Buying Hacker News and GrowthHackers upvotes… why so expensive compared to Reddit?

Because some of our clients abused the old price. If turns out that if Hacker News upvotes cost $0.79 each, some people that don’t distinguish this network and Reddit apart, will just go crazy and buy 100… 200… any number of HN upvotes, really. The same for

On both these networks, it is a lot more important to post content of quality than to have it upvoted exaggeratedly. We agree with you that without upvotes you won’t even get noticed since there are so many submissions every minute, but you don’t need to buy so many Hacker News or Growth Hackers upvotes in order to stand out. If your thread from the New section has 10-30 upvotes and all the others have one or two, you’ll get noticed alright. The moderators decide what makes it to the front page, therefore even if you have 500 upvotes, if they don’t like your content, you won’t be getting traffic. A decent number of upvotes and content of quality should be enough to get selected for their front page.

If you’re sure you’ll be making the front page or that the content will also receive natural upvotes, of course… you can buy any number of votes. It won’t look suspicious. But if you’re just testing out content, ideas, or a new project in the Show HN section, don’t go crazy.

The current price is $1.19 for Hacker News upvotes and $1.39 for GrowthHackers upvotes. For GrowthHackers, the price is easy to justify given how hard it is to create an account of quality on the network. But for, you might say: “But it’s so easy to sign up. I can sign up a new account in one minute and upvote myself!”. If you do this, make sure that at the second upvote, you go to settings and activate “showdead”. Otherwise you won’t be able to find your thread.


Some other notes:

  • How much traffic can Hacker News bring? The question should be: “How much traffic can Hacker News bring, if I make it to the front page?”. Answer: it depends greatly on how clickbaity your title is. It can bring from 20k to 65k in the first 24 hours.
  • Same question, but for GrowthHackers: you’ll get between 1,000 and 1,500 views in the first 24 hours. Most of these will be from business owners though, and in general… people with a lot of money, technical knowledge and influence. A big difference to Hacker News is that you’ll keep getting a lot of clicks, even after the first 24 hours.

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  • David Stevens Reply

    HN submission moderation has gone insane lately. I’m convinced they also moderate perceived competition for their own businesses. I’m amazed of how UC always manages to get published somehow, good job on that! The price on GH could be lower though.

    September 12, 2016 at 5:13 AM

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