Buy Reddit upvotes, accounts, and other digital marketing services!

Buying Reddit upvotes, posts and comments is a great tool to implement in your digital marketing campaign. We are the only service delivering these actions manually, without bots! Consequently, our prices are higher but you eliminate the risk of getting called out. When you purchase Reddit upvotes and other actions from lower quality services, the top comment might end up saying “the OP is a fake account!”, or scream out “vote manipulation!”. We use personal, active, relatable accounts, specialized in the right subreddits for each task.

Purchasing Quora, Hacker News, Product Hunt, and Reddit upvotes is a short-term method for generating traffic. Most people do not realize though that it is also a long-term method for search engine optimization and social proofing. For years to come, people will keep stumbling through search engines over threads that you create now; depending on how upvoted they are and how favorable is the comment section, you might turn them into customers or fans.

Have a look at our “Managed Services” category! We can handle marketing automatically for you, month after month! We will target all the social media networks where we have online marketing capabilities. This is more efficient than standard advertising or PR. We know how to promote something while making it seem organic. This experience comes from running our own businesses in parallel; the most successful methods that we’ve gathered over the years are sold through this platform. We will most likely make better choices than you on where to post, when to post, what to say, how to answer it, how much to upvote/downvote, etc.; it will all seem natural.

Buying Reddit upvotes can be a fantastic tool, but it is not a golden ticket. Please pay attention to other aspects as well:

  1. Pick the right subreddit for your post!
  2. Write content as another human would, without cheesy hype, or better yet, use our managed marketing services… we’ll handle everything for you!
  3. Post during our working schedule (which coincidentally is the time of the day when Reddit gets most traffic).
  4. Note that we prefer if you buy a Reddit post from us instead of posting yourself, simply because we can immediately begin upvoting once it is live—essential!
  5. Buy Reddit upvotes in a moderate amount, without going overboard. This isn’t brute force; it should be about quality content coupled with a boost in upvotes.
  6. Buy Reddit downvotes for competing posts as well. We have an article in the sidebar that explains the strategy; overall, it ends up being cheaper and more efficient!
  7. Know that you can also buy Reddit accounts from us so that a premium poster is behind your content.
  8. Go further! Answer with your content on Quora, then buy Quora upvotes! The same for all networks where we operate! Check our services in detail!
  9. If you liked our modus operandi, consider going for a fully-managed marketing package where we handle promotion, while you focus on other aspects of business!


Filter products Showing 1 - 10 of 63 results
Filter products Showing 1 - 10 of 63 results
  • Reddit Upvote Post

    Choose how many Reddit upvotes you want, then “Add to cart”. Highly recommended: get 2 – 4 downvotes for competing posts, per each upvote given. The chance of reaching the main page is much higher with this strategy, even if you end up buying less upvotes to keep costs equal. Article explaining this. During working schedule, upvoting should start in less than 5 minutes. Your posts should have a maximum age of 60 minutes, or one day in small subreddits.

  • Reddit Downvote Competing Posts or Comments

    Downvote competing threads, first from /rising, and then from /hot. Read the article from the sidebar related to this because incorporating downvotes in your strategy is essential! These can also be used for competing comments, if you buy in conjunction with upvotes for your own.

  • Managed Traffic

    We’ll collaborate with another marketing agency to bring you targeted traffic for the landing page or article of your choice. On average, we bring a bit more than 18,000 uniques, over the course of one month. We use all the tricks in the book, in order to find out what works for your particular case. You’ll end up with lots of strong backlinks and long-term traffic from Reddit, HN, Quora, etc. There’s a lot more info about this service in the FAQ, check that out as well.

  • Guerrilla Marketing

    We will analyze your product/service/artistic media, then create a guerrilla marketing strategy to promote it, then actually implement it fully in order to hopefully get it viral. Another marketing agency with experience in offline marketing will be helping us brainstorm, and will also help us with the promotional part.

    For example, we could create a really good meme.

  • SEO-Posts On All Networks

    One post on each – Reddit and 5 of the next platforms that fit best for your case: IndieHackers, Hubski, Snapzu, Fark, Gab, Ruqqus, Quora, GrowthHackers, Slashdot, … – with a few upvotes distributed how it makes sense more. This was the only thing that we did a few years back in order to propel Upvotes Club to the #1 spot for “buy Reddit upvotes”, and a few others keywords. We’ve been #1 since then. It is responsible for about half our customers, the other half being word of mouth.

    Since we want to discourage customers to send us the ultimate spam to post, there’s no refund in credit for posts that are removed by moderators. We’ll still provide the URL’s to them in the final report though, in order to prove all the work that was done.

    We process this type of orders in the weekends, in the order that they came through.

    As a bonus, until the end of this month, we’ll post on Reddit in two different subreddits for this service instead of one.

  • Reddit Upvote Comment

    In order to provide us with the comment/s that should be upvoted, click on the permalink button below them, then paste that link in the Additional Information box, during checkout.

  • The Ultimate SEO Gig

    We’ll take care of SEO for the link and keywords of your choice. For this, we post your link everywhere, upvote it, and in addition to this already strong strategy, we collaborate with the best blog network out there, and we also create a large amount of over 55 different backlink types (from YouTube videos, Medium, social media networks, etc.). Anything that can be done for off-page SEO and it works… we do it.

  • Quora Upvote

    Quora might not bring as much traffic as other platforms, but the conversion rate is better. It is also easy to remove competing answers with Abuse Reports, or downvote them enough so that they collapse or yours gets in front.

  • Reddit Comment

    If you don’t give us the texts for the comments at checkout, we will compose them ourselves, praising whatever is discussed or linked in the post.

  • Hacker News Upvote

    (max: 10/new post)

    We upvote with very strong accounts; if you don’t make it to the main page after at most 10 of our upvotes and a few organic ones, more won’t help! Explanations in two of our articles: #1, #2. For posts that are already on the main or second page, you can order at most 35 upvotes, but we’ll provide them with lesser karma accounts.

    HN is about “anything that gratifies one’s intellectual curiosity”. Post fitting content! The “Show HN” area brings a lot of traffic to new projects. If we need to vouch for your post in order to un-shadow it (banned domain or flagged as spam), two upvotes will be deducted from the work that we need to provide.