Why you should always buy Reddit downvotes with your upvotes

The following explains why you should always buy Reddit downvotes with your upvotes. The same is applicable for other networks, including Voat or Snapzu. For Quora, please skip to the next section.

Why to buy Reddit downvotesBuy Reddit downvotes

Let’s say you want your post to stay a few days on the first page of an average subreddit. Even if your content is good, you have to be lucky in the first hour, especially the first few minutes. If you get downvoted fast, others won’t even open your thread anymore. The only exception that can save you sometimes is having a great title, a clickbait. This might all seem like bad news, but we can actually use it to your advantage with GREAT effect. Because of what I’m writing next, we’ve been able to get posts on the first page even in huge subreddits like /r/business, /r/videos and /r/gaming. It would have been a lot harder, maybe even impossible, without this strategy:


Here’s what you’ll have to do:

  • After you’ve made your post, don’t wait too long before purchasing what you need from us. The sooner we start work, the better.
  • Consider getting a “top comment” as well. It shapes the opinion of others as soon as they enter the comment section. They take it as the most popular opinion and therefore most probably true (argumentum ad populum). Basically, add to cart a comment and however many upvotes you consider necessary for it. Of course, more comments will have an even greater impact, but one should always be the minimum. If it will be the first comment posted in the thread, anchoring should play its role as well.
  • Buy Reddit downvotes as well, not just upvotes. The report between them depends on the subreddit and the hour when you’re posting, therefore, you’ll have to look and decide for yourself (the more competition there is in the Rising tab, the more downvotes you need; for example, to access the rising tab of “/r/gaming” you’d go to “/r/gaming/rising”). The standard report should be 2 to 3 (two downvotes for every three upvotes). Or contact us if you need help with the decision.


Here’s what we’ll do in return:

  • We’ll upvote your thread alright, but we’ll also downvote “the competition”. These are other threads raising fast in popularity in the targeted subreddit. This way, we achieve four things:
  1. Your thread will be the most visible in the subreddit/new tab.
  2. Your thread will be on the pole position in the subreddit/rising tab.
  3. Your thread will have a good position in the subreddit/hot tab.
  4. When comparing What it subconsciously with other threads, redditors will suffer from the successive contrast effect (another bias that works for us), which will lead them to see it as better than it actually is.


The result:

  • Your thread will get a lot more “natural” upvotes. It won’t raise in rank only because of our upvotes. It will also get more positive comments.


Why to buy downvotes on Quora

We will upvote your with answers while downvoting competing ones to help you surpass them without visible proof for the visitors (because upvotes are public and downvotes are not). The more answers you have in front of you and the more upvoted they are, the more downvotes you should buy. Even more than upvotes! They’re actually almost three times cheaper.

Reports of 3 to 1 are normal when ordering for Quora (three downvotes for each upvote bought). Ranking answers this way helps their chance of remaining the top answer forever and it doesn’t raise the same suspicion that getting 50 upvotes from one day to the next does.



Note: If you plan on only buying downvotes from us, for example in order to hide the comment of a hater, we’ll only provide one downvote for every two that you buy. This is because we’ve especially priced downvotes low in order to make them viable for multiple marketing strategies. Processing orders of 5 downvotes on a comment is a waste of time for us. We’ll process them alright, but we’ll just round up and provide 3 downvotes for such an order. Here’s a second example: let’s say you buy 20 downvotes for the post of a competitor; we’ll provide the post with 10 downvotes instead of 20. This doesn’t apply only when you buy Reddit downvotes, it applies for other networks as well, including Quora.

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