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In this post we’ll add random internet marketing tips, mostly related to our types of marketing (the ones that work for a good price). We also like the bolded keyword to be honest because it has a low competition, therefore we’re hoping to have more people land from Google on our website and check the services that we offer. So, without further ado, below are some tips, and this post will be updated whenever something new comes up in our minds:

  • If we made for you a post or comment that leads to your website, don’t go in its comment section and start replying as someone associated with the website; this is a huge red flag that makes people immediately realize that the post wasn’t natural and it’s actually a marketing ploy. Defending yourself and saying that you saw the referral in Google Analytics also doesn’t work. You’ll get a reply similar to this one: So you’re just sitting there, watching Google Analytics, waiting for some visit your page in order to check its referral? Sorry, but this seems so staged, it’s retarded.
  • An exception to the above rule is when we’re posting as someone associated with your website (for example for the Show HN area from Hacker News); in these cases, if there’s need for it, we’ll give you temporarily access to the account that we used to post, in order to answer any questions.
  • On Reddit, use this online tool to find out when it’s the best time to post: It uses the timezone reported by your browser. Consider submitting a bit before the recommended time. Or, if you’re hiring us to do the posts for you, consider letting us choose the best times, depending on the networks and the post locations. Just specify at checkout that we have free rein with the scheduling.
  • To find out where you could post on Reddit, use this tool: It helps identify subreddits which have an interest in your keywords. A higher score means that a subreddit is more aligned with your topic.
  • If you add /about/traffic at the end of a subreddit, it shows you traffic stats for it (works on most of them). For example:
  • On Hacker News, you can bypass the filter not allowing URL reposts by adding variables to them. For example would become
  • Do you want to post a URL to a domain that is banned? No problem, just run the URL through this obfuscator:
  • On Hacker News, it doesn’t actually matter how much you upvote something. HN moderators select manually what they want to appear in the Show HN and article areas. A good strategy is to buy only a few upvotes first to make your post visible; then, as soon as it is approved, buy a lot more upvotes in order to rank it better.
  • Make sure you always read the rules before posting (for example the sidebar rules of the subreddit, on Reddit). Modify your title and content accordingly! On some subreddits, if the option is available, flair you post after submission (this means you tag it for a subcategory). Here’s how:
  • Use this tool to analyze the SEO prowess of your pages.

Check this out from time to time! More internet marketing tips will be added in this article, and more articles will be added to our blog, which has two categories: basics and advanced!

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