketing for each post with the help of
  3. Present your creation on Hacker News in the Show HN section. Read the rules first.
  4. Post content from your blog on Hacker News.
  5. Find out where users of competing businesses gather (forums, Facebook groups, Google groups) and work your way into their attention zone.
  6. Create a digest with your content on
  7. Present your startup on
  8. Add your business on (add it even if it's not a startup; the same goes for all startup directories)
  9. Add your business on
  10. Add your business on
  11. Browse the offers from and see if there's anything you can take advantage of.
  12. Add your business on
  13. Add your business on platforms similar to the now-defunct
  14. Add your business on platforms similar to the now-defunct
  15. Add your business on
  16. Add your business on
  17. Add your business on
  18. Add your business on
  19. Add your business on
  20. Add your business on
  21. Add your business on
  22. Add your business on
  23. Add your business on
  24. Add your business on
  25. Add your business on
  26. Even if it's not European, add your business on
  27. Add your website on
  28. Add your business on
  29. Add your business on
  30. Add your business on
  31. Add your business on
  32. Send an email with your business pitch to
  33. Send an email with your business pitch to TechCrunch
  34. Pitch your business and a giveaway to
  35. Add your business on platforms similar to the now-defunct
  36. Add your business on
  37. Add your product on
  38. Present your business on
  39. Add your business on
  40. Add your business on platforms similar to the now-defunct
  41. Add your business on
  42. Add your business on
  43. Add your business on
  44. Add your business as a maker and add your product here:
  45. Add your business on
  46. Add your business on
  47. Add your product on
  48. Add your company on
  49. Add your products on
  50. Add an event on
  51. Add your company on LinkedIn
  52. Reach out to people from your industry on LinkedIn
  53. Track what's being talked about your company/products and reply when needed: use both Google Alerts and
  54. Create an event and try to find sponsors for it with
  55. Cross-promote on social media through specialized platforms (in the past, this was done with AdHipster; you might want to start with finding current alternatives for it)
  56. After you know for sure what customer acquisition cost you can afford, start using Google AdWords.
  57. Same as above with Bing Ads.
  58. [...] Facebook Ads.
  59. [...] Twitter Ads
  60. [...] LinkedIn Ads.
  61. [...] StumbleUpon Ads
  62. Find as many blogs in your niche as possible. Pitch them properly. DON'T JUST GO FOR THE BIG ONES! The smaller blogs are more likely to link to you if you're friendly to them and develop rapport (they want to see you are friendly and genuine).
  63. Find journalists to write about your startup through
  64. Find journalists to write about your startup through
  65. Find journalists to write about your startup through
  66. Promote your product to this community: (others similar: |
  67. Notify tech blogs about your app: (even though it's just helping you a bit with the message and sending emails, this costs $50 or more)
  68. Have your startup submitted automatically to directories, review websites and communities or
  69. If you're selling a B2B app, add it on
  70. If you're selling a smartphone app, add it on
  71. If you have a web application or service, add it on
  72. If you have a web application/service or smartphone app, add it on
  73. If you have a web app or smartphone app, add it on
  74. If you have a web application, email about it
  75. If you have a brand that fits in any of their categories, list all the stores that carry it on
  76. If it fits in any category, add your product on
  77. If you're Romanian, add your startup on
  78. If you have a European startup, apply to the "EU ROADSHOW + SV STARTUP SCHOOL" on
  79. Submit your startup story for a feature on
  80. Submit your startup story on
  81. Pitch your startup to
  82. Find ancillary reasons to get your service mentioned in blog posts and tutorials. For example, if your startup is an RSS mashup generator of some sort, you need to have tutorials out there that recommend your service. Get those tutorials and posts on to Reddit, Hacker News, Digg, etc.
  83. If people write about your site, write tutorials that mention you, etc, PROMOTE THAT CONTENT EVEN IF IT'S NOT YOURS! Get people reading stuff that's about you - not by you!
  84. Remember that bigger sites like TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb (if applicable to your sector) love exclusives. Don't bother mass pitching those - focus on one, whichever you can get the best rapport with, and offer an exclusive. Your product needs to be AWESOME for this to work though.
  85. Follow a search on terms related to your service (and even the name of your service)... get in touch with people who might be interested, respond to all comments about your service.
  86. Try to submit as many press releases as possible. Use if you can't afford to pay for this or if you're a boss.
  87. Build ancillary "fun" services that tie into your main web app. Something fun, free, perhaps something that you can relate to sites people find interesting, such as Twitter. Let's say your main service is an online graphics editor. Perhaps you could create a separate site where people can create avatars for Twitter / Facebook from a small set of templates.. separate project but promoting the first.
  88. Use both and in order to stay on top with mentions of your company, your competitors and subjects on which you could comment about your product.
  89. Comment on other blogs and online news outlets in order to try to get your link out there in a non-spammy way.
  90. (To extend this with the actual links; search terms "CSS design show-case", "CSS design submit website", etc.) Does your design rock? Get on to the "CSS design", and "Web design" showcase type sites. There are hundreds of them around. Not amazing exposure, but the more links the better and any one of your visitors might turn in to a serious contact.
  91. Find your way into interviews (you can't just read something like this and keep reading; you have to actually do it)
  92. Find your way into podcasts
  93. Twitter follow/unfollow marketing (it's easy to find with Google what's it about); To do it, use this free tool: or this freemium:; You'll also need an auto-clicking AHK script (use F8 to toggle auto-clicking).
  94. Interact daily with the people that you've followed on Twitter, fav many of their posts and retweet the best ones.
  95. Set up a message that everybody receives when they follow you. Use for this, from settings -> new followers.
  96. Implement as many of these methods as possible in order to gain more followers on Twitter: tip #21)
  97. Find accounts (from the same field of interest as you) which engage a lot with their followers and send them offers to cross-promote, even if you have more followers than they do.
  98. Create a viral contest by offering a prize to whoever sends the most traffic to your contest page. Make entrants use a contest hashtag and a link so you can track who sends the most traffic. You can track link clicks by adding a + to the end of any link.
  99. Increase sales using Twitter by giving special offers and coupons to your followers. The best way to do this is to give access to those offers only to those that RT one of your tweets.
  100. Post a lot of non-promotional content as well (retweeting others might be enough). Use a scheduling tool (ManageFlitter) to space out the tweets. Promotional content can also mean pictures of your products with no text (or text on image); these get retweeted easier.
  101. Add the location of your business to Google Maps (Google Places). If you're a perfectionist you can add it with searchable text, coupons, hours of operation, brands carried, maps, photos, video and reviews.
  102. [...] Bing Maps (Bing Places)
  103. [...] Yahoo Maps (Yahoo Local)
  104. [...] Yellow Pages platforms similar to the now-defunct  or
  105. [...] Yelp (they are a bit scammy)
  106. [...] MerchantCircle
  107. [...] AllPages
  108. [...] YellowBot
  109. [...] Manta
  110. [...] CitySearch (
  111. [...] MapQuest (
  112. [...] Local (
  113. [...] FOURSQUARE (
  114. [...] The Business Journals
  115. [...] Angies List (
  116. [...] Hotfrog
  117. Add the contact info of your business on White Pages (at the moment not possible)    
  118. Add your website in all the directories for SEO purposes (especially if you're running a blog on it as well) 
  119. If you're selling through Amazon, read this article
  120. Find more ideas on
  121. Find more ideas in other articles of ours
We have even more internet marketing tips on this website, in another article that was actually published at its time. No internet marketing service looks as if it could beat Reddit marketing anytime soon though.

What cryptocurrency needs in order to succeed

Legal tender. It needs to become legal tender. That's all folks! Until that happens, we're all forced to sell valuable assets like ETH for hyper-inflationary poorly-backed crap like USD or EUR. And we don't want that. We'd rather use trustless money that actually belongs to us, and which is also a gateway to modern financial tools like dY/dX, Uniswap, Compound and Dharma. The old monetary systems and the old financial system need an upgrade.

Here's the definition of legal tender:

Legal tender is a medium of payment recognized by a legal system to be valid for meeting a financial obligation. Paper currency and coins are common forms of legal tender in many countries. Legal tender is variously defined in different jurisdictions. Formally, it is anything which when offered in payment extinguishes the debt. Thus, personal cheques, credit cards, and similar non-cash methods of payment are not usually legal tender. The law does not relieve the debt obligation until payment is tendered. Coins and banknotes are usually defined as legal tender. Some jurisdictions may forbid or restrict payment made other than by legal tender. For example, such a law might outlaw the use of foreign coins and bank notes or require a license to perform financial transactions in a foreign currency.


While Bitcoin can be used to buy anything from huge shopping chains like BIC CAMERA, it is not legal tender in Japan, even though /r/cryptocurrency or /r/bitcoin propaganda might have convinced you otherwise (source). Realistically, we will probably not see it happen in enough countries until a cryptocurrency actually wins, meaning that because of its properties and its fair distribution, it has wide support from the young generations. Sadly, even Ethereum has had bad initial distribution: more than 40% of the ETH sold went to the top 100 purchasers (source - page 59). The years of mining that followed ensured that the distribution fairness improved, but it's still far from optimal. New projects like Cosmos and DFINITY have such bad initial distributions that it's not even worth considering that they might win. Projects like Ripple or Bitcoin Gold make the entire space look bad, even though their holders will turn a blind eye in the hope that they're somehow going to get rich for just holding onto them and making others buy (I wonder how we should name this strategy, maybe "inverse pyramid" or something like that, I don't know).

Centralized exchanges have been hacked time and time again, and their morality is also deplorable. Binance is slowly becoming as hated as Bitfinex (and Tether) because of their multiple bad decisions (like putting ETH pairs in the "ALTS MARKET" category). While decentralized exchanges will keep growing, they still won't replace fully their centralized counterparts because people still need to buy USD/EUR in order to pay for food, utilities and rent. And decentralized exchanges that use fiat gateways are not fully trustless, and don't get rid of the KYC/AML abuse.

There are many other issues, and the good news is that all of them are slowly getting solved. Many of the most difficult issues have already been solved. Cryptocurrencies and smart contracts platforms are slowly and surely winning. There are more brilliant minds operating in this industry than in many others. The people that are in will not turn back their mentalities. You won't see a Monero holder respecting USD more than XMR. This just won't happen. The enhancement is spreading, and for this reason, maybe the initial premise is actually wrong. What cryptocurrencies need is just more time, because there's no turning back.


LinkedIn marketing strategy: promote your business in its many groups!

This is about an underrated marketing strategy for LinkedIn. You don't hear people talking about it, and you don't read any articles about it. You can do it by yourself, or you can do it with our help. Regardless, it's a cheap method of promoting your business or your fund-raising in groups that see less marketing than your average Facebook group. The median IQ in these groups is also a bit higher. For these reasons, promoting your business with this strategy just works better.

We're writing here about the optimal way on how you should go about it, but of course, you can do it your own way.

As of 2019.03.16, there are 1,787,734 groups on LinkedIn:

The easiest way to go about it would be to just buy our managed service for marketing in LinkedIn groups, write at Order Notes the landing page and what do you see as the target marketing, and let us handle it from there. The service description makes everything obvious:

If you’re offering a B2B product or service, or if your target market is in any way related to investing, trading, smarts contracts, cryptocurrencies or STO’s, this is for you. We will promote your business in LinkedIn groups starting a few days after the order is made, for a total of two weeks. It takes so long to start because we need to join groups related to your target market and make some neutral activity first.

We found out about some changes coming to LinkedIn groups; they will be similar to how Facebook groups work: if you'll want our posts from the groups to show up in the feeds of people more, then you might want to not actually link to the landing page, and instead mention it in such a way that people could easily Google it. For example, you would say "Empson wines" instead of linking to Or if you have a lot of time to put into this, you could combine it with a more standard LinkedIn marketing strategy:

Optimize your profile, then create a company page that might serve from time to time as the first or the second step in the funnel, and optimize that as well. You might not even insert a company page into your marketing funnel, because LinkedIn users prefer to interact with other people instead of the pages of their company. Try for 30 days a premium level like Sales Navigator so that you get access to LinkedIn Learning, which is the former You'll have tons of videos on optimizing your LinkedIn profile and the rest of your presence on the platform. Then, generate relevant content for your target audience. That can be a combination of blog posts, eBooks, case studies, etc... Once you have the content, keep posting it on your LinkedIn profile and in the company page. You can also have us post it in relevant groups, or you can post it yourself. Make sure that all posts have links to landing pages on your company website, and those, in turn, have some sort of CTA or a way to capture their info like an eBook download form. Then comes the hardest part... consistency. You need to be posting multiple times a week. Not so much that it seems spammy, but enough to spread throughout the spokespeople and industry groups. Stick to a strict schedule! You can even automate posting on your profile and in the company page. You'll get a solid growth in followers, website traffic, and lead conversions, in less than six months. Do not use LinkedIn ads unless you know your CLV and it's in the 5 figure range, otherwise, you won't make a good ROI. Know exactly what kind of profiles your business does business with, and start connecting with them. But do not pitch them outright! Nobody likes that. Allocate time each day to make connections with those prospects, and also to engage with your existing connections (for example, reply to their posts). If you can't keep up, hire someone to handle the entirety of this LinkedIn marketing strategy. To get more views on your content, you can use a tool like LinkedProspect to simply message a lot of people on LinkedIn (without anything spammy) and get them to connect to you.

Good luck! If you just want to see how well LinkedIn marketing would work for you before going heavy into it, just use our service initially! Subsequently, watch your Analytics and see if the traffic that you receive from this social media platform is satisfying and if its conversion rate is high enough. In the meantime, we'll try to keep this article updated with tips on how to promote your business on LinkedIn.


Choose the next marketing services that we should offer!

For two months at a time (except the first period, which will span over three months), we'll be running polls in which we inquire customers about the services that they want to be made available next. We then take the winner, we remove it as an option from the next poll, and we start doing whatever is needed in order to create a new efficient marketing technique (if possible). You're into marketing, right? Then, just look in the list above, vote for whatever you think might be helpful to promote your product, cause, creative or service, and if you don't find it in the list suggest it in the comment section! That's all! Have fun! :)

Free secret joke – no one knows about this page

Do not share, take it to the grave, very likely to be the best joke conceivable by a human mind:

An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar.

The first mathematician orders a beer. The second orders half a beer.

I don't serve half-beers, the bartender replies.

Excuse me?, asks mathematician #2.

What kind of bar serves half-beers?, the bartender remarks. That's ridiculous.

Oh c'mon, says mathematician #1, do you know how hard it is to collect an infinite number of us? Just play along!

There are very strict laws on how I can serve drinks. I couldn't serve you half a beer even if I wanted to.

But that's not a problem, mathematician #3 chimes in, at the end of the joke you serve us a whole number of beers. You see, when you take the sum of a continuously halving function -

I know how limits work, interjects the bartender.

Oh, alright then. I didn't want to assume a bartender would be familiar with such advanced mathematics.

Are you kidding me?  The bartender replies. You learn limits in like, 9th grade! What kind of mathematician thinks limits are advanced mathematics?

HE'S ON TO US, mathematician #1 screeches.

Simultaneously, every mathematician opens their mouth and out pours a cloud of multicolored mosquitoes. Each mathematician is bellowing insects of a different shade.

The mosquitoes form into a singular, polychromatic swarm. FOOLS it booms in unison, I WILL INFECT EVERY BEING ON THIS PATHETIC PLANET WITH MALARIA!

The bartender stands fearless against the technicolor hoard. But wait, he interrupts, thinking fast, if you do that, politicians will use the catastrophe as an excuse to implement free health-care. Think of how much that will hurt the taxpayers!

The mosquitoes fall silent for a brief moment. My God, you're right. We didn't think about the economy! Very well, we will not attack this dimension. FOR THE TAXPAYERS! and with that, they vanish.

A nearby barfly stumbles over to the bartender. How did you know that that would work?

It's simple really, the bartender says. I saw that the vectors formed a gradient, and therefore must be conservative.

  Source: it's all over the internet

How to promote your cause with an AMA (Ask Me Anything!)

A short explanation of AMA's and how they can be used for marketing purposes

An AMA (Ask Me Anything) is a thread started on social media, usually Reddit, where you tell people what you're about and you also invite them to ask you anything, with the implicit promise that in the next few days, you'll be spending as much time as necessary in order to answer all the non-trolling questions. These threads tend to attract a lot of eyes and can be used to promote your cause, by simply mentioning it in the main body of the thread or in the reply that's getting most views. The main subreddit where AMA's are posted is /r/IAmA, with 18.5 million subscribers as of 2018.11.20. But you can post AMA's wherever your target market is. If you sell car decals, you could choose the /r/cars subreddit and a few groups on Facebook related to tuning cars, and present your short bio and your startup there, then promise to answer any question related to car decals in the next few days. For the Reddit threads, consider having us upvote them and comment, in order to jump-start the interest. Otherwise, this might happen:

Answer all the questions!

Make sure you understand the distinction between trolling questions and uncomfortable ones. If you work at a non-profit, raising funds in order to feed stray dogs in Detroit, a trolling question might be:
How can you identify if a dog is stray or just lost, and what do you do to find their owner for the latter situation?
You don't have to answer such a question. An uncomfortable question might be:
Wouldn't it be best to raise funds to sterilize the stray dogs, and use the rest of the money to support homeless people?
You need to answer it. Answer as many questions as possible, including the ones that you find uncomfortable; people will appreciate it!

Be real!

Another tip would be to be as real as possible. In today's society where bad education and social media invites everybody into a fakeness competition, with the winners being the people that create the coolest narratives, the traits of honesty and realness are appreciated even more. Lower your guard, do not think what you're supposed to say when answering a question and just answer it from the heart, with all the awkward, ego-lowering and non-hyperbolic elements that might be attached to the truth. If you're a marketing genius (and you might be ready for our Advanced blog section), you can use the above facts in order to over-act with realness and honesty, for example, to dramatize answers in order to solicit empathy. People will like you more.

How to prepare for your own "Ask Me Anything" thread:

  • spend 30 minutes browsing through the most upvoted AMA's of all time
  • search on Google for other AMA's that relate to your field of activity, see how other people have done it; example of a search queries:
    • inurl:ama car tuning
    • car tuning "ask me anything"
  • read everything here:
  • if you will buy from us a lot of upvotes for your post, comments, and downvotes for competing posts, the traffic to the thread might be very high therefore set aside at least three hours in which to answer questions continually; when you're at this stage, whatever donation or support you might be soliciting will probably end up being successful too
  • find a catchy title for the AMA, that makes people want to click; some examples from the past:
  • consider scheduling your AMA with at least two weeks in advance, so that it appears in the sidebar of /r/iama; you'll need to send date, time, person (information about you), description (information about the AMA) to; maybe just send them the title and the body that you'll be using, so that you get some feedback in advance on the quality of the proof and on the request for support (they might consider it too emphasized)
  • scheduling might not be worth the effort, but you can at least message the moderators of /r/IAmA before posting to ask them if the title and the body are fine
  • the request for support doesn't have to be in the main body of your post; it can be as a reply to one or more of the most upvoted questions; note here that we have the ability to upvote Reddit comments as well, not just the threads
  • post at a time when traffic from your target market should start going up

How to manage your AMA, once it is up:

  • share the link to it through all your social media channels, and ask all your close friends to share it as well
  • as mentioned already:
    • be real
    • do not engage with trolls
    • answer all the uncomfortable questions as well
  • cross-post it in relevant subreddits and add "[xpost /r/IAmA]" at the end of the title
  • again, promote it with our help; it won't be worth the time that you're putting into this strategy if your thread is getting no traffic

This is what you need for the actual process of posting the AMA:

If your internet skills are bad, here's a step by step guide on how to register a Reddit account and do the post (we found it at "Useful links", in the /r/IAmA subreddit): Here's a template that you could use for your post if your main goal is to bring people to a fundraiser:
Title: I am [WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION]. [WHAT DO YOU DO CURRENTLY?]. [WHAT IS YOUR LATEST ACHIEVEMENT?]! -- AMA - or at the end: — AMA! - only specify your name if you are extremely famous Body: Hi! [Name] here! [Bio in a few phrases] [Why your cause is important] [Call to action (here you would mention about your fundraiser)] [Secondary call to action starting with "Please support the campaign and ..." - make it clear what the advantages are for those donating] Proof: [Proof]

How we are helping the cryptocurrency ecosystem

We've been taking payments through cryptocurrency for more than two years, and not only through this website. Most of the time we've accepted more than 60 different cryptocurrencies as a method of payment. Lately, we've only been accepting the ones that are actually getting used, plus two exceptions:
  • DASH, because of how much they work towards adoption in countries that need a stable currency
  • Zcash, because of all their work in expanding the science and the possibilities from this field
Since NANO seems to be the front runner for a deflationary trustless cryptocurrency on which centralization forces do not act, we're trying to help it more than we help others:

[1] At Checkout, we're accepting payment with NANO through BrainBlocks, with no transaction fees and no payment processor fees.

[2] We're running 4 nodes on the beta-net and 2 nodes on the main-net, in different data centres around the world, and we'll keep them up in perpetuity.

[3] Two of the six nodes offer open access to their RPC interface. The ports won't be changing in the future, and they're being kept updated automatically.

For the main-net, this one can be used:

The RPC is open for anybody to use at port 7888 (no GPU, enable_control is true):

curl -d '{ "action" : "version" }'

Anybody can play with it, or integrate it with any business/tool/service/whatever.

For the beta-net, this one has RPC open on 55888:

The main-net server is auto-updating on the :latest docker tag, and the beta-net auto-updates on :master.

[4] We'll soon be running a stress test script on the beta network in perpetuity, with low frequency, in order to create a more realistic environment for devs and testers.

[5] We'll choose two of the nodes that we've set up, and make them representatives. Anyone will be able to delegate voting weight to them. We want them up flawlessly for at least 30 days first.

We often donate to free open source projects from the cryptocurrency space. Even with the bear market of this year, there haven't been more than 5 days in a row where we haven't made at least one donation.

Buy Product Hunt upvotes – an easy way to promote/launch your mobile app, website, hardware project or tech creation

Buying Product Hunt upvotes has been possible for almost a year now through our main page. We've had incredible success, with our record being having the top two products in one day promoted by us. Even though the website is called "Product Hunt", as in completed or alpha/beta-products, we've been able to bring to the top ideas that had just an ICO and a talented team supporting them. Note that based on their own description, the platform is for launching mobile apps, websites, hardware projects and tech creations. This description is general enough that you don't have to worry much about what you're promoting and how "it fits". When you buy Product Hunt upvotes from us, you also get a guarantee of us not using bots or automation of any kind, and our PH accounts having realistic and maintained Twitter accounts behind them. It has been very rare for products upvoted by us to get shadowed, and when that happened it was either because their owners upvoted them through automation as well, or the products were simply trash and having any amount of upvotes was unjustifiable. To describe our service and its requirements, I'll first quote its description:
We’ll deliver over 150 upvotes on ProductHunt. If it’s not just us upvoting (therefore it doesn’t look suspicious), we’ll provide up to 400 upvotes. Please buy this at least two days before “your product is hunted”, and write at Order Notes when it will be live. Even better, schedule the post through the website for 12:01 am PST, send us the link to it, and regardless of what hour you chose, do specify it! It needs to be very clear for us when the post will go live!
Do note that we've been a lot less successful with people that haven't scheduled their posts, therefore take the above advice as mandatory if you want a successful campaign. On top of buying ProductHunt upvotes from us, it would be nice to have a friend comment on your product and ask a question about it, in order to create some activity. If you don't know which of your friends is active on Product Hunt, just reply to whoever contacts you about the service from Upvotes Club, and provide him with the text for a comment; it will be posted for free. If you buy Product Hunt upvotes for a product that is shitty in a very obvious way, we won't even start on it and we'll refund you because we need to protect our accounts. buy product hunt upvotes For when to schedule the post? What day of the week, what time? Well, according to this research (the times mentioned are PST - Pacific Standard time):
Contrary to the popular belief that Tuesday is the best day to publish, Sunday turned out to be the day, between about midnight and 1 a.m., by both the chances to get higher in the Top and the upvotes count. For the same time on Monday and Tuesday, the average engagement was found to be a bit higher, however the chances to hit the Top are way lower. The worst time to be at the Top is Wednesday and Thursday. For any day, the activity for products published during the hours after 12:00 decreases significantly.
Another thing to note: if you've scheduled your post and when it's time for it to be live, it doesn't show up in the "Today -> Popular" list, you must contact support ASAP in order for them to fix it! This often happens to people posting their product for the second time on the website, without having modified the product "version". If you're one of them, just make sure to add something like " - version 2" at the end of the title, and use a different landing page as last time. To summarize what you need to do in order to buy Product Hunt upvotes and not worry about the success of the campaign:
  1. If you'll be using multiple accounts to upvote the product yourself, make sure the votes come from different browsers and IP's.
  2. Do not use any kind of automation when upvoting your post, because it will be shadowed 100%. If we detect such activity, especially coming from shitty accounts, we'll stop upvoting ourselves and you will not get a refund.
  3. Do tell all your acquaintances to upvote it, through all your personal social media channels; that is permitted and everybody does it.
If you think that to buy a minimum of 150 Product Hunt upvotes is not enough to get you to the top (or at least top 3), then the problem lies with your product, and not with our service. Regarding the effectiveness of this marketing strategy, there's not much to talk about it. Everybody knows already how effective getting featured on ProductHunt is. You'll be bringing a lot of technical people to your product, for at least one week. Just make sure that your servers can handle the traffic.

Questions to ask about a potential cryptocurrency-related ICO investment

You want to know the biggest reason why most ICO's suck? It's because the old system is stifling new technology. If startups would be allowed to offer equity through ICO's, they wouldn't have to invent those stupid reasons for why their tokens must exist. We'd just use Ether to transact on most new platforms, and the tokens bought in the ICO's would provide equity and dividends. If you're planning to invest in a cryptocurrency-related ICO, then make sure you do your due diligence because even though the number of scams is lower than people suspect, many of the projects are still bad enough that the risk is not worth the cost. Just as buying equity in most startups would be like throwing money away, investing in an ICO can be the same. Right now, the best ICO's are those set up in jurisdictions that allow them to sell equity through tokens. When this will be a more global phenomenon, the quality of ICO's will rise dramatically. Right now, just make sure you do more research than usual, and while you're at it... being a bit paranoid is fine. Here's what to ask about each potential cryptocurrency-related investment, before taking part in its ICO:
  1. Does it solve a problem or alleviate friction anywhere?
  2. Does it really need decentralization and other such properties?
  3. What is their current tech? (check repository code from all branches, check Gitter channels, do static code analysis, compile and run code, etc.)
  4. What is their future tech? (check whitepaper, research, milestones, repository pull requests)
  5. How close to ready is it?
  6. How is the dev team? (check their open source contributions, etc.)
  7. Do they have a funding scheme? What kind? (community donation, venture capital, institutional investment/buyouts, ICO etc.) Is it a good fit for what they're doing? (for example, if they're doing a cryptocurrency with low network effects because of a badly chosen funding scheme, it's best to just wait for its first fork)
  8. How are they organized? (dev-lead like Bitcoin, or non-profit like Stellar, or company like Ripple, or cooperative like Rchain etc.)
  9. What is their track record?
  10. Do they have any institutional or prolific backing?
  11. Does it have competition, and where does it stand within that?
  12. Any plans to create, stimulate, and maintain adoption?
  13. Does it have a good media presence? (articles, reviews, feedback on Reddit, etc.)
  14. Does it have a good marketing team? Does it have a solid bounty program that has gathered a large community?
  15. How is the community? (count on Telegram, objectivity, etc.) Are intelligent people interested in the project or just gamblers?
  16. How is the accessibility and liquidity of their tokens?
  17. Growth potential based on current price and supply, and also considering supply that will be coming from inflation, or lockdown? (for example, private sale participants that have their tokens locked for one year will surely take profit when the lockdown is over)
  18. Is it an interactive coin offering? If not, what protections are there that the token distribution will be fair?
  19. Do the investments go into a DAICO? If not, what protections are there that the milestones will be reached?
  20. Can it survive or at least get around the regulatory hammer? (for example, if they're based in the US, but they're selling security tokens or utility tokens that are expected to go up in value, it's too risky)
  21. Has the ICO contract been audited?
  22. Do they have a bug bounty program for their code?
  23. Did they employ any kind of censorship (on Telegram, on Reddit, etc.)? (On Reddit, for posts it can be discovered with, or by opening with the same tool controversial threads and looking for removed comments. )
Other positives:
  • write other positives that you can think of
Other negatives:
  • write other negatives that you can think of
Recommendation: (what's the probability that this is a good buy?)
  • write your final recommendation
If planning a sizeable investment, get a third-party assessment. (from Amazix, Multicoin Capital, etc.) To understand what is a fair ICO structure, read Some of the advice given in this article was copied from here: Good luck! There's money to be made by the people who choose well, but ultimately you'll also need a bit of luck.

Additional marketing services for ICO’s and crypto-related projects, provided by collaborators

All these marketing services are for fundraising (through ICO, STO, ETO, CoinList, IFO, etc.), and any entities dealing with smart contract platforms or cryptocurrencies. Most of these services are offered by collaborators, and we take no fee for acting as the intermediary. We're bringing them clients, and they're doing the same for us.

Email Marketing

For a cost of 3.9 ETH, 13,155,386 records are used from 13 databases (,,, ...)
8.4 mil emails are sent to people who haven't clicked the unsubscribe button before. Email status reports are delivered to clients throughout the campaign which takes around two weeks to complete.

UPDATE: more databases and emails are used now, but the total amount of emails sent is only slightly higher because they've had a lot of unsubscriptions.

Needed beforehand:
* payment
* subject (preferably at least 10 versions)
* body in HTML format (preferably at least 4 versions)
* email for reports

$4,900 per month

Pre-requisites for this and the following similar services:

  • We will ask you for certain texts which we'll translate, and we'll also create our own copies which you will have a chance to review before they go "in production".
  • If it's for an ICO or another type of fundraising, for efficiency reasons, this has to be ordered at least two weeks before the start of the token sale.
  • If it's for a cryptocurrency or a project that has already had its token sale, this service has to be contracted for a period of two months or more (exceptions: Japanese and Korean languages).

Other info:

  • You will receive screenshots with all the posts that are made, in real-time, through a shared Google Document. Where links can be provided, they will be provided as well.

Marketing through channels for natives other than English or Chinese

At the moment these are possible, each with different contractors: Spanish ($4,900), Hindi ($4,450), Japanese ($6,500), South Korean ($7,500), Portuguese ($5,500). Arabic will be available soon. Any of these will be available if enough people request it: Cantonese, Russian, German, French, Italian.

Reddit whole-website monitoring

$900 per day

Using a script, we'll monitor on in real-time the keywords of your choice related to a single project (for example "Cardano" or "IOTA"), and we'll keep commenting positively about them while replying to all critiques and debating them. We'll need first a FAQ from you to help, with possible critiques and possible answers. This must be purchased for at least 7 days.


What we can do to promote your crypto-related project

This article will discuss some of the digital marketing techniques that we apply when promoting projects related to "crypto".

This includes any of these, either new or existing:

  • cryptocurrencies (like NANO, Monero, etc.)
  • smart-contract platforms (like Ethereum, Cardano, etc.)
  • ICO's and IEO's (Initial Coin/Exchange Offerings)
  • STO's and ETO's (Security/Equity Token Offerings)
  • 2nd layer solutions
  • centralized or non-custodial exchanges
  • DAO's (decentralized autonomous organizations)
  • dapps
  • utility tokens, NFT's (non-fungible tokens), stablecoins, governance tokens, etc.
  • DeFi liquidity pools
  • smart-contracts in general (most of the above are included in this)

Our services have been used directly or resold by:

  • other marketing companies
  • advisors
  • community managers, marketers or other staff belonging to the companies doing the fundraising
  • investors with large shares of certain tokens
  • swing traders
  • etc.

They've been satisfied, and many have been returning with different products and services to promote in the past years.

For those reselling, it's easy to add even 300% on top because our prices are below average. Consider doing the reading and understanding our capabilities fully. We know there's a lot of information (including examples) in multiple articles, but we did it for those who want to go into detail.

If you want to advance straight to marketing your product, Premium #2 is our strongest fully-managed option.

You will have a campaign manager that will choose ops for you on a daily basis--whatever fits best from our capabilities depending on what would be best to promote currently (positive feedback on Reddit, the latest article mentioning your product, latest tweet from an Ethereum influencer, etc). The rest of the team will implement said strategy. With marketing settled, you will be able to focus on other aspects of your business.

For those reselling our services, it usually goes like this:

  1. buy credit for each of your clients;
  2. keep separate tabs on them (we'll keep as well);
  3. send links to promote or request specific services to the campaign manager that will be assigned to you;
  4. get reports back with what was done, including the credit report of your client;
  5. for those clients of yours that have bigger budgets, also get services from the second article that contains additional marketing services for non-English markets, and more.

Below are a few examples of the kind of things that we can do, and their associated costs. The article will end with some packages that make it easier for crypto-related projects to deal with us by having us manage a large part of the marketing operations.

We can promote you on Quora

Monitored Quora questions in these, and any other topics:
To monitor on Quora, this service should be used (mentioned here because it's the most expensive part of the order):

Recommended purchase, one month before the ICO:

1 x Quora Question
2 x Quora Answer
1 x Quora Comment
4 x Monitor Quora Question

The question could be something like "What is the most overlooked ICO right now in the ***** sector?"

We can promote you on Reddit

Monitored Reddit threads in any subreddit related to cryptocurrencies.
To monitor on Reddit, this service should be used (mentioned here because it's the most expensive part of the order):

Having your posts done on Reddit (especially the first ones that mention the ICO) without Monitor Thread is highly inadvisable. Even great ICOs will get ripped apart.

Example purchase, for /r/cryptocurrency or /r/ethtrader, where we have moderator accounts:

1 x Reddit Post
40 x Reddit Upvote Post
90 x Reddit Downvote Competing Posts or Comments (these would be used against other posts only)
4 x Reddit Comment (two of them would be kept in reserve, for example in order to answer to a hater if needed)
1 x Monitor Reddit Post

The idea is to keep reminding people about the ICO, every 2-3 days, through different locations/techniques. Ideas for posts:

  • Have a blog for the ICO, and link to every new blog post in related subreddits.
  • Link to tweets or other types of social media posts that mention the ICO project positively.
  • Link to videos, podcasts, or other types of media that mentions the ICO project positively.
  • Link to 3rd party articles that mention the ICO positively. With these ones, even go for huge subreddits like /r/technology, /r/finance, /r/futurology, ...
  • Present the project with long descriptive titles in subreddits that could be interested in it, while linking directly to the website.
  • Create “What’s your opinion” or “Which is better” threads in /r/ethtrader, /r/icocrypto, /r/CryptoCurrencies, /r/CryptoCurrency, /r/Altcoin, /r/CryptoMarkets, etc.  Because of "Reddit Monitor Thread", the positive opinions will be sent on top, while the negative ones are kept at the bottom.
  • Find threads where people discuss new ICOs, and bring a comment mentioning yours positively to the top of the comment section.

We can promote you on Hacker News

Link on Hacker News to the white paper, and to the more technical blog posts. You can also create a “Show HN:” thread for the whole project, and an “Ask HN: What’s your opinion …” thread.

For “Ask HN”:

1x Hacker News Post
1x Hacker News Comment
5x Hacker News Upvote

For “Show HN” and technical posts:

Same as above, but 10 upvotes instead of 5

We can promote you on BitcoinTalk

Bump your ANN thread from time to time. Bumps will be questions to developers, positive commentary on the technology, discussions between accounts, and so on. The English used will be impeccable, and the comments will blend well in the thread.
Buy the “BitcoinTalk Bump” service from the main page, for each bump that you want ($4.5).
Recommended: starting one month before, five bumps per day. We’ll spread them out, for more effectiveness.

At the rate of 5 bumps per day:

$22.5 daily, $675 for one whole month

If you want to just test our services, this is an easy way to start. Just go to our main page, add 15 BitcoinTalk bumps in the cart and complete the checkout while pasting the link to your ANN thread at Order Notes. This should give you a proper sample of the quality of our services.

We can promote you on cryptocurrency-related forums, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups

If you buy Forums Traffic for an ICO or cryptocurrency-related project, we post on all the popular cryptocurrency-related forums (BitcoinTalk, AllCryptoTalk, etc.). But don't expect this to be as cost-effective as the above strategies. We also don't provide the accounts that were used (meaning you won't get the users and the passwords); you will only receive the links to where posts have been made.

Regarding promotion in Fb/LinkedIn groups, again, this is not as effective as the first strategies listed in this article. When ordering this, you'll receive the list of groups that we'll be targeting in the following days. We use very organic-looking texts that are able to spark discussions, for example, "Opinions on ...? I like how [...]".

We can promote you on Product Hunt, and we have a whole article just about that.

We can also help with email marketing and promoting through non-English social media channels.

We can apply strategies that we apply to product launches (long article, but the information is worth knowing). A collaborating marketing agency helps us with most of those.


Costs of our services

We do not offer bulk discounts.

We do not participate in Bounty Campaigns.

We only accept payment through the main cryptocurrencies and PayPal / wire transfer. We prefer the former. We do not take tokens.

We have an NDA in our Terms of Service, with all of our customers, regardless of the plan you choose:

No Plan

  • The client creates his own texts and strategy.
  • The client orders normally through the website, whenever he needs something. At checkout, we accept the main cryptocurrencies.

Premium #1

  • The client buys credit for $1,800 or more, all paid in the beginning. 20% of the deposit goes towards support, he’ll be able to use the rest for ops. The ops are acquired through the website with the "Deduct from credit" option at checkout.
  • We receive whatever texts the client can provide, and we also create our own when needed.
  • The client will order through the website with “Deduct from credit”, only when he knows exactly what’s needed. Otherwise, he’ll message us on Skype about it. We’ll help him optimize each order that he messages us about.
  • We’ll do one Twitter campaign for each $1,800 bought in credit. We retweet with powerful accounts that have >90% at twitteraudit. Follower counts: ~500k, ~450k, ~50k, ~30k.

Premium #2

  • The client buys credit for $3,600 or more, all paid in the beginning. 20% of the deposit goes towards campaign management and support, he’ll be able to use the rest for ops.
  • Everything in Premium #1, but we’ll also propose ops ourselves. Not limited at the above strategies. For the ops that we propose, we also do:,,,,, Fb/G+, LinkedIn (rarely), etc.
  • If the client chooses so, this can be fully managed. He will have a campaign manager to which he emails new links where the ICO has been mentioned, and the campaign manager sets up the most efficient ops himself, taking care of the copies and the strategy completely. The client receives regular reports and credit updates.
  • We’ll do one Twitter campaign for each $1,200 bought in credit.
  • We’ll analyze their website/ANN thread/technical papers/code repository from the perspective of a buyer.

If you need a more global promotion, check out our article on additional marketing services for cryptocurrencies or ICOs, which has some very different, powerful and targeted strategies.

In order for you to understand the process better, I'll be pasting below the kind of email you receive from the campaign manager assigned to you, immediately after having bought Premium #2:

Credit added on your email. I will be your main UC contact helping with the marketing campaign for your project.

How do you want this?

  • Fully Managed - Meaning that I take care of scheduling ops, you just send me through email new links where your project was mentioned positively. You'd receive reports with what has been scheduled, the results, and credit updates. Of course, nothing is set in stone, you can always request modifications to the ops that I schedule.
  • Support - I send you 5-15 ops ideas based on the material that you send us, then you get inspired by them and schedule ops through the website with "Deduct from credit", and whenever you need help or feedback you email me (or you ask whoever is on Skype at the moment).

Since you're on Premium #2, you can choose any method you prefer. Do note that we prefer clients to choose Fully Managed, simply because we're better at choosing how and when to target each community, depending on what we're posting at the time.

The main idea is to have monitored posts on Reddit regularly, so that we keep reminding people about the project. Of course, we should also do Quora, BitcoinTalk bumps, even Hacker News when we have some interesting techie articles. If I put together some good texts, we can also promote on Facebook and Google+ crypto-related groups, and on crypto-related forums.

For the Twitter campaigns, I'll just need links to your best tweets sent to this email, and I'll handle it from there.

Regardless of your choice, when replying to this email please include any of the following that you want used for promoting your project:

  • whatever marketing texts you might have prepared
  • whatever articles discuss your project
  • whatever (YouTube?) videos discuss your project
  • whatever podcast episodes discuss your project
  • do you have a blog? if yes, then links to what you consider to be the best articles
  • whatever social media posts (preferable from reputable accounts) mention your project
  • a list of your competitors, and why your project is superior to each one

How to rank higher on Google

We teach you here how to rank higher on Google, without wasting too many words on each method. The statistics are taken from recent comprehensive studies. We'll keep this page updated, therefore bookmarking it might be a good idea.
  1. First off, and most importantly: after you've selected your keywords, make sure you understand what users are searching for when they type them. For example, don't give them a long article when they want to buy something, or they want to read a few short reviews. Create exactly the content that they expect to find when typing those keywords! Get inspiration from the search results that are already in top 10.
  2. Make the content outstanding! It needs to keep them engaged because Chrome detects when someone presses the "Back" button, and as a result it lowers the ranking of that article for the keywords that brought them there (they have other manners of detecting lack of engagement as well, but we're trying to keep this short and actionable). Additionally, consider having a table of contents on your article, at least one 1200x630 photo (also add it to the Open Graph tag "og:image"!), and update your article every six months!
  3. Get highly upvoted link posts going to your website. Here's an amazing insight that you won't find in any such guide: Google takes into consideration the popularity of links on social media aggregation services, like Reddit. If two link posts from /r/technology have the keywords "compact portable leaf blower", yet one of the posts has a lot more upvotes than the other... then the one with more upvotes will also be in front of the other in the Google search results. This means that the search results can actually be manipulated for low costs.
  4. Get a lot of backlinks to your content (consider using one of our SEO services if you value your time)! On average, the top 2 results on page 1 of a Google search equate to 38% of all the backlinks of the first 10 results! Acquiring backlinks from multiple domains is important.
  5. Get HTTPS for your website, preferably through a free SSL certificate. Paying for this is too 1995! HTTPS has a positive correlation with higher rankings, with 33% of all URLs that rank #1, #2 or #3 using this protocol.
  6. Get keyword-focused internal links and backlinks (internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain)! Work on acquiring links that have your keyword present within the anchor text (the anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink), but don't overdo it! Anchor text is a huge ranking signal; in a study, the 100 top-performing blog posts had, on average, over 80% more keyword-focused anchor texts than the rest.
  7. Use shorter page titles! Top-ranking webpages tend to have shorter page titles, with the sweet spot nearing 8 words in length. Identify any page titles that are too long and shorten them down to ensure they’re as succinct as possible!
  8. Put the target keyword in the URL! Webpages with the target keyword in their URL tend to rank higher in Google. If you weren't doing this, do it from now on; avoid updating URLs of existing content because there are greater risks associated with this, than the potential reward.
  9. Include your target keyword within the page title! Over 15% of all the pages ranked #1 include the target keyword within the page title.
  10. If you have Google/Universal Analytics installed, Google can deduce how relevant your page was for the search by looking at these two statistics: time-on-page and bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate and a low time-on-page, uninstall Universal Analytics!
  11. Use shorter URLs! Top-ranking webpages in Google have shorter URLs, with position #1 URLs averaging 59 characters in length.
  12. Search engines understand vote counts when it comes to social news aggregation websites. If a link leading to your website on Reddit has 50 upvotes, it will be a social proof more powerful than if it had 5 upvotes. Make sure you slip somehow in the title the keywords that you're ranking for.
Check this page from time to time! We promise to add more tips on how to rank higher on Google.

How to promote yourself if you sell B2B services

Method 1

Market yourself through comments on Reddit. Add something similar to this as your home page: In this example, whenever you'll be opening your browser, you'll see the new posts from these subreddits: blogging, entrepreneur, freelance, marketing, smallbusiness, socialmedia, startups, writing. Answer to people, help them, mention your website from time to time, maybe even add something similar to this to the end of each of your comments:
--- Check out my service from website!
Of course, change the list of subreddits to whatever interests you by modifying the link. For every 9 comments, do a post linking directly to your website. It's called the 9:1 rule and I believe it's mentioned in the self-promotion TOS of Reddit. You'll get a lot less hate by following this rule as opposed to relentlessly promoting your website. Of course, we can help when needed with upvotes for both comments or posts, in order to gain you more visibility. Here's an incomplete list of what can be done with our help. Also, check our main page.

Method 2

When you've written an article for which the target market could be any entrepreneur, post it on (Hacker News). We sell Hacker News accounts of quality here. By posting from a great account, your post won't get removed and you have a much higher chance of making the home page.

Method 3

When you've written an article on which the target market could be any marketer, post it on (GH). These are the tags which can be chosen for an article posted on, just so you understand better what fits there: Analytics, API, B2B, Blogging, Case Study, Chrome, Churn, Content Marketing, Copywriting, CRO, Crowdfunding, Customer Development, Customer Service, Data Science, Design, E-commerce, Early Traction, Ecosystem, Email Marketing, Engagement, Engineering, Facebook, Feedback, Firefox, Google Adwords, Google+, Growth, Growth Hacks, Growth Team, Inbound Marketing, Instagram, Landing Pages, LinkedIn, Local SEO, Marketing Strategy, Metrics, Mobile Apps, MobileMarketing, Network Effects, Onboarding, Optimization, Paid Marketing, Pinterest, Press, Pricing, Product, Product Launch, Referral, Retargeting, SaaS, Sales, Science of Persuasion, SEM, SEO, Snapchat, Social Marketing, Tools, Twitter, User Experience, Viral, Youtube. For methods 3 and 4, we can post for you if you have bad accounts, and you should also consider having your posts upvoted.

Method 4

Market your website through answers on Quora. Make sure you answer the most followed questions because they get much more traffic. But choose those on which you actually stand a chance of getting a top answer. If the question is five years old, with 500 answers already and the top one having 1000 upvotes... it's obviously not worth the effort of trying to compete. How to do this method easily? You should add the pages of a few topics as homepages (yes, you can have more than one homepage!), in order to have them accessible when you open the browser; example:; this would show you the questions that need an answer from the "Startups" topic. Just have a quick look each time you open the browser and only answer from time to time when it's easy for you. Once you have at least 5 answers in each topic on which you're specialized, you can get Maximize PeopleRank from us (read its description on the main page) for each of those topics, and from there onwards, your answers will get much better positioning. You can also try to compete on the bigger questions by buying upvotes and downvotes (for competing answers) from us, or you can create new "big questions" by buying Question Follows from us for the questions that don't get enough traffic, but on which you already have the top answer.

Method 5

Have us post and upvote a link to your newest articles on Voat, Snapzu and TopTopic.

Internet marketing tips

In this post, we'll add random internet marketing tips, mostly related to our types of marketing (the ones that work for a good price). To be honest, we also like the bolded keyword because it has low competition, therefore we're hoping to have more people land from Google on our website and check the services that we offer because of this article. So, without further ado, below are some tips, and this post will be updated whenever something new comes up in our minds:

  • If you contracted us to make a post or comment that leads to your website, don't go into the comment section to start replying as someone associated with the website! This is a huge red flag that makes people immediately realize that the post is actually a non-organic marketing ploy. Defending yourself with "I saw the referral in Google Analytics!" doesn't work. You'll get a reply similar to this one: So you're just sitting there, watching Google Analytics, waiting for some visit to your page in order to check its referral? Sorry, but this seems so staged, it's retarded. (actual comment received by someone who made this mistake)
  • An exception to the above rule is when we're posting as if we'd be associated with your website (for example, in the Show HN area from Hacker News). In these cases, if there's a need for it, we'll give you temporary access to the account that we used to post, in order to answer any questions yourself.
  • If you are curious about when is the best time to post on Reddit, read the article that we have on that. If you're hiring us to do the posts for you, consider letting us choose the best times depending on the networks and the post locations. Just specify at checkout that we have free rein with the scheduling. Or don't write anything regarding to when the posts should be made.
  • To find out where you could post on Reddit, use this tool: It helps identify subreddits that have an interest in your keywords. A higher score means that a subreddit is more aligned with your topic. After identifying a subreddit, you can find where your target market is spending the rest of their time with
  • Adding "/about/traffic" at the end of the URL for a subreddit to see its traffic stats doesn't work anymore.
  • On Hacker News, you can bypass the filter not allowing URL reposts by adding variables to them. For example, would become
  • Do you want to mention in the body of a text post a URL to a domain that is banned? No problem, just run the ending part of the URL partially through an obfuscator. We use this one: For example, in order to post our link on Reddit, you would have to use something like this [text here](https://u%70%76%6f%74%65%73%2e%63%6c%75%62)
  • On Hacker News, while the post is new, it might not matter how much you upvote it after a certain point. After fewer than 10 early upvotes with great accounts, you'll usually make it to the front page. It usually stays there, but sometimes one of these two happens: HN moderators might demote the post or you might receive too many reports. Since the traffic on the website is very high, this can happen so fast that you wouldn't even realize you've made it to the front page for a bit. A good strategy is to buy only a few upvotes first in order to make your post visible; then, after it remains approved for 30 minutes or more, buy more upvotes in order to rank it better, or to help maintain its good position. A lot more details in our information article specific to Hacker News.
  • Make sure you always read the rules before posting (on Reddit, you would find them on the sidebar). Modify your title and content accordingly! On some subreddits, if the option is available, flair you post after submission (this means you tag it for a subcategory). Here's how:
  • Use this tool to create memes and make your target audience smile! :)

And since it's important to have a perfect landing page as well:

Bookmark this article, and come to it from time to time. More internet marketing tips will be added in it, and more articles will be added to our blog, which has two categories: basics and advanced!

Buy Reddit upvotes and other marketing services from our main page! Here's an article that discusses buying Reddit upvotes. On our website, you can also buy Reddit accounts.


Reddit Marketing

This article will go over the most basic Reddit marketing techniques, the ones for which you don't even need to think. After reading it you will understand how to promote your business on Reddit, and towards the end of the guide, there's also some general advice that you should consider. In most cases, you'll just have to post a link to your product/service/app/cause/crowdfunding campaign/... with a long and descriptive title, and then buy a few upvotes and comments for your threads. Especially if you're inexperienced, these are the first Reddit marketing objectives that you should complete:

Some of the above subreddits are good for traffic, others will be good for SEO (because in them your posts have a low probability of being downvoted/reported or being removed by a moderator). You can easily get DoFollow links from Reddit by posting your website in the above places, then having the posts upvoted with more than the average number of upvotes that posts from the first 25 /hot results get. If you want to go through less trouble yourself, just buy a SEO package from us and we'll handle the operation in the best way possible. After a certain threshold (f.e. 8 upvotes usually for subreddits with 10,000 subscribers, if others don't downvote you), the links automatically become DoFollow. To repeat, because it's important: the exact threshold of how many upvotes you need depends on the average vote count of the top 25 posts from Hot, on that respective subreddit (yes Reddit, we have studied you!). Links from comments can become DoFollow too.


More advanced and time-consuming Reddit marketing techniques:

  • Link somehow to your business in ALL the relevant subreddits. For example if you're a game developer, you might post comments and threads in /r/gamedev, /r/games, /r/gaming (12,480,009 subscribers), /r/gamedeals, /r/indiegames, /r/greenlightquality and sixty more places.
  • Discuss a business process or offer content of value on /r/entrepreneur (208,115 subscribers) and /r/business (210,073 subscribers); only disclose your website address if you're asked to in the comment section. If no one asks you, just ask yourself from another account or buy a comment from us and we'll ask you.
  • Discuss an aspect related to your startup on /r/startups (116,638 subscribers)
  • Post links to content from your blog in ALL the relevant subreddits (submit it any form: posts, comments or replies to top comments).
  • Buy a Reddit account and create a subreddit for your company or cause. Post regular updates, links to your blog posts, promotions, and so on.

All of the subscriber counts above are as of September 30, 2016. (random update from April 19, 2019: w.t.h., why is Trump president?)


Digital marketing on Reddit can be time-consuming indeed when you're doing the above-mentioned advanced techniques, but why put the same time in more ineffective traction channels, like Facebook or Twitter, when they don't provide the same traffic and, furthermore, they don't provide any SEO boost? If you check our article on how to rank higher on Google, you'll see that the first tip is actually quite eye-opening:

Google takes into consideration the popularity of links on social media aggregation services, like Reddit. If two link-posts from /r/technology have the keywords “compact portable leaf blower”, yet one of the posts has a lot more upvotes than the other… then then one with more upvotes will also be in front of the other in the Google search results. This means that the search results can actually be rearranged for low costs.

Here's a word of advice, pasted from the Reddit guideline on self-promotion:

You should submit from a variety of sources (a general rule of thumb is that 10% or less of your posting and conversation should link to your own content), talk to people in the comments (and not just on your own links), and generally be a good member of the community.

To avoid breaking this rule, make the posts from different accounts, or buy posts from us and we'll make sure to not go overboard with activity from a single account. Don't post with your personal account, especially if you're a novice in your understanding of Reddit etiquette.


And finally, regarding titles: redditors are usually title browsers, meaning that they only read the titles of posts. Therefore, try to find a great one! Don't take it lightly, put time into the process of finding the optimal title! In order of preference, this is how a good title should be:

  • a clickbait! - this title makes the users curious, intrigued, wanting to know more as fast as possible; or it's controversial and they can't wait to view the opinions from the comment section
  • long and descriptive, but missing some critical information; this might make them curious enough to click on the title, or go to the comment section, especially if the information is somehow relevant for them
  • long, descriptive and a complete unit of information; moderators love these, and your post will be less likely to be removed; users love them as well, and they'll be less likely to downvote

Good luck! We hope that our Reddit marketing ideas and tips help you gain more exposure, with not that much effort! At least, that was our plan. :)


Forums Traffic – Backlinks and traffic to your website

This is a short description of our "Forums Traffic" service and the methodology that we use to complete it. EDIT: This is outdated; that's what we were doing when we were offering this service for any client and almost any project. Right now, this article isn't worth reading anymore unless you want to do something similar manually for your business, because our methodology has changed and we're only servicing clients related to cryptocurrencies, DAPP's and ICO's. Getting forum traffic is actually the secondary effect of this service. It helps even more with off-site search engine optimization: your link will go up in rankings for the keywords that you select (a "keyword" is the thing you type on Google while hoping that among the first results you'll see your website). This method is extremely underused for this purpose, hence its efficiency. For traffic, we'll obviously target high-traffic forums and not the ones with ten posts per subforum - which might not even be around in two years. If your keywords have many hits on Google, you'd actually benefit more from an SEO boost, therefore we'll drop the "related" requirement and a part of the methodology from below, and do posts on forums that we know to moderate less (so that you end up with more live backlinks). If you're familiar with Google's Keyword Planner tool, know that we’ve managed to beat low competition easily with this one. If you want to defeat medium competition, consider getting all these services: Managed Traffic, Fb/G+ Traffic and Forums Traffic. If you want to defeat high competition, consider getting all these: The Ultimate SEO Gig, Fb/G+ Traffic and Forums Traffic. For a TLDR, let's start with the official product description: We'll post your link on related forums, where your target market might be. This takes around two weeks because we can't just register and post. We have to be active on them first, for around 12-13 days. You will receive the accounts if the posts have been done for SEO, and not for traffic. Forums Traffic - Backlinks and traffic to your website In detail, this is how the forum traffic service is completed: Step 1 (Day 1) - We find all the related forums (for example we’d select the "gaming forum" keyword for a “best gaming mouse” article). Step 2 (Day 1) - We register an account on each one from a UK or US IP address, and we verify them. We won't use a free email, in order to get a higher account approval success rate. Step 3 (Day 1) - A native English speaker living in UK posts replies that make sense to existing threads. He includes a neutral link (like Wikipedia or YouTube), in order to infer the URL posting rules. Step 4 (a week later) - A second post is made, without a link. Again, it will be activity that makes sense; no part of the process is automated. Step 5 (final step, a week later) - We make a new thread in a visible and appropriate category, which will lead to the client's website. Note that the subject or the body of the thread is changed slightly from time to time, in order to make it seem like a different message to GoogleBot. If we find a related thread, we post the message in it as a reply instead. When we concentrate on the SEO boost, the methodology is different. Regardless, you'll end up with at most 40 posts live. Once completed, the spreadsheet with all the usernames, passwords, and links to the final posts is sent to the client. This is extremely important because the same accounts could be used later by the client to make his own posts, for other keywords and links that he wants to promote - therefore getting even more backlinks and traffic. He won't have to pay us anymore because he has 90% of the work already done for him. We believe this service is worth a lot more than what we sell it for, and, again, consider pairing it with others in order to get an even stronger effect.

Buying Hacker News and GrowthHackers upvotes… why so expensive compared to Reddit?

Because some of our clients abused the old price. If turns out that if Hacker News upvotes cost $0.79 each, some people that don't distinguish this network from Reddit, will go crazy and buy hundreds of upvotes for one single post. The same for On both these networks, it's a lot more important to post content of quality than to have it upvoted exaggeratedly. We agree with you that without upvotes you won't even get noticed since there are so many submissions every minute, but you don't need to buy that many HN or GH upvotes in order to stand out. If your thread from the New section has 10 upvotes and all the others have one or two, you'll get noticed alright. On HN, the moderators decide what makes it to the front page, therefore even if you have 500 upvotes, if they don't like your content, you won't be getting traffic. A decent number of upvotes and content of quality should be enough to get selected for their front page. Once you're there, you may buy any number of votes from us in order to increase the popularity of your post further. It won't look suspicious. But if you are just testing out content, ideas, or a new project in the Show HN section, don't go crazy. The current price is $1.49 for Hacker News upvotes and $1.39 for GrowthHackers upvotes. The maximums and recommended amounts to buy for new posts are 8-10, and 20-30 respectively. For GrowthHackers, the price is easy to justify given how hard it is to create an account of quality on the network. But for, you might say: "But it is so easy to sign up. I can sign up a new account in one minute and upvote myself!". If you do this, make sure that at the second upvote, you go to settings and activate "showdead". Otherwise, you won't be able to find your thread. Some other notes:
  • How much traffic can Hacker News bring? The question should be: "How much traffic can Hacker News bring if I make it to the front page?". Answer: it depends greatly on how clickbaity your title is. It can bring from 20k to 65k in the first 24 hours.
  • Same question, but for GrowthHackers: you'll get between 1,000 and 2,500 views in the first 24 hours. Most of these will be from business owners though, and in general... people with a lot of money, technical knowledge and influence. A big difference to Hacker News is that you'll keep getting a decent number of clicks, even after the first 24 hours.

A successful business starts with a successful product launch. We help.

A successful business starts with a successful product launch. In collaboration with another marketing agency, we can take care of everything that will be required to start the engine of influx: the right people will find out about your website or creative content through various pathways built by us, and ultimately they will convert to paying customers or fans.

This article is a presentation of our Successful Product Launch service. Don't think of it as usable only for promoting a website. This service may also be employed (and has been in the past) for crowd-funding campaigns on public platforms, music albums, online documentaries, promoting decentralized projects with working MVPs, SaaS products, fundraising, and so on. We've even promoted other marketing agencies, giving them proper exposure in the niche or the country that they were targeting.

This is not a classic PR gig like most marketing companies offer (even though when it fits, the marketing agency that we collaborate with might ask for a press kit and pitch certain news angles to journalists). When it comes to PR, we are of the opinion that simply signing up for an account with prnewswire and having the founder write a press release from time to time is enough. Alternatively, he can launch free press releases using No need to use a lot of time and dignity by going after journalists yourself.

We start this service by thoroughly analyzing your offering and its marketability, and then recommending certain changes that will help us promote it, or might increase the conversion rate of first-time visitors. We usually appoint one person to stay in contact with the client through Telegram or Skype, to help coordinate what will be done. In the past, we used to create a Slack group where we integrated Mention, your Analytics solution, and other addons that helped us assess the exposure. Multiple representatives from us and the second marketing agency were discussing with the client various approaches. Afterward, they had to coordinate with each other. This had become unsustainable because managing and discussing in so many groups occupied too much of our time. We'd rather invest the time into marketing, and find ways to focus the discussion and the assessments of efficiency and strategy. We got to where we are now, where we do all the planning through one person. These first steps take 7 to 10 days, therefore we ask clients to try buying this service 2 weeks before their product goes live (or two weeks before they want the marketing to start if the product is already live). The earlier, the better.

We will acquire a complete understanding of your product/service, your potential clients, your competitors, and your needs. We'll be able to craft plans for the first few days of marketing, which you will approve or veto, or guide us on how to improve them. For the first few days of the product launch, we usually have a well-defined plan that we go through. Afterward, it's about adapting to the feedback and the data received, day by day. It mostly goes like this: while taking into account the effect of previous techniques and marketing copies, we propose ops to you; you approve, reject, or request changes to them. We implement them. This lasts for two weeks.

If you add the time-spans from the previous paragraphs, you'll find that it takes ~4 weeks to put your business on the tracks of success. Since we prefer for the process to not take longer than that, we reserve the right to filter our clients (and refund those who paid but would be too hard to promote). For this reason, if you have doubts about the marketability of your offering, drop an email to the address below, asking if what you have is a good fit for the Product Launch service:

email to use for your pre-sale inquiries

In today's competitive world, a business needs to think differently in order to be successful. It needs to walk on the lesser-known paths. We are here to guide you. Some of our core objectives have always been:

  • to think outside the box (except we actually do it, not just use these words because they are edgy)
  • to be honest about what's required to achieve in order to promote something; we get our hands dirty, and that's why we rely on an NDA with every client
  • to keep attempting to start viral threads (and often succeeding), so that bloggers and journalists end up coming to you, and influencers on social media share what you're hoping for without prior communication or payment - simply because you're doing something awesome!
  • to keep adapting (improve our techniques in the next day, based on feedback received today)

Both us and the collaborating marketing agency will be tailoring our strategies based on your offering. We're not robots, going through the same set of steps over and over again, with different clients.

Because of the offering of Upvotes Club, you usually end up with highly visible threads on multiple social media networks, with positive comment sections. The posts & comments are made and monitored until the initial surge in traffic diminishes. The threads will show up high in search engine rankings for various keywords, and some of them will start chain reactions in online news sources and social media feeds. Some of the networks that we target with monitored ops:

  • (and no, we’re not posting in /r/promote, /r/imadethis, and other irrelevant subreddits, like others would do in order to simulate usefulness; we select subreddits where the target market resides)
  • (questions and upvoted answers leading to your website; you'll be amazed by how many of these end up as the #1 result for various Google queries)

Networks that we target depending on the type of community that the product needs (some can be very effective):


If necessary, you will receive temporary access to some of the accounts that we use to post for you, in order to reply to feedback, questions, and so on.

The other marketing agency will, similarly, customize its offering depending on your actual product or service. They can submit content (usually in the form of an article) mentioning your product on:

  • various pods or instances on, and
  • and (using these less lately because they've declined)
  • their own blog network (which also uses some free online publishing platforms like Medium, WordPress and Blogger)

If not done already by you, they will submit your startup to all the important directories (at least 40) and give you the credentials afterwards. These are platforms like,,,, etc.

Notice that they have access to a different arsenal than ours, making them a perfect complement. Some other strategies that they employ, often in collaboration with us:

  • guest posting and subscription lists (these particular arrangements can end up costing you more though; not included in the normal price)
  • possibility to get a link trending on
  • upvotes on
  • reviews on App Store, Google Play, TrustPilot, Amazon
  • reviews on Google Maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps
  • marketing in Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • tweets from accounts with many real followers (as checked with and actual engagement

If you’re purchasing this service for a game on any platform, or for a cryptocurrency / smart contracts platform, know that there are so many communities that we could post on that we’ll have to choose only the most important ones. If you truly want posts everywhere, please buy this service two times for the same project, as our volume of work will be tremendous.

If you’re a perfectionist and you want to do absolutely everything that can be done, consider buying these additional and complementary services from our offer:

Also create a Quora account that you'll be using to advertise your product or service through answers, then use Maximize PeopleRank to improve its importance and visibility in the topics that present interest to your company.

A successful product launch can be all the marketing that you ever need.

successful business. successful product launch

Here’s why you will get scammed on Fiverr – the marketplace for scams, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising gigs

Fiverr scams are extremely prevalent, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising gigs. We are qualified to discuss them because most of us (from have been into entrepreneurship (and especially marketing that actually works) for a combined total of over 200 years. We've been through the process of building a company or a side project time and time again. We know how it feels to be desperate to get exposure for your own product, service, cause, or creative content. And we realize the great dissonance that entrepreneurs feel when they open the Fiverr platform and see hard-to-believe-but-attractive offers from the people of Malawi, Burundi, Congo, and so on:

  • I will bring aamazing trafic from my 2wo million subscriber evry day, envy for competition, only 5$ (also blowjob)
  • I will improve SEO ranking, bring you to #!!!1 on Goggles, make envy for enemy, cash cash cash (it takes long, i dont have internet)
  • For $5 I will create a full website for u, register business, design product, manufacture, makreting, start selling, you keep 200%, just give me $5 now really (P.S. don't xpect instant resultz!!.))

There are thousands of these. And the marvelous thing is that these people will actually have a multitude of 5-star reviews as if people buy their services and are satisfied.

Then there will be the intelligent scammers, from China/India, and sometimes even the US or EU. The titles of these people's gigs might make sense, rarely even the descriptions of the gigs. But the objective of marketing is to bring you actual sales and we've NEVER made any sale with the help of Fiverr. Never! For Fiverr, that saying is true: "marketing" is "lying" when you spell it backwards. That's because even the gigs that seem best are simply owned by better bot makers. Bots that will foul you. Bots that have a lower bounce rate.

The value of these gigs is not $5. They actually carry negative value because you're wasting time with them. You're not just donating money to scammers and their intermediary, you're also handing them hours of your life. If they are SEO gigs, they carry a negative value also because as soon as their blog network will get unlisted, your website will get a rank penalty as well!

Fiverr is knowingly allowing scams on its website. They might even try to sue us for this reveal. It's OK, we don't care. If they do it we'll just cause them even more problems by making this issue more publicized. We don't give a shit about scammers; we're willing to fight them. Here's how Fiverr knowingly allows scams and profits from them:

  • First off, it's in their best interest to keep the charade going. They take 5% extra on top of the payment from the buyers and 20% from the sellers. This is a lot. So the seller has to offer you a service worth $4 minus withdrawal fees while making sure he pretends to give you more than the competition for the same money - otherwise he's not getting orders. Note that the competition is also pretending to offer a real service, so they're pretending to be better than guys that are already pretending to be good.
  • Seller locations mean nothing. You can choose to have any location displayed, while your billing data is completely different. Almost none of the sellers offering marketing gigs are actually from US.
  • Negative reviews don't actually exist. No... seriously. Hear us out! First off, the buyer leaves a review first! The seller reads the review and decides on his course of action. He has the upper hand because he's the one leaving a review last (which is seen as a reply to the buyer, where he can lie his ass off because the buyer can't reply as well). But if the review is negative he can issue a refund, and... guess what? The bad review disappears! So all those SEO gigs with 500 positive reviews and no negative review are easy to explain all of a sudden. Real SEO and traffic, as well as buying Reddit upvotes from humans, costs a lot more, and yes, we offer all of these on our main page.
fiverr scams

Actually, if you search on Google for "Fiverr scams", there are 176,000 results. Let's read some of what other people have to say:

This scam was for increased traffic to my website for a month, but the seller was supplying junk traffic. I called the gig off early and Fiverr gave the scam artist the out and removed my negative rating and removed my warning to future shoppers.

- Matt on the Marketing Ideas 101's blog

Don't trust the SEO advice outlined in the description of any gig. They are just trying to sell the gig. And you have to consider the source as well. If a gig provider is really able to "Guarantee First Page Rankings for Any Search Term" why would they be wasting their time selling the service for $5?

- oakley56fila on Reddit

FYI, I've seen many SEO gigs on Fiverr turn out to be scams. They use blackhat practices, and then extort large amounts of money out of you to undo it. If you don't pay, they get you blacklisted on Google by reporting the very blackhat practices they implemented.

- rand486 on Reddit

It's a joke.
Even when you pay extra for the added services. You'll be getting low quality fake social media profiles posting stuff out to other face social media profiles.

- rand486 on Reddit

You have zero time and no money and want results? What fantasy world are you living in?
The automated shit you find on Fiverr is more likely to get your website de-indexed than to help it.

- NakedAndBehindYou on Reddit

I can guarantee you that all the gigs that claims on first page of Google are clear scams. I have tried several gigs and no results at all!

If you are getting some results this is due to your previous seo or quality of your articles…etc. Don’t think these sellers can bring you any good result! All of these scam artists use bots to generate bulk links. Don’t be fool to believe that they will build hundreds of manual links for 5$ or even for 50$. All are bot generated links!

Since they claim the results come at least after 1-2 months, According to Fiverr rules you are not able to claim a refund either! or at least Fiverr will not allow you to post a negative review after 30 days!

If you search the gigs for the term ‘seo’ you can find these gigs among top results!

- jimmykrimson on their own damn forum

When it comes to Fiverr, you’re looking at a world of hurt if you’re expecting quality work. Let me revise that statement a bit – there is a huge hill that you have to climb to find someone who’s anywhere remotely what you’re looking for.
[...] If you’re selling your time how much do you really expect to make? The people who make money on Fiverr have built systems and software to accomplish requested tasks almost effortlessly.

- Jay Soriano on his blog

As an experiment, designer Sacha Greif took Fiverr up on their offer and ran a project through the service, only to find that many of the portfolios presented were full of other designers’ work, and the delivered logos were knocked off from somewhere else.

- Steve Douglas on The Logo Factory's blog

Bad Gigs:

  • Real social media followers
  • Any sort of backlinks for SEO purposes
  • Submission gigs (press releases, infographics, document sharing sites)
  • Blog or social media shares with a huge audience
  • Business plans, financial advice
  • Anything that you know can't be done for $5

- Ryan Stewart on Sitepoint's blog

I was hired to write a 75,000 word novel, a $560 job.  The client was so happy with my work, she gave me a 5-star review and asked me to do more large projects. Suddenly, account BANNED by Fiverr

- atuckerit on YouTube (actually here, just read the comments if you're not convinced yet and you need more information on Fiverr scams)

How can one even take Fiverr seriously after this: searching for "magic" on Fiverr, finds some of these pearls:

  • I will banish and remove black magic for $5 (191 reviews, average rating 5)
  • I will cast a LOVE spell with Blue Magic for $5 (58 reviews, average rating 5)
  • I will balance your health using Body Talk, energy work for $5 (1055 reviews! average rating, of course 5 - everybody is perfect on this website)
  • I will heal your mindbody for rapid selfhealing for $5 (35 x 5 stars)
  • I will cast a powerful MONEY attracting magic spell for $5 (231 x 5 stars)

So... there you have it. From retards. Through retards. For retards.

Except for this one, this one is real:

  • I will cast an extremely POWERFUL Kabbalah Spell which will make your wish come true for $5 (3328 reviews x 4.9)

You probably want to know now where to find marketing that actually works. Start here. Also, consider subscribing to our no-spam, no-3rd party emails newsletter below!


Reddit traffic to your blog, product, service or cause. We help you get it!

The Reddit traffic that you get from an upvoted post or comment can be huge. It can even be more than you can afford to receive. Are you familiar with these expressions?

  • the Reddit effect
  • the hug of death

If you are, you might just be an experienced Redditor. Maybe you already know what you want and how you want it, therefore jump to this article about buying Reddit upvotes.

If not, read on. When a popular website links to a smaller one, causing a massive increase in traffic, it can overload it. This can mean slowing it down or even outright making it temporarily unavailable. "The Reddit hug of death" happens when too many Redditors (this means "Reddit users") find out about your stuff at the same time and start visiting it. They like your stuff. They "hug" your content, product, service, or cause... until they take it down. It's a flood of web page requests.

Have a look here for some updated statistics on how many visitors Reddit has. Or look below for the status on July 24, 2016:

reddit traffic

You will notice that they're quite impressive, more so than any other social media network, except Facebook. You can redirect some of that Reddit traffic to your website through two methods:

- 1 -

Buying ads through them.

This doesn't work. Redditors are usually technical people, and most of them use AdBlock (a browser plugin that blocks advertising). Your ads will only be seen by the exceptions. If your objective is promoting something to an older and less technical generation - then go ahead with it! Otherwise, try the second method, where we come in. Ads on Reddit are also quite easy to distinguish, and the brain gets used to ignoring them. Most often, you'd be throwing money into a black hole.

- 2 -

The second method actually works: submit a post or a comment regarding your stuff. Or have it submitted by someone else/someone neutral/someone not connected to you (by us). Afterward, you don't have to hope that people will truly enjoy your post and upvote it. Just pay us and we'll upvote your lovely content, and help you get that real high-quality traffic that comes with increased visibility. You can convert that further into money or fame. If you're like any of our other clients, you'll keep coming back. Buy Reddit upvotes!


Slang and acronyms that you should know (used on Reddit and other social media platforms)

Language is evolving and online language is doing it at an ever-faster rate. This slang and these acronyms (actually they are mainly initialisms, but who uses that word?) should be known to all the people using Reddit and other social media platforms, except LinkedIn (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Hacker News, Voat, Quora, YouTube, Google Plus, Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Flickr, Vine, Meetup, Snapchat, Periscope, SoundCloud, WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, Sina Weibo etc.)


Reddit entries are organized into areas of interest called "subreddits". Historically, the front page was the "main Reddit", and other areas were "subreddits". There is now no main subreddit. Instead, there are multiple default subreddits dealing with topics such as books, television, and music.


Karma is a point system that lets you know how your submissions or comments are doing. The more karma your post has, the more people have upvoted it. Generally a higher karma count on a post means that the community of that subreddit found your post valuable and interesting. Your karma is logged on your user page on the top right. Please note that self-posts earn you no karma. Only comments and link-posts do.

best meme ever


A meme is a shape of thought, an idiom, a shorthand catchphrase -- some tiny fragment of pop culture or understanding or psychology that is passed from person to person (either in person or via text, movies/tv, or internet communication methods).


A group discussion or activity between like-minded individuals that validates mutual biases or goals in a non-confrontational environment.


Named because Reddit's majority of users tend to follow clearly and intensely about one issue to an effect that it seems like Reddit is a collective mind on certain issues, expressing it by downvoting certain ideas to oblivion. It is used as a negative term, trying to indicate the conformity or closemindedness of Redditors on those issues. Related to circle-jerking.

throwaway accounts

Accounts people make when confessing to a sin, and don't want to be traced.


The term used for the little envelope in the top right corner to let you know you have a message


Today I Learned


Explain Like I'm Five


Fixed That For You (used when someone corrects you)


Ask Me Anything


I Am A


In This Thread


If I Recall Correctly


In My Opinion


As far as I know


Does Anyone Else


Original Poster


Not safe for work


Not safe for life


Too long, didn't read


Significant Other

ಠ_ಠ -

"look of disapproval - used to show shock/disbelief/jealousy


How to use Reddit (Guide)

How to use Reddit? First, understand how this social media platform is structured:

The focus of Reddit is communities (named "subreddits"), where users make relevant contributions. If you try to make it about yourself, you won't get very far. Search around for topics (subreddits) that interest you and subscribe to them. The subreddit search can help you with that. If you have any specific questions, go for them in our comment section here! If you've just created the account, you will have defaults: subreddits you're automatically subscribed to (the same subreddits that you see when you're not logged in). You probably won't be interested in most of them, therefore consider unsubscribing. You do it from here: These are not e-mail subscriptions, they just determine what shows up on the main site page after you log in.

programming language subreddits by subscribers, an image that helps you understand how to use Reddit

Find a post that interests you and join the discussion!

Don't start by posting a couple of links to your own website on the same subreddit. People might take that as self-promotion, which is frowned upon. As a new user, it may be better to get involved in discussions that are already happening, just to get a feel for how Reddit works.


For a longer guide on how to use Reddit,

you might want to check out the Reddit 101:

It is well written and will teach you all the basics of how to use Reddit. You'll find out about Karma (a point system that lets you know how your submissions or comments are doing), sidebars, moderators, admins, reddiquette and will also answer to a few frequently asked questions (for example the all-important "Help! What happened to my post?", if you're promoting yourself in the wrong way).

After you've used this network for a few days,

read this article to understand what can be done with our help on Reddit and other social media networks (yep, you can actually promote your blog or services/products, it's just not that straightforward):

You might also want to read our articles from the Advanced category, which will transform you into a social media guru, who can actually get a lot of traction through these platforms and make money or gather a following. Good luck and work hard!

Thank you for checking out our Reddit guide and we hope you've learned everything that you needed to know about how to use Reddit.


Why buying Reddit upvotes works better than traditional marketing

If your expectation was not reading an article, but rather something more concrete, know that you can buy Reddit upvotes on our main page.

reddit upvotes and comments service advertising marketing boost post promotion karma link

Why are we knowledgeable about traditional vs modern marketing? For necessity. We own our own online businesses, unrelated to marketing, and we have specialized over time for effective marketing—doing whatever works. If you have or will have something to promote at some point, I believe that you will like us. Buying Reddit upvotes is just the beginning; we actually do A LOT more. We'll bring you to the top on Product Hunt, we'll make answers mentioning your website visible on Quora, we'll bring your specialized article thousands of views from Hacker News, Growth Hackers or Indie Hackers, and so on; we'll manage your entire marketing campaign on a monthly basis if you recruit us! We are about both QUALITY and quantity when it comes to bringing the target market to a landing page. But unlike Fiverr's pretend marketers from Pakistan who will bring you only a high quantity of bot traffic, we actually bring real humans interested in the topics, products, services, or media that you're presenting.

Why you should buy Reddit upvotes as part of your marketing campaign

Reddit isn’t just for funny cat memes anymore. It is a serious global website, being the 10th most popular website in the United States. Being featured prominently on Reddit, especially on a larger subreddit, can get you, your brand, website, or product a LOT of attention. However, it is not easy to get that attention. If you have used Reddit, you’re familiar with the voting system. One upvote equals one “like” essentially, and a downvote is a “dislike.” The more upvotes you have, the more people can potentially see your post.

Getting Reddit upvotes can get you the exposure that you need for your marketing campaign. It is crucial that you buy Reddit upvotes as soon as your post goes live so that it gets an instant boost and traction in the feed. This will get a post to the “rising” and “hot” categories of the subreddit, both of which will get you a lot of views and engagements. A well-optimized Reddit post with well-timed upvotes can potentially make your content go viral. This is especially true if you have not neglected the quality of your content and have done the proper research. Viral marketing campaigns are hard to pull off, so buying Reddit upvotes and give you a strong advantage.

Anyway, now to move on to the bulk of the article itself. This was written in 2016, and is mostly on the psychology of why strategies like the one named in the title work better than traditional marketing. Buying upvotes, regardless of the platform, has always been a contentious issue where the public is extremely split:

  • Some Reddit readers haven’t thought about it, and don’t even know that this is a possibility. If your market your products/services/music/cause/etc. on the Reddit platform, these people will eat it up! When oblivious creatures see a 3rd party recommending something, they usually believe it if it's upvoted enough. Top comments are the truth, right? There's less cognitive effort required to just accept what the majority seems to be recommending! You don't have to take our word for it, just search on Google Scholar for "fake review effectiveness" and you'll find that there are definite studies on that. It's the only thing that guides the majority of shoppers nowadays.
  • Others believe that Reddit’s anti-spam system is unbreakable. They believe that trying to get past it can actually hurt more than it helps (think banned domains, shadowed accounts, what actually happens when you upvote with bots). They'll be right in that it's definitely better than Facebook's spam feed. This group might purchase even more of your products or services because they trust the system. "400 upvotes, top of the subreddit? Let me click on it!"
  • Others know about it and have used this strategy to create strong, trusted and popular companies that generate profit with very low customer acquisition costs. /r/nootropics and thousands of other subreddits have decided on the best providers already, they're common knowledge among their subscribers and they even add them to their wikis. Why pay money for Reddit ads, when ads barely work anymore? You can promote on this platform and others much cheaper, and be more effective! The effect will also be long term, it won't just stop when you don't pay for ads anymore!
  • There's also a 4th group, the ones that know about it but don't have any reason to use it. In order to not get called out by these people, we make sure to upvote manually and use real accounts with perfect English when commenting. More about our process here: Why work with us? Worth reading to see just how far we go to protect our customers!

The penultimate category is represented by our clients. The first two categories are people that see a comment recommending something and take it as legit, with little skepticism. Or they see an upvoted post reviewing a new online tool and there's a high probability that they'll sign up and try it. Or they make great purchasers for your products or services. Or an easy to acquire following for your cause. Or fans, if you are an artist. Or supporters, if you've started a crowdfunding campaign. Examples could go on.

The best marketing is word of mouth, and Reddit, Hacker News, or Quora are word of mouth on steroids. Reddit upvotes and downvotes (here's a revealing article about adding Reddit downvotes to your marketing strategy) can bring a lot of positive cash flow and recognition to any artist, politician, startup, or already-established business. It does so fast, in less than 24 hours. Combined with strategic comments and posts, they can ruin a competitor. The threads that we create will also have long-term effects, showing up for various keyword searches in Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo searches. Why? Because the networks that we work with have domains with huge domain authority, they're not Google competitors, and they'll continue to be around in a few years - therefore the content that brings you clients will still be up. Again, examples could go on.

You don't have to use this strategy for direct conversions, which is what we do predominantly. You can take it slowly and first bring a lot of Reddit traffic to your blog. Or get a lot of subscribers for your mailing list, which you’ll convert later. The possibilities are really endless.

We greatly dislike a certain reason when it comes to why some people won’t buy Reddit upvotes: they’ve been scammed before. Actually, at the time when we’re writing this, the first few websites that appear on Google when searching for „buy Reddit upvotes” are actually scams. We know because we've tried them ourselves. First off, they’re slow. They won’t start upvoting as soon as you place the order. They’ll wait 24 hours so that moderator traffic goes off the post at stake, and they can upvote it with less risk. The accounts that they use are extremely low quality and most of the upvotes won’t count. They’ll justify it with „you’ve been downvoted as well, it’s out of our control!”. They are so uninterested in providing a quality service that they use software like „Reddit Automation Bot”, „Reddit Account Creator and Upvoater”, "B.H.T. Reddit Bot", "Rabbit", "Socinator", "Reddit-Marketing-Pro", "ASB Reddit Bot", "AIO Bot", "Reddit Voter" or „Reddit Dominator” in order to do their job. With all these low-quality services, your accounts will generally be banned in less than one week. If you're lucky, it can take up to ninety days. The services on Fiverr and SEOclerks related to this are even worse. Do you actually believe someone will give you 40 upvotes for five dollars? And do it manually? Just one person? No.

If it seems too good to be true, it’s a scam. There’s no putting it lightly when it comes to this subject: over eighty percent of the industry is a scam (and to be honest here, marketing, in general, is full of potholes that will break your leg). You won't get anything from 80% of the sellers. Of the remaining twenty percent, most, even though they don’t try to cheat you outright, provide low-quality services. It’s usually just one man having registered a bunch of accounts and upvoting with them through software. It’s inefficient and risky. A ticking bomb waiting to be banned with everything that he’s got. Afterward, he starts over, but for his past clients it's too late: their domains got banned, their accounts got shadowed or suspended, and they've been called out in threads. Low cost and poor quality lead to humiliation, stress, and time lost, while a manual service provided by thinking humans with their own personal accounts leads to enough sensible promotional content for even a large size company. If you respect the readers and don't treat them like idiots, if you use real accounts and sensible upvoting, if your copies don't sound like ads, then Reddit marketing and our other techniques can be all the marketing that you need.

We are a team of eleven persons who use Reddit ten hours per day. Most of us have been doing this for over five years. Many of the accounts that we use have received gold numerous times and have an amazing reputation in the subreddits that they're targeting. We have moderator access to over 2,100 subreddits. Six of the accounts from the Karma Whores top 100 rankings belong to us. We have a monopoly when it comes to offering a quality service, and not just on Reddit. We've helped a lot of startups to grow into companies. We've helped political groups. We've helped apps get the spotlight in the App Store. We've helped musicians get trending on SoundCloud. We’re friendly. We’ll keep doing this. We want to help companies succeed without huge marketing budgets. Our most trusted clients receive access to our backup websites, therefore our connections cannot break. Try us! We'll bring qualified traffic, interested people, where you want them.


Facebook and Twitter are full of spam

Put down those Facebook ads and those Twitter bots. They don't work anymore. But we can make your business known. Please read on, or check our main page directly. Facebook and Twitter are full of spam. Their conversion rate is not 0.5%; it’s close to 0%. You probably already tried marketing there and you found out that without spending a lot of time on ad targeting, it simply doesn’t work. And even then, the customer acquisition cost is too high - you'll have to work diligently on your pricing and manufacturing costs. Don’t get me started on Google’s display advertising and other similar tactics. The competition is so high for keywords that you’ll spend a lot for nothing. Everybody has AdBlock by now. We have the solution. Reddit, Voat and Hacker News are social media networks where users don’t expect to see commercial messages. Their defence system is the fact that downvoting makes posts “disappear”; and it mostly works! At Upvotes Club, we have the power to create the illusion of popularity for posts (by upvoting them, replying in accord and downvoting their competition). Those posts could be leading to one of your articles or talking in a positive light about your products/services. Other users will see them as “popular” and because of the sheepish behaviour of human beings, will agree to the post and take it as reference. It’s similar to word of mouth, but online; as efficient and easier to bootstrap. Last month, Reddit had almost 228 million unique visitors. Finding your target market there is easy because of the way it's organized. If you’d sell a trucking simulator, you might want a comment talking about your game in a thread residing in the top section or /r/gaming or /r/games. Alternatively, you might want someone posting a new thread and talking about how realistic your game is. You could target subreddits that are even more specific to what you’re selling; in this case /r/trucksim, /r/EuroTruck2 and /r/simracing. etc. I think you agree with me that this is not hard and it actually works. While other marketing companies spend a lot of time talking, we do the efficient work. Just to form an idea about how cheap this is, add to cart on our website 10 Reddit upvotes, 10 Reddit downvotes for competing posts, and one Reddit comment. Afterwards view the cart. That cheap order can result in 600 views in the first day with a 5% conversion rate, then 100 more views every month for years to come. For an article, it can mean thousands of views in the first hour. We have clients that do a new campaign every few days and have given up on other traction channels. If you need help building a marketing campaign with us (maybe because you don't know Reddit that well), consider starting with a "Strategy Consultation", a service that we've placed in the "Other" category. This is the service description: You’ll schedule a Skype consultation with one of our experts regarding marketing strategy: how we can bring you exposure, what would be most efficient for your specific case, how to protect the brand while doing it, and so on. Remember to write the time and timezone when you can be on Skype, at checkout. Scheduling this in the weekend is preferred.

Why you should always buy Reddit downvotes with your upvotes

The following explains why you should buy Reddit downvotes for competing posts in addition to the upvotes that you get for yours. The same strategy is applicable to other networks, including Voat or Snapzu. For Quora, please skip to the last section.

Why buy Reddit downvotesBuy Reddit downvotes

Let’s say you want your post to stay for at least 24 hours on the first page of an average-sized subreddit  (200k-300k subscribers). Even if your content is good, you have to be lucky in the first hour, especially the first few minutes. If you get downvoted early (even just one or two downvotes), other people won’t even open your thread because it doesn't show up at /Rising or /Hot - basically, they don't see it. This might all seem like bad news, but we can actually use it to your advantage with a SUBSTANTIAL effect. Because of what I’m writing next, we've been able to get posts on the first page easily in huge subreddits like /r/music, /r/videos, and /r/gaming. It would have been a lot harder, maybe even impossible, without this strategy:

Here’s what you’ll have to do:

  • After you've made your post, don’t wait too long before purchasing what you need from us. The sooner we start work, the better. Note that you should synchronize your posts with our working schedule. You can also schedule your posts, meaning that you order what you need from us before having done the actual post, and mention during checkout at what time you'll be posting, where, with what user and with what title.
  • For a post of above-average quality in a huge subreddit, buy 8 upvotes for every 100k subscribers. For a small to average-sized subreddit, buy 1 upvote for every 10k subscribers. Of course, there are many factors that can shape your decision on the number of upvotes: What's the quality of the post? When are you posting? Are you doing it mostly or only for SEO? Are you trying to bring it in the top of the month for that subreddit, maybe even top of the year in order to get a constant stream of traffic? And so on. If you're lost, consider buying a strategy consultation with us first, or just buy one of our managed marketing packages and we'll handle everything!
  • Consider getting a “top comment”. It shapes the opinion of others as soon as they enter the comment section. They take it as the most popular opinion and therefore most probably true (argumentum ad populum). Basically, add to cart a comment and however many upvotes you consider necessary for it. If it will be the first comment posted in the thread, anchoring should play its role as well. Of course, more comments will have an even greater impact, but their effect starts to plateau after the fourth. One should always be the minimum. But getting more than four root comments per thread - in our experience - doesn't seem to be more effective than getting just 4; after this point, it just becomes money spent, and nothing else. It's best to have a few comments, but upvoted, instead of many comments at the bottom of the comment section.
  • And the main trick: buy Reddit downvotes for competing posts as well! The ratio between upvotes and downvotes should depend on the subreddit size and the hour when you’re posting, therefore you’ll have to look and decide for yourself. The more competition exists in the New tab, the more downvotes you need. For example, to access the New tab on “/r/gaming”, you’d go to “/r/gaming/new”). "Competition" means many new posts. For subreddits under 5,000 subscribers, you don't need to downvote competing posts. The standard ratio for a small to average-size subreddit should be 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 (two downvotes for every upvote). For a big subreddit with more than 300,000 subscribers, the ratio should be 3 to 1 (three downvotes for every upvote). For a huge subreddit with more than two million subscribers, the standard ratio should be 4 to 1. If you buy too many, your downvotes aren't wasted because we just downvote what's in front of your post in the /hot sorting.

Here’s what we’ll do in return:

  • We’ll upvote your thread alright, but we’ll also downvote “the competition”. This is represented initially by other threads rising fast in popularity in the targeted subreddit. This way, we achieve four things:
  1. Your thread will be the most visible in the /new tab.
  2. Your thread will be on the pole position in the /rising tab.
  3. When comparing it subconsciously with other threads, redditors will suffer from the successive contrast effect (another bias that works for us), which leads them to see the content as better than it actually is.
  4. If you bought enough downvotes, we won't stop there. As soon as the thread reaches the top 30 position in the /hot tab, we'll redefine "competition" as being the threads that are in front of yours there, and we'll downvote them. This will make your thread rise extremely fast to the top because of how Reddit's algorithm works for that tab (interestingly, they actually track the u/d ratio in the last hour, and not since the inception of the threads).

The result:

  • Your thread will get a lot more “natural” upvotes. It won’t rise in rank only because of our upvotes.
  • It will also get more positive comments.
  • You end up spending less money because downvotes for competing threads are a lot cheaper than upvotes.
  • You won't get called out, because instead of having many upvotes and an average position, you'll have fewer upvotes but a higher position, therefore enjoying more traffic and engagement in a way that's not suspicious.

Why buy downvotes on Quora

We will upvote your answers while downvoting competing ones to help you surpass them without visible proof for the visitors (because upvotes are public and downvotes are not). The more answers you have in front of yours and the more upvoted they are, the more downvotes you should buy. Even more than upvotes! They’re also half the price!

Reports of 3 to 1 are the median when ordering for Quora (buy three downvotes for every upvote), but what you need can vary greatly depending on the status of each question (positioning, upvote counts, the reputation of the accounts that are surpassing yours, and so forth).

Ranking answers this way helps their chance of remaining at the top for longer, and it doesn't raise the same suspicion that comes with getting 50 upvotes in a few days (which will also be less effective in getting you the top position).

Please consider reading as well the last part of our Reddit Marketing article, from the paragraph starting with "Google takes into consideration". Your understanding of Reddit Marketing strategies will improve even more.


What can be done?

Buy Reddit upvotes, accounts, and other digital marketing services!

Buying Reddit upvotes, posts and comments is a great tool to implement in your digital marketing campaign. We are the only service delivering these actions manually, without bots! Consequently, our prices are higher but you eliminate the risk of getting called out. When you purchase Reddit upvotes and other actions from lower quality services, the top comment might end up saying "the OP is a fake account!", or scream out "vote manipulation!". We use personal, active, relatable accounts, specialized in the right subreddits for each task.

Purchasing Quora, Hacker News, Product Hunt, and Reddit upvotes is a short-term method for generating traffic. Most people do not realize though that it is also a long-term method for search engine optimization and social proofing. For years to come, people will keep stumbling through search engines over threads that you create now; depending on how upvoted they are and how favorable is the comment section, you might turn them into customers or fans.

Have a look at our "Managed Services" category! We can handle marketing automatically for you, month after month! We will target all the social media networks where we have online marketing capabilities. This is more efficient than standard advertising or PR. We know how to promote something while making it seem organic. This experience comes from running our own businesses in parallel; the most successful methods that we've gathered over the years are sold through this platform. We will most likely make better choices than you on where to post, when to post, what to say, how to answer it, how much to upvote/downvote, etc.; it will all seem natural.

Buying Reddit upvotes can be a fantastic tool, but it is not a golden ticket. Please pay attention to other aspects as well:

  1. Pick the right subreddit for your post!
  2. Write content as another human would, without cheesy hype, or better yet, use our managed marketing services... we'll handle everything for you!
  3. Post during our working schedule (which coincidentally is the time of the day when Reddit gets most traffic).
  4. Note that we prefer if you buy a Reddit post from us instead of posting yourself, simply because we can immediately begin upvoting once it is live—essential!
  5. Buy Reddit upvotes in a moderate amount, without going overboard. This isn't brute force; it should be about quality content coupled with a boost in upvotes.
  6. Buy Reddit downvotes for competing posts as well. We have an article in the sidebar that explains the strategy; overall, it ends up being cheaper and more efficient!
  7. Know that you can also buy Reddit accounts from us so that a premium poster is behind your content.
  8. Go further! Answer with your content on Quora, then buy Quora upvotes! The same for all networks where we operate! Check our services in detail!
  9. If you liked our modus operandi, consider going for a fully-managed marketing package where we handle promotion, while you focus on other aspects of business!

The old version of this article is below. We didn't want to delete it because it's bad for SEO. It might still have some good information, though a bit outdated because it's been written in 2016.

This will discuss a bit what can be done with our services for social content aggregation networks like Reddit, Product Hunt, Hacker News, and others. These services are useful for getting exposure fast, but not just that; they can propel your website in front of the world for certain searches on Google. Quora does this even better than Reddit for keywords in a question format. We consider what we do to be efficient marketing accessible to small companies and not just the big players. It beats advertising and other marketing techniques because it looks more organic and trustable to your potential customers. Furthermore, a Reddit post leading to your website and upvoted 50 times is worth more from an SEO perspective than packages sold for hundreds of dollars by other companies dedicated to search engine optimization. We're not fighting to influence the SERP rankings, yet we still surpass easily any backlink-building technique for our clients. Keep in mind that the list below is not even half of what could be done; you'll have to let your imagination loose in order to discover all the ways in which you can employ our services.

Through a series of targeted actions (comments, posts, upvotes, downvotes, abuse reports, and sometimes just plain moderating because we have moderator access in almost 2000 subreddits), we can influence the public opinion in almost any unarchived thread from the networks mentioned on our main store page. A few examples of why you might need this:

  • let the world know about your new product/service, maybe even create a subreddit for it and gain reviews and subsequently trust
  • let the world know about your cause and get some followers
  • bring a lot of traffic to your content (your blog posts, YouTube videos, SoundCloud music, etc.)
  • bring a lot of traffic to your social media accounts (for example by linking to a tweet of your account)
  • bury a hater's comment
  • add popularity to your links and comments (karma) in order to gain credibility for your account
  • feature your comment on top in the comment section of a thread/post; it could be your referral link, your product, anything else that brings traffic where you want it
  • prank a subverse, 'Show HN' or any subreddit
  • introduce false information into the blogosphere or through the many Twitter/Facebook bots that use Reddit as a source of information
  • play with the price of a stock or a cryptocurrency
  • boost the SERP ranking of a link of your choosing (by posting and upvoting it on Reddit, Quora, HN and others), irrespective of the fact that moderators might shadow if at some point; even if they do, it has been already indexed; regarding this, you might want to check our "SEO-Posts On All Networks" service, which also targets platforms like Hubski, IndieHackers, Raddle, Phuks, Minds, Headcycle, Slashdot, etc.
  • buy accounts for Reddit and other networks, and do some of the posts and comments yourself, so that you save money; but make sure you keep each account logged in on its own browser, and always change VPN or Socks 5 BEFORE switching to it; when you slip and you use the same IP by mistake on two accounts, they get connected and later suspended

and so on. There are countless possibilities. We know them, and that's why we also offer Managed Services, where you buy and forget - we handle everything!

Disclaimer: note that we do not necessarily endorse some of the examples given above from a moral standpoint; it's just what's probably been done until now with our services.


Why work with us?

We offer marketing services that are actually efficient. We're not proposing to manage your ads campaign or other such deprecated money-grabs - and you know that the internet is full of these "digital advertising companies". We are trying to provide actual value, through strategies that work at a current time. And we're not just about "Reddit Upvotes". If you browse the categories or scroll down on our main page, you'll notice that we also offer managed marketing packages (for example search for "Managed Traffic", "Product Launch" or "Ultimate SEO"). What we're most famous for is offering marketing services for ICO's, STO's, ETO's or existing utility tokens, cryptocurrencies and smart contract platforms (search for "BitcoinTalk", "Premium #1", ..., or check out our dedicated article on the topic). What’s in it for you when it comes to all our services: * NDA (non-disclosure agreement) - We will never speak to anyone about these transactions and we expect the same from you. Chat logs, emails and completed orders are regularly wiped. If you are buying a service or credit for $1,800 or more, you can ask us to sign a separate NDA. * When handling an account erasure request, personal data within orders is removed. * We care so much about privacy that we apply GDPR's broader protection standards to all users, not just the ones from the EU. We anonymize IP addresses for Google Analytics hits, we disabled Demographics and Interests Reports for Remarketing and Advertising, we disabled UserID tracking, and more. See our extensive Privacy Policy. What's in it for you when it comes to our social media marketing services (with emphasis on Reddit for the examples): * We will send you a private message when we start work in order to facilitate monitoring of our performance. * 100% manual work, no bots, real people, active accounts with intelligent post and comment history (this is actually essential for the integrity of your business, and making sure that these marketing techniques don't get noticed). Our competition is truly deplorable from this perspective. * Let's restate the upper point because it's so important. We use our own accounts, registered by us. We don't use hacked accounts or bots (one purpose accounts - only for orders), like everybody else who's trying to compete with us. You won't risk an embarrassing situation... because those get caught often. We've seen many competitors go down as years passed by, and we suspect that this was one of the reasons. Your online audience is not dumb, and moderators/admins actively look for such things. Notice that we didn't say: "they get caught from time to time"; we used the word "often". Many of our current clients have come to us with horror stories from previous marketing campaigns. * The speed with which we upvote depends on the subreddit size and the time of the day. * We use VPNs from all over the world in order to have each user on its own IP/location (most of them are from US). * We use a browser extension built in-house that allows us to have each user on its own user agent, platform, oscpu, cookies, accept headers, ...; WebGL, WebRTC and other "leaking" technologies are disabled, font lists are randomized, and so on. * We have taken all the necessary measures required to not leak our real working IPs to the servers (and there are quite a few for Reddit; it has the strongest anti-spam engine). * All accounts have positive link karma and comment karma. * All accounts have interesting usernames, not random stuff like vslrn45gz. * The accounts have different ages and different subreddits where they usually comment (different “interests”). This creates an interesting capability for us. If you order a post on, let's say, /r/photography, we'll probably post it with a user that's already active in that subreddit. This is even more important than using accounts with sky-high karma.