Some arbitrary information about our company

Some arbitrary information about our company

In this post, we’ll ramble with some arbitrary information about our company, the purpose being that it makes you more confident to trust us for your marketing needs.

  • We’ve been operating since 2016, which can be proved with the internet archive. Before that, we were each independent, selling services through various other platforms.
  • We’re always hiring. If you think you have some marketing ability that could be integrated into our services, and if it is marketing that actually works… drop us an email and maybe join the team!
  • We have an implicit NDA with every client. Everything discussed and done will only be known by the clients and whoever processed their order each time. Previous information like emails and the WooCommerce database are being regularly pruned.
  • We love crypto! It’s been a payment option since the beginning. We know a lot more about decentralized systems than the average crypto enthusiast, and we work successfully with big projects in the space (two of them are top 15 on CoinGecko, at the time of writing this article).
  • We use our services also to promote our side projects, including other businesses that are more successful than Upvotes Club. The ability to use these services for our endeavors is the main reason why we keep the marketing business open.
  • It’s hard for us to find accounts that we own newer than three years of age. On Reddit, at least 10% of our accounts have been registered more than ten years ago. They all have an amazing history, often better (longer comments, useful comments, good English) and more realistic than that of “real accounts.” The chance of someone complaining that an account that we used looks like a shill is zero.
  • We often promote crypto-related services that are on premium managed services during the weekends as well.

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