Reddit Upvote Post

Choose how many Reddit upvotes you want, then click on “Add to cart”. At checkout, you will have to specify the post that we should target.


Reddit Upvote Comment

In order to provide us with the comment/s that should be upvoted, click on the permalink button below them, then paste that link in the Additional Information box, during checkout.


Reddit Post

We might even use accounts with gold to start your post. Consider buying as well downvotes for the competing threads and some positive comments.


Reddit Downvote Competing Posts

Downvote competing threads, first from /rising, and then from /hot. Read the article from the sidebar related to this because incorporating downvotes in your strategy is essential!


Reddit Downvote Specific Comment or Post

Use this to downvote specific comments or posts belonging to your rivals. This is a bit more expensive because downvoting specific posts can get our accounts suspended. It’s time consuming to do it right.


Reddit Comment

If you don’t give us the texts for the comments at checkout, we will compose them ourselves, praising whatever is discussed or linked in the post.


Hacker News Upvote

(max: 10/post; we upvote with very strong accounts, if you don’t make it on the main page after 10 upvotes, more won’t help; explanation here)

HN is about “anything that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity”. Use it to promote Tech/IT/B2B products/services/articles. The “Show HN” area brings a lot of traffic to new projects. If we need to vouch for your post in order to un-shadow it (banned domain or flagged as spam), two upvotes will be deducted from the work that we need to provide.


Hacker News Comment

We recommend buying at least one comment with each post, in order to shape opinions from the get-go. Anchoring is a powerful psychological weapon.


Hacker News Post

Let us post if you don’t have an account with good age, engagement and positive karma. On all websites we also choose the best time of the day to start the thread. Guideline here.


Voat Upvote

Only buy upvotes/downvotes for posts done with our accounts! This means you must also have bought a Voat Post in order to use this.

Voat is a Reddit clone without the censorship and heavy moderating. Reaching the front page is much easier here and we do it on a daily basis. Traffic is also more “long-term” (fewer posts to knock down the old ones).


Voat Comment

The comments that we post for you on Voat are safer and easier to bring to the top. Reason: users that want to access the downvoting function must have been upvoted themselves 100 times in the past.


Voat Post

We’ll post for you with our personal accounts – safe and aged. Same as with comments, posts are easier to upvote than downvote. Expect to guarantee their stay on the front page of any subverse with only around 20 upvotes.

Voat posts can only be scheduled by date.


Voat Downvote

(max: 10/post)

We’ve reduced the price, but now these may only be bought for competing posts! Still, do not buy more than 10 downvotes, regardless of where you’re posting.


Managed Traffic

We’ll collaborate with another marketing agency to bring you A LOT of targeted traffic to the link of your choice. Up to 60,000 clicks, over the course of one month. We’ll use all the tricks in the book. You’ll end up with a lot of strong backlinks and long-term traffic from Reddit, HN, etc.


The Ultimate SEO Gig

We’ll take care of SEO for the link and keywords of your choice. For this, we post your link everywhere, upvote it, and we also collaborate with the two best blog networks out there and one content writer from UK.


Quora Upvote

Quora might not bring as much traffic as other platforms, but the conversion rate is better. It is also easy to remove competing answers with Abuse Reports, or downvote them enough so that they collapse or yours gets in front.


Quora Answer

We’ll answer a question, with the text of your choice. Don’t worry if it looks spammy. It’s acceptable to link to your website or praise a product/service on Quora, as long as it answers the question.


Quora Question

We’ll ask on Quora whatever question you want. You may specify the related topics, a comment or additional details that should be attached to the question. You may also link to the profile that should be invited to answer the question (it gets a slight positioning boost).


Quora Downvote

Downvoting the answers that are in front of yours is an easy way to surpass them inconspicuously. Acquiring Quora upvotes without downvotes for the competition makes no sense in most situations.


Maximize PeopleRank

We will maximize your Quora PeopleRank for one topic. Make sure you have at least five qualified answers in that topic. Also make sure you have added it to “topics you know about”.


Quora Profile Follow

Having your profile followed by other users will improve the positioning of your answers and will reduce their spaminess. Promoting your stuff on Quora without “being appreciated” can get you flagged for spam.


Quora Question Follow

Getting multiple follows for a question where you have the top answer is an incredible and underused method to gain targeted traffic. The more follows a question has, the more it appears in the feed of people subscribed to the topics that are attached to it. Add as many topics as possible to the question, then hire us to slowly drip question follows.


Upvotes Club's ad space targeting business owners and entrepreneurs

Quora Comment

Comments can be posted to both questions and answers. We have no idea what’s the efficiency of this strategy, but we have added it because it was requested by more than 10 persons. If you’d like to request any service that you believe should be made available by us, get in touch! Exception: ProductHunt upvotes. We know!


TopTopic Upvote

Only buy upvotes/downvotes for posts done with our accounts! This means you must also have bought a TopTopic Post in order to use this.

This is for We’ll upvote the post or the comment that you target. Regardless of the number of upvotes, TopTopic posts are DoFollow.


TopTopic Comment

A positive comment on the post will help it gain natural upvotes as well. You usually gain more in this way than if you’d buy upvotes for the price equivalent of a comment.


TopTopic Post

We’ll post for you on TopTopic. It won’t bring you much traffic but it will boost your ranking on Google, the more you upvote it.

TopTopic posts can only be scheduled by date.


GrowthHackers Upvote

(max: 30/post; around 15/day will be provided)

This is for We’ll upvote the post or the comment that you target. Growth hacking is about unleashing a company’s growth potential. This network is best for marketing your B2B services/products.


GrowthHackers Comment

We’ll post a comment on GH for you. The comments have almost as many reads as the articles themselves, therefore it’s not a bad idea to gain traffic through them, and not just influence opinions.


GrowthHackers Post

  • GrowthHackers posts can only be scheduled by date

We’ll post on GrowthHackers instead of you. This helps if you don’t have an account pre-approved for posting that looks real enough, with decent age and activity.


Snapzu Upvote

(max: 10/post)

Only buy upvotes/downvotes for posts done with our accounts! This means you must also have bought a Snapzu Post in order to use this.

This is for We’ll upvote the post or the comment that you target. Note that for a post to become DoFollow, it needs 15 upvotes.


Snapzu Comment

As with all comments, these don’t even have to be at your own posts. You can steal traffic from the top posts by commenting on them with a message that leads to your website, then upvoting the comment.


Snapzu Post

Snapzu brings a bit of traffic as well. The main utility of this though is to boost your ranking on Google, the more you upvote it.

Snapzu posts can only be scheduled by date.


Snapzu Downvote

Downvoting the posts that are in front of yous can get you on the front page of Snapzu extremely fast.


Abuse Report

For all websites: send an abuse report from a very strong account for your chosen comment or post. Often it will be auto-deleted after the third report.


Successful Product Launch

We’ll take care of marketing for your product launch. We’ll post everywhere, provide positive feedback, and monitor everything until it dies down in order to bury haters. More details here.


Fb/G+ Traffic

We’ll post your link/message on related groups, where your target market might be, from Facebook and Google Plus. This takes around one week, and the result is 56 posts on average.


Strategy Consultation

You’ll schedule a Skype consultation with one of our experts regarding marketing strategy: how we can bring you exposure, what would be most efficient for your specific case, how to protect the brand while doing it, and so on. Remember to write the time and the timezone when you’ll be on Skype, at checkout.


Forums Traffic

We’ll post your link on related forums, where your target market might be. This takes around two weeks because we can’t just register and post. We have to be active on them first, for around 12-13 days. You will receive the accounts.